New biological certified for prairie organics

Prairie organic farmers grew 1.36 million acres in 2019. The number of certified-organic farms rose by almost three percent last year.

Suppliers are gearing up to serve this blossoming business.

One supplier with a natural fit into this expanding arena is XiteBio Technologies in Winnipeg. All products marketed by this company are organic certifiable. Xite just received organic certification for XiteBio Yield+ liquid biological on crops on the Prairies, said Manas Banerjee, owner of XiteBio.

“We have a number of inoculants and biologicals, and also we have Optiplus. These were initially certified only for conventional farming. But the organic growers see how our products work and they came to us to say they want these products, too. So that’s when we submitted for XiteBio Yield+ liquid biological for winter wheat.”

Banerjee said only one product has been certified for winter wheat, that being XiteBio Yield+, the phosphate solubilizing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.

He said the plant-health-boosting modes of action of XiteBio Yield+ increase plant-available soil-bound phosphates, release phytohormones and chelate iron.

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