Rogator changes colour, adds features

Rogators are now green, and have an optional chassis lift that provides up to 76 inches of clearance between the ground and the bottom of the frame. |  Agco/Paul D'Andrea photo

The new Rogator lineup parts ways with Agco branding in favour of Fendt colours, but there are also a few new features beyond the facelift.

For instance, the chassis now has a hydraulic lift that helps users spray both tall and low crops.

Paul Haefner is an Agco Rogator marketing specialist, and he said the smallest machine in the line-up, the RG932, is only available with a standard clearance of 60 inches, but the RG934H and RG937H have an optional adjustable clearance chassis that provides an extra 16 inches of clearance.

This enables the sprayer to perform preseason applications all the way through late-season corn applications.

Haefner said the new Rogator is the only sprayer with a rear-mounted boom that has two height adjustable clearance levels.

This feature is made possible by an airbag suspension package with two struts on each side of a hydraulic cylinder at each wheel.

“The struts are taking care of the suspension and doing the normal work, and then when you want to go to the high clearance mode you just tap one switch in the cab and then that hydraulic cylinder will raise up to work basically the top part of the strut now and get you that 16 inches of clearance,” Haefner said.

All Rogator models offer track width of 120 to 152 inches.

Part and parcel with taking on Fendt branding is a new operator station in the cab, including the Fendt Varioterminal that monitors machine functions, including the chassis, steering, and data management.

Fendt TaskDoc is used to wirelessly transfer field data, and Fendt Connect allows owners to track individual machines and fleet performance.

There are two technology packages available in the Rogator 900 series, the ProTechi that uses Fendt technology and the ProTechi+ that uses the Raven Viper4 field computer.

“With the Raven controller in it, it doesn’t matter the size of boom so either 90, 100, 120 or even the 132, they will have 36 spray sections,” Haefner said.

“So there is a lot more resolution as far as spray shut-off goes and minimizing overlap and wasted product.”

The Raven Hawkeye 2 system is also available, which provides individual nozzle control.

The same recirculation boom that enables a quick boom charge time and clean out was on the Rogator C series is retained in the new models.

“We also have a recovery feature, so if an operator was out spraying in the field and it started to rain or the wind came up, we can pull that product out of the booms and put it back in the main product tank,” Haefner said.

“That way we don’t have any product that can plug up nozzles and cause any trouble, and we can save all that product.”

The Rogator can also take water from the clean water tank, bypass the product tank, and then spray directly out the nozzles.

It also has an air boom cleanup system.

“This pressurizes the liquid system of air and then that gets blown out the nozzles. So, we can clear that chemical out without diluting our main mix or anything like that,” Haefner said.

The nozzle bodies have five separate stems so operators can quickly change between nozzles.

“We have 10-inch spacing as well as a 15-inch spacing on the booms. So, if the operator wanted to take a 10-inch machine and spray at 20 or 30 inch spacing,well, then we can just shut off the nozzles. And that’s just by turning that five way to a position that doesn’t have a nozzle and so now that nozzle position is off,” Haefner said.

Rapid changing put sspinner spreader, air boom or sprayer into the field in a couple of hours. | Agco/Paul D'Andrea photo

All Rogators can be ordered with a 900-gallon tank, an 1,100-gallon tank, a 1,300-gallon tank or a 1,500-gallon tank.

“On the dry side we have Air Max, our R1 and R2 box. It’s either a single product or two main products in the main bin, and the optional granular bin. So up to three products on the dry side with the Air Max,” Haefner said.

“We have a couple different box size options with our spinners. So, we put the New Leader spinner boxes on and that can be a single product all the way up to four products,” Haefner said.

The Air Max system has 70-foot booms and uses the company’s UltraSpread system that has low-speed, high torque motors to help maintain a uniform spread pattern.

The system also automatically adjusts application rates to ensure even coverage on turns.

Haefner said it takes a couple hours to change between liquid and dry systems, if the machine is ordered combo ready.

The Rogator has an 8.4 litre AGCO power engine that has a Tier IV Final rating, that is achieved with the use of a selective catalytic reduction, diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter.

The RG934 has 315 horsepower, the RG934 has 339 hp, and the RG937 has 365 hp. There is an optional hill climbing package for the RG937 that increases power to the ground in hilly terrain.

An optional auto-reversing fan is available to keep the cooling system clear of debris.

Four-wheel steer is available to help reduce crop damage during in-season applications, and it achieve a 16.5 foot turning radius.

Haefner said the hydrostatic transmission enables the RG937 to have a top road speed of 36 mph.

“In the field, it’s top speed would be 26 mph in the low clearance mode and 15 mph when it’s in high clearance mode,” Haefner said.

There will be a limited release of the new Rogator this spring, and more will be available by next fall.

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