Multi-functional vehicle uses different methods to apply crop products

HANNOVER, Germany — Pegas-Agro’s Tuman-3 is a common sight on Russian fields, and if the company’s expansion plans come to fruition it will also become common in Canada.

“We have studied the Canadian and U.S. market and have seen interest,” said Anna Sinitsyna of Pegas-Agro during Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany.

The Tuman-3 vehicle can be fit with up to four different modules, including a sprayer, spreader, fertilizer injector and a fan sprayer.

“This is a multi-functional as well as smart machine,” Sinitsyna said.

“It has the newest navigation and controlling system that controls the amount of the product.”

The Tuman-3 uses Trimble technology for guidance.

The platform retails for slightly more than C$200,000, including all four modules, and two sets of tires for the six-wheel unit.

The narrow wheels are 240/90 R42 and the wide wheels for reduced ground pressure are 600-55×21 LT.

The front axle is a steering axle, the middle axle is just a drive axle, while the rear axle is both a steering and drive axle.

The Tuman-3 is powered by a 115 horsepower Kubota turbo diesel and has mechanical drive with a five-speed transmission and independent pneumatic suspension.

“The spraying system is controlled digitally as well as the zones can be controlled, as well as each nozzle can be controlled separately,” Sinitsyna said.

The sprayer module has a 2,600-litre capacity, a 28-metre aluminum boom, and the company claims it can spray up to 35 km-h.

The piston diaphragm pump has a 30 to 285 litre per minute output.

The spreader module has a stainless steel tank with a 2.6 cubic metre capacity, and can spread from 10 to 28 metres wide at up to 35 km-h.

A 6.3-metre wide injection module has 18 disks with 12 needles per disk that can reach a top speed of 15 km-h applying liquid fertilizer.

The sprayer and injector use the same tank, as does the fan sprayer module, which has a 185-centimetre fan with 20 nozzles capable of spraying a distance of 50 to 100 metres on a calm day.

The top road speed for the Tuman-3 is 52 km-h, and its wheel track widths are adjustable.

The company also produces two smaller units: the Tuman-1M and Tuman-2M.

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