Get used to growing fructans, they’re better for growers and consumers

The new genetic line includes winter wheat with high-fructan levels plus tolerance to salinity, cold

Plant breeders typically focus on one factor at a time. They might look for better resilience to harsh conditions, or for better nutritional values. Occasionally, a breeder does both. Such is the case with a hardier more nutritious wheat that combines enhanced nutritional values along with increased resilience. The new wheat strain, developed by Cornell […] Read more

Richardson informed producers of its new policy last month in an email to oat growers in Western Canada. | File photo

Major oat buyer to ban pre-harvest glyphosate

UPDATED – Thursday July 9, 2020 – 1020 CST – updated to include comments from Richardson Milling – Starting next year, Richardson Milling will no longer purchase oats that have been sprayed with pre-harvest glyphosate or any type of desiccant. Richardson informed producers of its new policy last month in an email to oat growers […] Read more

Funding will come from the Rural Integrated Roads for Growth program, which replaced the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program. | Screencap via

Sask. program to replace bridges

About 100 rural bridges will be replaced in Saskatchewan municipalities over the next four years. Funding will come from the Rural Integrated Roads for Growth program, which replaced the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program. Projects are eligible for a maximum of $500,000 each. The federal government will contribute 17 percent and the province will […] Read more

Father and son Jack and Joel Durham seeded red lentils in the RM of Montrose, southeast of Delisle, Sask., this spring. In the near future pulse growers across the Prairies will find more of their crops are ending up in North American food processing markets, rather than being exported whole or split.  | Paul Yanko photo

Value added market for pulses pieces explodes

Not that long ago, pulses were consumed either whole or split. These days, they are being processed and incorporated into all sorts of foods, according to a panel of speakers assembled by the Global Pulse Confederation. Alexandra Londono, global head of Buhler’s pulse and local grains business segment, said annual pulse flour production has rapidly […] Read more

At up to 76 feet wide with up to a 1300 bushel commodity tank, Bourgaults is now offering a monster one-pass planting setup that can be used with either a coulter or hoe style drill, that can also be quickly switched back to use the air carts volumetric metering system. | Bourgault photo

Bourgault launches air planter system

Bourgault moved into the planter market with the launch of its Air Planter system that can be used with the company’s PLR opener on the new 3820 coulter drill, as well as the PLS, PLX and PLD openers on its 3330SE and 3335QDA hoe drills. “I don’t think there are too many other players on […] Read more

The growth of canola production in the southern U.S. has come to a halt for now. American producers are finding it hard to market and yields are not guaranteed.  |  File photo

Bloom goes bust on Oklahoma canola prospects

Six years ago, some experts predicted that Oklahoma could have a million acres of winter canola. This year in Oklahoma and surrounding states, farmers planted just 10,000 acres. “The story of canola in the southern Great Plains is a very sad one,” said Ron Sholar, executive director of the Great Plains Canola Association, from his […] Read more

E: The biodegradable film protects the crop and gives it the added heat units and growing degree days it needs to improve performance for the farm.  The corn thrives under the plastic early in the season, creating a greenhouse that encourages early season growth.  |  Mary MacArthur photo

Poly pockets for corn

CAMROSE, Alta. — The old adage that corn should be waist high by the fourth of July may be reality in the United States Midwest, but in central Alberta it’s just a saying. Except at Vermeer’s Dairy in Camrose where much of the 600 acres of corn seeded under a biodegradable film is growing quickly […] Read more

Alison McAfee, biochemist at the Michael Smith Laboratories at UBC, and post-doctoral fellow, North Carolina State University with her subjects.  |  UBC photo

Honeybee queens vulnerable to heat-related fertility loss

Excessive heat can kill sperm cells in many animal species, but there are few ways to gauge the impact of heat on pollinators like honeybees. Now, research conducted at the University of British Columbia has found five proteins that are activated when queen honeybees are exposed to temperatures characteristic of climate change. These proteins not […] Read more

Commodity companies such as INTL FC Stone, now StoneX, have to keep close tabs on commodities around the globe to manage opportunities and risks. Above, a French farmer harvests barley in Les-Rues-Des-Vignes near Cambrai, France..  |  Reuters/Pascal Rossignol photo

INTL FC Stone adds a new chapter, title to its tale

As mainstream powerhouses back away from commodity marketplaces and smaller players struggle with technological changes, an old stalwart is expanding into the void. INTL FCStone, a component of which was founded in 1924, has acquired Gain Capital and is changing its name. “If we continue to do what we do best and improve on that […] Read more