Premium transmission in economy-priced tractor

Massey Ferguson has two additions to their 5700 Global Series of mid-range tractors.

Both new tractors come standard with Dyna-4 transmission, Auto-Drive and large, suspended cabs to meet farmer demands.

The 100 horsepower MF5710D and the 110 h.p. MF5711D are not all-new designs, but rather the next strategic steps in Massey’s Global Series tractors, which they launched in 2015. Massey’s Zach Cagle explains the significance of adding the Dyna-4 transmission for the first time.

He says the Dyna-4 is better-suited for loader work, haying and general on-farm chores.

According to Massey, the Dyna-4 shifts seamlessly through 16 forward and 16 reverse gears without clutching.

Auto-Drive adds further operator convenience by speed-matching the transmission to the job.

The brake-to-neutral feature lets the operator stop the tractor by merely pressing the brake pedal, thus disengaging the entire drive system.

The transmission is a huge selling factor for tractors in this power range.

Ease of operation can be the make-or-break selling point when farmers look at these type of tractors for stacking hay or cleaning barns and livestock lots.

However, with dozens of mid-range tractors hovering around the 100 h.p. category, does it make good sense for Massey to add yet another tractor trying to get a bigger piece of a pie that remains the same size?

“We actually do have a unique niche in that market. We have a really heavy-duty tractor with a premium transmission but it’s in a lower-priced economy spec tractor. If you look at the other players in this same market, they’re promoting a premium transmission in a premium tractor. So we’ve got a different angle. Our price is for an economy spec tractor. That’s how we compete with the high-end tractors. We have a definite cost advantage.

“The Dyna-4 is a 16-speed powershift. Without clutching, you can shift from first gear all the way to the 16th gear and back down again. Just bump through the gears by pushing the lever. Operators can adjust settings within the system information screen to fine-tune how aggressively directional changes and DynaShift changes take place.

“Auto-Drive basically turns your Dyna-4 into a full automatic transmission. You turn on the Auto-Drive switch and the tractor will shift up and down through the gears in response to the load.

In the Eco mode, the tractor will shift at 1,650 r.p.m. In the Power mode it shifts at 2,100 r.p.m.”

Massey says the brake-to-neutral feature appeals to producers who make frequent stops when baling. This system activates the clutch as soon as the brake pedal is pressed, thus stopping the tractor with no other action required by the driver. When operations call for extremely low speeds, the 32 by 32 creeper gear option provides speeds as low as .06 mph.

A combination power shuttle and power control lever on the left side of the steering column allows the operator to change direction, change gears and de-clutch with the left hand. This is convenient when operating the loader joystick or rear remote controls with the right hand.

The new tractors come loader-ready from the factory with an integrated joystick to operate any of the four available Massey Ferguson loaders.

There are three hydraulic remotes and a 540E/540/1,000 power take-off. The open-centre hydraulic system has two high-pressure pumps. One pump has a standard flow rate of 11 gallons per minute to the rear three-point linkage. The other pump has 15 g.p.m. to the remote valves and the loader.

An in-cab switch combines the flow from both pumps for a flow of 26 gallons per minute to give the operator faster response times for loader and auxiliary hydraulics.

The tractors are powered by the Agco Power 4.4L four-cylinder diesel that meets Tier 4 final emissions compliance without depending on costly and time-consuming diesel particulate filters.

The optional see-through Visio roof provides above-cab visibility.

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