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Saskatchewan harvest well head of average pace

Sept. 14 (CNS Canada) — Last week’s warm, dry weather perfectly suited for combining pushed harvest progress in Saskatchewan well ahead of average for this time of year.

According to today’s Saskatchewan crop report, 65 percent of the crop was in the bin as of Sept. 11, compared to the 2012-16 average of 40 percent. Another 22 percent of crops are swathed or ready to be straight-cut.

In the southwest, 86 percent of the crop was harvested, 76 percent had been combined in the southeast, 66 percent in the west-central, 57 percent in the east-central, 37 percent in the northeast and 35 percent in the northwest.

Virtually all lentils, field peas, fall rye and winter wheat is done. Durum harvest is 81 percent complete, mustard 82 percent done, 71 percent of barley, 63 percent of spring wheat, 50 percent of canola and 20 percent of flax are in the bin.

As for quality reported so far, 69 percent of durum is reported as No.1 CWAD, 28 percent No. 2, and three percent No. 3.

Peas are grading 47 percent No. 1 Can, 49 percent No. 2, and four percent No. 3.

Lentils grades are reported at 37 percent No. 1 Can, 57 percent No. 2, five percent No. 3 and one percent sample grade.

Producers in the south are starting to suggest that winter cereals may not be seeded due to ongoing dryness and parched soils, although timely rainfall in the next few weeks could change that picture.

There have also been reports of combine and grass fires due to the extreme dryness, and instances where strong winds have blown swaths around.

Northern areas have reported frost. Damages have not yet been assessed.


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