The DOT autonomous agricultural robot, seen here fitted with a 120 sprayer attachment produced by Connect, begins a winter research program at the University of Arizona, Maricopa campus on Jan. 9.  |  Robin Booker photo

DOT put through its paces in Arizona fields

University of Arizona researcher works with the autonomous farming platform and DOT-ready implements this winter

MARICOPA, Ariz. — DOT and Connect have shifted staff to Arizona for the winter to continue research into robotic farming and to prepare to autonomously farm on a broad acre scale this year. DOT is a Saskatchewan-built robotic platform designed to bring autonomous farming to broad acre grain production, and Connect is newly formed company […] Read more

The latest in combine technology from makers can automatically control grain quality and flow, including Case IH’s line of Class 7, 9 and 9 machines.  |  Robin Booker photo

New system adjusts combines on the fly

The AFS Harvest Command on Case combines keeps track of a machine’s settings to improve quality and savings

MARICOPA, Ariz. — The automatic combine adjustment system available in the new Case 250 series combines use 16 sensors to control seven combine functions, says Ryan Blasiak, Case IH harvest marketing manager. “To make adjustments on the fly, it is super easy,” Blasiak said. “All you need is four button presses and you’re ready to […] Read more

New study finds risks in broadcasting urea

The research in eastern Sask. also found that advanced efficiency products do not reduce losses in all situations

Spreading urea on the soil surface is coming back into favour as farmers look for quicker ways to cover acres in the spring seeding window. The resurgence has researchers re-examining the strategy. “Our board said, ‘there are a lot of guys throwing fertilizer down on top of snow; I wonder how much nitrogen they’re losing […] Read more

Chloride applications possibly help canaryseed

Canaryseed yields depend on the season, and to a lesser degree on what producers put into the soil along with it. On-going research about chloride applications ahead of canaryseed is showing that if the soil is truly deficient, there is a good chance of a response to smaller amounts of the element, usually delivered as […] Read more

Basic clubroot control better than no control at all

Producers are told they don’t have to be perfectionists when it comes to knocking mud and dirt off of their equipment

BRANDON — There’s lots of wisdom from Alberta about how to manage clubroot. For Manitobans, the best advice is probably this motto: “It’s OK if you can’t do everything, but it’s not OK to do nothing.” That was a message taken to Manitoba Ag Days both by central Alberta farmer John Guelly and Canola Council […] Read more

Losses: think quickly, move slowly

BRANDON — It’s understandable to react with shock if you realize you’re blowing 10 percent or more of your canola crop out the back of the combine. But that shouldn’t lead to a rushed overhaul of all the settings because it won’t reveal where the problem is coming from. “You really only should be changing […] Read more

Monsanto will be bringing the LibertyLink trait to market in 2019 with its Dekalb DKLL 81 BL canola hybrid, while Corteva has two LibertyLink canola products: the Pioneer P501L hybrid and its Brevant Seeds B3010M hybrid.  |  File photo

Chinese approval allows for LibertyLink expansion

BASF’s LibertyLink trait in canola can finally be commercialized by competing seed companies after a lengthy regulatory delay. China gave import approval for five genetically modified crop traits in January. One of those traits was BASF’s Rf3, which is the one and only LibertyLink trait for canola. More than 20 years ago China had approved […] Read more

Over the last few months, representatives of Agriculture Canada have met with farmers to discuss proposed changes to the plant breeders' rights system, in which farmers would pay royalties on farm-saved seed. | File photo

Ag Canada ponders changes to seed royalty proposal

Nobody is comfortable with a blank cheque. Over the last few months, representatives of Agriculture Canada have met with farmers to discuss proposed changes to the plant breeders’ rights system, in which farmers would pay royalties on farm-saved seed. During the meetings, which were held in Western Canada, Ottawa and Prince Edward Island, farmers have […] Read more

In the last few years Manitoba farmers have seeded about 64,000 acres of spuds. In P.E.I., acreage is around 85,000. That means the addition of 16,000 acres will put Manitoba over the top. | File photo

Manitoba to grab spud capital title

BRANDON — The reign of Prince Edward Island is over. Very soon, Manitoba will be the new potato king of Canada. Simplot is spending $400 million to expand its french fry processing plant in Portage la Prairie. The larger factory, double the size of the existing plant, will be operational in early 2020. Simplot will […] Read more

The European market is significant because it has traditionally been a major destination for Canadian flax, lentils and other organic commodities. | File photo

Glyphosate residues snare organics

BRANDON — Canadians are struggling to sell organic food and grains into Europe, even though it’s the world’s second largest market. That’s because Europeans are finding trace amounts of glyphosate in organic shipments from Canada. “Many of the containers of grains that arrive in Europe are being rejected because of glyphosate contamination,” said Laura Telford, […] Read more