Statistics Canada’s latest satellite-based forecast issued on Sept. 14 calls for an average of 39.6 bushels per acre in Saskatchewan.
 That is a far cry from Saskatchewan Agriculture’s first estimate of the year forecasting a provincial yield of 35 bu. per acre.
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Sask. canola estimate feels the heat

A wide gap is emerging between federal and provincial government yield estimates for crops like canola and durum. Saskatchewan Agriculture’s first estimate of the year calls for a provincial average canola yield of 35 bushels per acre, which is well below Statistics Canada’s forecast of 41.1 bu. per acre. Shannon Friesen, crops extension specialist with […] Read more

The cab-mounted suitcase can reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent on this over-the-road tractor. The HydraGEN box contains equipment to convert distilled water into pure hydrogen and pure oxygen, which are then directed into the air intake, where they create a cleaner burn.  |  Dynacert photo

Hydrogen and oxygen equal cleaner burn

Lower combustion temperatures increases power and decreases nitrogen oxides creating healthier fuel efficiency

A miniscule mist of hydrogen and oxygen sprayed into the air intake of a diesel engine can burn cleaner and lower fuel consumption by 10 to 20 percent. The unique HydraGEN technology is based on the fact that flame speed of hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel. Burning diesel in […] Read more

When collecting wild oats for testing ensure they are clean and mature. Record with the sample the herbicide used on the field. Pack them in paper bags for shipping.  |  Mike Raine photo

When weeds resist farmers’ best efforts, send them to town

Dos and don’ts when sampling 
wild oats for testing:

Farmers who suspect herbicide-resistant weeds in their fields can have samples tested, and those samples are best collected before harvest. Charles Geddes, Agriculture Canada research scientist who studies herbicide resistance, said wild oat seeds should be collected before harvest because most available tests involve growing the seeds and then subjecting them to herbicide treatments to […] Read more

Magnation-treated irrigation water gave Nebraska corn grower Lee Fintel a 48 bushel benefit over the adjacent quarter that grew corn with non-treated irrigation water.  |  Lee Fintel photo

Pushing pig poop through a pipe

When Turbulator inventor Mike Jenzeh saw how well the device worked treating water, he began to explore other uses for the technology. He was already dealing with a number of customers in dairy and hog production, so was aware of their challenge in dealing with slurry. “We have a different device for slurry because it’s […] Read more

The last thing a gallon of water sees as it passes the magnets in a turbulator.   |  Magnation photo

Friction works miracles with well water

No electricity required, no chemical additives, just pure clean water free of minerals, gases and odour

Water passing through a pipe-like tube loses minerals and gases. The system requires no salts or chemical additives, nor does it require electricity. Force of water makes it all happen. Obviously, this is no ordinary hunk of pipe. It’s called a Turbulator and it’s designed and manufactured by Magnation Water Technologies. Magnation inventor and co-founder […] Read more

In order to meet the precise needs of a customer, it’s sometimes more efficient to couple up two turbulators rather than buy one large unit. A Nebraska farmer who conditions his irrigation water through a Magnation turbulator reported a reduction in water use of 33 percent and a soybean bump that doubled his yield.  |  Magnation photo

Nothing new in the world of physics

Mike Jenzeh doesn’t claim to have invented the physics behind his Turbulator. That honour goes to Mike Farady. Jenzeh said he saw technology that wasn’t being used, then risked US$30,000 on a study to see if it was for real. Turns out it was real. That was 12 years ago. Jenzeh took that basic physics […] Read more

Turbulated seed gives three pound bushel weight benefit

Rocky Mountain Equipment in Vegreville, Alta., has carried the Magnation Rainbolt for two years, said Vegreville store manager David Sen, adding that they tested the equipment for a year before committing to selling the unusual devices. “The main unit for farmers around here is the Rainbolt for seed treatment. We’ve probably sold ten or more […] Read more

The change to the act was supported by the Alberta wheat and Alberta barley commissions, so requests for check-off refunds are a way to show disapproval.
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Check-off protest erupts over fusarium

Some producers in Alberta’s northern rural municipalities are requesting refunds of wheat and barley check-off payments as a way to protest the removal of fusarium from the Alberta Pests Act. The crop disease has been slowly spreading westward for decades and until a change in May to the Pest Nuisance Control Regulation, Alberta had a […] Read more

Brennan Turner, chief executive officer of FarmLead, said the strength prices are displaying just before harvest is remarkable for this time of year and bodes well for the coming months. | Paul Yanko photo

Canola prices show surprising strength

Canola cash prices will likely drift higher than $11 per bushel this fall and winter based on current market fundamentals, says an analyst. Brennan Turner, chief executive officer of FarmLead, said the strength prices are displaying just before harvest is remarkable for this time of year and bodes well for the coming months. Cash spot […] Read more

Wheat is one of the crops affected by the brome mosaic virus.  |  Brian Cross photo

Researchers solve brome mosaic virus puzzle

Shedding light on the different components of this crop disease was key to scientists figuring out how to prevent infection

The brome mosaic virus has baffled scientists for decades. It is a genetic puzzle that, unlike many other viruses, is divided into three particles that have been impossible to tell apart. Until now. BMV affects grasses such as wheat and barley and, in 2016, the infection was recorded in soybeans in Manitoba. Mosaic symptoms include […] Read more