Among the changes announced today is the Canola Council's decision to stop administering canola performance trials. | Screenshot via

VIDEO: Canola council to reduce extension agronomy

The Canola Council of Canada announced sweeping changes to the organization today at the Canola Industry Meeting in Saskatoon. The main changes are that it is reducing its role in extension agronomy, will no longer be doing market promotion and is restructuring its funding model. Council president Jim Everson told delegates attending the meeting that […] Read more

At more than C$7 per bushel for rye in Western Canada, Cal Vandaele of Vandaele Seed in Medora, Man. believes the price has topped off. | File photo

Rye prices are as good as they’re going to get

At more than C$7 per bushel for rye in Western Canada, Cal Vandaele of Vandaele Seed in Medora, Man. believes the price has topped off. “There’s been bids touching C$8,” Vandaele said, adding the price will decline over the winter. “When they start getting into these levels all buyers are going to be hand-to-mouth. Nobody […] Read more

This growing season varied from a

December StatsCan report could vary from years past

After the long drawn out harvest this fall, some analysts are predicting Statistics Canada’s final Production of Principal Field Crops numbers could vary from the usual pattern. “This is a very uncertain report because that was probably one of the most bizarre falls we’ve ever had on the Prairies,” said Ken Ball of PI Financial […] Read more

If you expect your service truck to work up to full capacity keeping your implements running, it’s got to have wheels and tires that keep it moving and don’t let it fall into the “broken or stuck” category.  That means wider, taller tires that won’t fit on original equipment manufacturer wheels. There’s a common misconception that modular three-piece rims cannot be used as duals, but DBL says it installs them regularly, without problems. The company builds 42 and 44 inch units for rear axles. |  DBL Design photos

Super single wheels work and shine

Your new truck is a Clydesdale, dragging a muddy plow during the week and pulling a Budweiser wagon on Sunday

You just picked up your new F550 or Ram 5550 quad-door 4×4, and it’s equipped to be the heavy-duty draft horse you’ve contemplated for years, except for one thing — wheels. The new truck looks like a true Clydesdale through and through, but the original equipment manufacturer wheels kind of suck. You had your mind […] Read more

Josh Lade drives his John Deere S680 combine with the Seed Terminator installed near Osler, Sask. |  Josh Lade photo

Seed terminator installed on combine

An Australian now farming in Canada is using the hammer mill to reduce his dependence on herbicide applications

A Saskatchewan producer brought in a Seed Terminator from Down Under to test its pulverizing abilities on prairie weed seeds this harvest. “Nick Berry, who is also my first cousin, invented it,” said Josh Lade. “We were both pretty apprehensive on how it was going to go, like the tough conditions are a lot different […] Read more

The new Haulmaster is 16 inches lower than previous models. It replaces the belt drive with a gearbox and has a new gentle hydraulic system for the auger fold/unfold. Although 95 percent of the carts sold by Elmer’s have the rubber track system, there has been surprisingly little interest in the hydraulic drive option.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

High-tech Haulmaster takes data on-the-go

Thousands of hours of testing went into this data-gathering GPS cart that tracks grain from combine to storage

The new generation Haulmaster Grain Cart from Elmer’s Manufacturing has ushered in a host of technological innovations to streamline harvest. Elmer’s engineers have remade the Haulmaster with a totally new frame and tank design that provides a better balance of height, length and width. To improve combine access, tank walls on all new carts are […] Read more

The Smart Ag AutoCart tested at Altona this fall did not run over any people or standing corn, reports Mike Friesen. He says it’s a good, practical start down the path to useable driverless equipment.  |  Elmer’s manufacturing photo

Autonomous smart cart no dummy

The autonomous AutoCart got a workout in Mike Friesen’s corn field this fall, hooked up to a new generation Haulmaster cart and driverless tractor — and the system really does work. That’s the opinion of Friesen, vice-president of Elmer’s Manufacturing in Altona, Man., builder of the Haulmaster grain cart. Smart Ag in Ames Iowa selected […] Read more

Work is underway at restoring the Port of Churchill to its former glory. | Facebook/Arctic Gateway photo

Arctic Gateway working to restore shipments from Port of Churchill

Work is underway at restoring the Port of Churchill to its former glory. Omer Al-Katib, spokesperson for Arctic Gateway Group Limited Partnership, said this includes work on grain storage, the wharf and new grain cleaning equipment. “The port fell into a state of disrepair as the port was not being fully utilized over the last […] Read more

Great Western Commodities will purchase grain from farmers in southern Saskatchewan.  |  File photo

Sask. short-line railway expands into grain buying

Great Western Railway Ltd. is Saskatchewan’s newest grain dealer. The short-line railway has formed an affiliated company — Great Western Commodities Ltd. — which will buy grain from producers in southern Saskatchewan and sell to buyers in Canada, the United States and overseas. GWR operates on more than 700 kilometres of railway in southwestern Saskatchewan. It does […] Read more

Australian National University researchers Dr. Wei Yih Hee, left, Dr. Ben Long and Professor Dean Price inspect tobacco plants as part of their research into photosynthesis.  |  Australian National University photo

Researchers rev up engine of photosynthesis

Carbon-capturing ‘engines’ found in blue-green algae may help plants capture CO2 more efficiently and boost yields

CHILLIWACK, B.C. — For millions of years, plants have been converting carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into energy for growth through photosynthesis. The process is controlled by the enzyme Rubisco, which fixes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Photosynthesis sets, or limits, the level of crop yield. Now, plant biologists at the Australian National University are […] Read more