Tire Jogger helps farmers handle big tires hands-free

The Tire Jogger is rated for 1,500 pounds, but the company says some customers report handling ballasted tires up to 4,000 lb.  | Randy Raczynski photo

BRANDON — Farmers are using sprayers for more purposes and consequently are changing tires more often.

Changing tires is more than just a nuisance. There’s also a danger factor to contend with.

That’s why many farmers are buying in to the idea of using an attachment to their skid steer loader to handle big tires. Keeping hands and bodies away from that thousand pound wheel and tire has become a priority on most farms, according to Tire Jogger representative Randy Raczynski.

“The need for the Tire Jogger is to make tire handling a one-man job, and make it easy and safe. No hands touch the wheel until you’re ready to put the nuts on,” says Raczynski.

He adds that the Jogger works for all large farm equipment tires, including tractors, combines and air carts.

“There are a number of tire-handling machines on the market. I think two or three are similar to mine. Ours is in the mid-price range but at the high end in terms of quality.”

Raczynski says that the mounting plate locks on to the front of any skid steer loader or bi-directional tractor. He says some companies mount them on farm loaders, but Tire Jogger recommends against that for safety reasons. Installed on a loader, the operator has restricted visibility compared to a skid steer loader.

“You can have your tire lying flat on the ground, then lift it so it’s standing straight up on end without touching the tire with your hands. Rotate it so the lug bolts line up where you want them. It rotates 53 degrees so there’s no problem lining up with the lugs. You put the tire on the sprayer, all without touching it. It’s all mechanical.

“Some sprayers have fenders that make it hard to position the tire. You have to tuck the tire up under the fender, then lift it. It’s an easy manoeuvre with the Tire Jogger.

“It’s designed and manufactured by Greg Grengs in Sherwood, North Dakota. It’s rated for 1,500 pounds, which is plenty for most farm tires. But I’ve had some guys tell me they’ve handled 4,000 lb. with ballasted tires.”

Raczynski says the Tire Jogger has been on the market four years. The list price is C$5,800. The only option is a wireless remote control.

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