Variety might set new standard in durum data

The long-anticipated Canadian durum wheat AAC Stronghold made its full release this spring. Seed growers who raised Stronghold in 2018 were impressed when comparing it to other varieties.

Their observations were parallel to those of researchers at Swift Current, Sask., and also other growers in traditional durum production areas. The information was recently published in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science.

AAC Stronghold is a solid-stem durum with short strong stalks for ease of straw management and speed of harvest. It offers the best lodging resistance of any conventional durum variety, thus quickening the harvest and protecting against grade loss. Data averaged over the past three years tells the story.

  • Yielded significantly more grain than AC Navigator and yielded 105 percent of Strongfield.
  • Had protein concentration slightly lower than Strongfield but significantly higher than Brigade.
  • Plant height was significantly shorter than Brigade or Cabri and two centimetres shorter than Strongfield.
  • Had stronger straw than all checks, including Navigator, Brigade, Strongfield and Cabri.
  • Lodging scores were significantly lower than Strongfield and Cabri.
  • The solid stem is resistant to wheat stem sawfly penetration.
  • Is eligible for grades of Canada western amber durum.
  • Had low grain cadmium concentration and stronger gluten than Strongfield.
  • Is resistant to leaf rust, stem rust and loose smut, and moderately resistant to stripe rust, but moderately susceptible to FHB.
  • The breeder at Swift Current is Dr. Yuefeng Ruan; plant breeders’ rights status is still pending.

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