Versatile tractors receive ‘mid-cycle refresh’

More power, brighter lights and a more comfortable cab are improvements Versatile made to its DeltaTrack and large frame four-wheel drive tractors for the 2022 model year. | VERSATILE PHOTO

Deltatrack and large-frame four-wheel drive tractors come with same engine but have been tweaked to deliver more power

Versatile DeltaTrack and large-frame, four-wheel drive tractors have been updated with more power and comfort for the 2022 model year.

“It’s a mid-cycle refresh,’’ said Adam Reid, vice-president of sales and marketing at Versatile.

“This is in response to a lot of customer feedback particularly from western Canadian farmers where we have a lot of our sales and a lot of our growth has come from.”

The tractors come with the same 15-litre Cummins engine that Versatile has used since 2007, but it’s been tweaked to deliver more power.

“We increased the horsepower by roughly 10. So the 520 became a 530, the 570 became a 580 and the 606 became a 616, which we’re calling the 620,” Reid said.

The Cat TA22 powershift transmission has also been updated with an increased torque rating by having less restrictive torque protection in lower gears.

“Like most manufacturers, it has some torque limitations, and really it’s designed to not put too much engine torque through the transmission and possibly cause damage to the transmission,” Reid said.

“It hasn’t happened so we’ve worked with Caterpillar to increase the clutch capacity, which results in a little bit more torque, three percent in third gear, five percent in fourth gear, and 10 percent more torque in fifth gear.”

The size of the engine fan has been increased to keep the tractors cool while under the extra load they will now face.

Reid said there have also been a few tweaks to the hydraulic system to help get more flow for air carts.

Six hydraulic couplers, one three-quarter inch coupler and a case drain will be included on all new units, and there is an option called Power Beyond, which has two additional three-quarter inch couplers and dual case drains.

The flow rate of the hydraulic system is 106 gallons per minute.

Model year 2022 DeltaTrack and four-wheel drive tractors come with cab improvements, including a better seat, audio system, and an available 12-inch monitor.

The new LED lighting package has almost three times more lumens compared to what previous tractors have had.

“That packaging includes 21 lights if I remember correctly and it’s a pretty significant difference in terms of the amount of light after dark,” Reid said.

Further cab options include dual rotary beacons, cell phone holder, and a toolbox.

The tractors have a different decal design, and colour scheme with the frame now painted black.

Reid said Versatile tends to stick to the base formula of its equipment, which its customers have asked them to not dramatically change.

“In terms of the core of the foundation of the tractor being simple, reliable, easy to service and maintain, that’s been the hallmark of Versatile for years. So we’re unlikely to make big massive evolutionary changes on a regular basis. It’s mostly just improving the formula.”

The updated lineup of Versatile tractors can be seen at Agri-Trade in Red Deer this November.

Versatile is a division of Buhler Industries.

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