Crop report: Rain delays Saskatchewan harvest

WINNIPEG, MB, Oct. 5, 2017 (CNS Canada) – Saskatchewan restarted harvest following several days of rain delays last week to push the total amount combined to 89 percent from 78 percent the week before, according to the Saskatchewan Agriculture’s crop report released Thursday.

Harvest was most advanced in the southwest where 98 percent of the crop was combined. In the southeast and west-central regions 92 percent was harvested. In the east-central region 89 percent was combined and in the northeast 78 percent was done. The northwest was the most behind with only 69 percent combined.

Overall, harvest was ahead of the five-year average of 82 percent.

Ninety-nine percent of chickpeas, 89 percent of mustard, 97 percent of durum, 93 percent of canary seed, 92 percent of spring wheat and barley, 84 percent of canola, 81 percent of oats, 64 percent of flax and 46 percent of soybeans have been combined. Fourteen percent of canola was swathed or ready to be straight-cut.

The heavy rain and snow received in Saskatchewan helped to replenish top soil moisture, however warm and dry weather is now needed to dry crops for harvest to finish. The central and northeastern areas of the province reported over 50 millimeters of rain while some southern areas got snow.

Yield estimates remaine average overall, but they vary greatly across the province depending on seeding times and rain received throughout the summer.

Some eastern and northern areas are reporting higher-than-average yields due to timely rainfall.

Southern and central regions yields however were affected by the extended period of hot and dry weather that caused crops to not fill properly.

Farmers across the province are moving cattle and hauling bales


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