Nitrogen stabilizers prevent three forms of loss

Looking after fertilizer investments by avoiding nutrient losses is alway important, but as prices rise so do the exposures to financial loss.  |  File illustration

Volatilization, nitrification, and denitrification are looking to rob the farm in more ways than one

Earlier this year, Verdesian Life Sciences began to offer a new series of nitrogen stabilizers for row and specialty crops.

Trident uses a combination of a co-polymer and solvent blend with active ingredients NBPT and DCD to protect against all three forms of nitrogen loss: volatilization, nitrification, and denitrification.

“The co-polymer acts as an exchange resin in the soil that holds onto the ammonium and also enhances the effectiveness of the NBPT and the DCD,” said Tyrus Oakes, Verdesian’s product marketing director.

“The solvent system is what brings it all together. It’s what helps stabilize the formula and gets better penetration into the urea.”

He said Trident can be used to stabilize nitrogen inputs anytime a grower chooses to put it down, but that it’s most commonly used for in-season applications as a top or side dress.

“But it’s a very dynamic product. It can go in urea or UAN. So, for customers that are looking for one product to use in both applications, Trident would be the way to go,” Oakes said.

Trident has a flexible application rate, so growers can choose the level of protection they want to provide the nitrogen they’re applying.

Oakes said Trident can be applied at 1.5 – 2.5 quarts per ton of fertilizer, and that the chemical load in the soil can be reduced by up to 40 percent compared to some other NBPT-based products, without sacrificing performance.

Application timing is a big factor when it comes to determining the rate that Trident should be applied to nitrogen fertilizer.

“If you’re putting on your nitrogen really early in the season, far from the time when the plant is actually going to use it, you would maybe use a higher rate of Trident to help keep that nitrogen in the soil and available longer,” Oakes said.

“If you’re using it in season and the plants can use it right away, you could probably use a lower application rate.”

Because the price of inputs has gone up significantly over the past year, protecting a farm’s nitrogen investment has become increasingly important.

Verdesian Life Sciences is a private equity backed company that was acquired by AEA investors earlier this year.

The company has four main segments: fertilizer enhancers, a line of macro and micronutrient products, seed treatment and inoculants, and a line of biostimulant products.

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