Upgrade Precision Air 5 carts now available

Case upgrades 2021 air carts with cart-side display and fill controls, now has turn compensation, from 350 to 950 bu.

Case’s Precision Air 5 lineup has been expanded to include a pair of three-tank models for fertilizer application or broad-acre seeding. The Precision Air 3725 and 3915 are both tow-behinds.

The new curve compensation feature helps ensure proper plant population across the drill in tight turns and corners, according to Case.

AFS AccuSection modular metering manages each individual meter independently, allowing each section to apply the correct amount of product as sections speed up or slow down through a turn. This leads to a high level of accuracy and uniformity for seeding and fertilizer equipment.

“The essence of the 5 series air cart is the new metering system we launched with the cart. We call it AccuSection modular metering. It’s the heart of the air cart,” product manager Trent Nowosad said in a recent phone interview.

“The cart is basically where curve compensation metering takes place. AccuSection controls the product flowing through the towers. This technology plays a major role in providing better, more uniform plant stands in every part of the field.

“Where we differ from other manufacturers is we’ve gone to metering on each tower on the drill, independent of each other. If have an eight run drill with eight towers, each tank will have eight independent metering sections, each with a 24-volt electric motor. That allows us to meter for just that one tower. If you have three tanks, that means you have 24 individual metering sections. When you go around a corner, each of the eight towers can be applying a different rate.”

He adds that curve compensation has been common on high clearance sprayers and planters. Nowosad says Case is the first to have it on the cart itself. Precision Air 5 technology is available on Case carts ranging from 350 bushels to 950 bushels.

Nowosad says the Precision Air carts cover a wide range of geography. They still sell a bunch of the 350-bushel carts in the Pacific Northwest with the steep hills, but also in flat areas like Kansas and Kentucky where they use them in strip tillage. The 950-bushel cart is designed for a large double-shoot hoe drill like the new Flexi Hoe 900 or double-shoot disc drills.

The 5 series is like the flagship of the Case carts. The same basic system is used throughout the lineup. The technology, metering and cart design are standard regardless of cart size. Tanks get bigger, frames get wider, tires get bigger, but the basic design concept is the same, thus allowing common metering and control systems to be applied. He adds that the technology was developed at the seeding facility in Saskatoon.

The first Precision Air 5 series carts were introduced four years ago. There are now a number of upgrades in addition to AccuSection, one of them being weigh scales on every tank. According to a Case release, individual tank weigh scales inform the operator how much seed or fertilizer is in each tank, without having to leave the cab.

Perhaps a more popular feature will be the cart-side display, which puts the operator safely on the ground for the entire fill process. The cart-side display indicates how many acres the operator will cover until the product tank is empty. This helps tendering logistics. The feature is available across the entire Precision Air lineup.

“Cart-side display comes with any cart that has the optional tank weigh scales. So you can watch your weights as the tanks are filling, either on the side of the cart or on the display up in the cab if you prefer.

“We also have some new ‘deduct options’ so a buyer can eliminate features he doesn’t want. That saves him money. For example, if a guy is already invested in a filling system he’s comfortable with, we now have a deduct on the auger or conveyor.”

There’s a difference between a deduct and an option. An option is a feature you add to the basic cart. A deduct is a feature that would normally be standard on the basic cart, but which you decide to remove. Brakes are standard.

List price for a cart in the range of 650 bushels is C$225,000.

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