Many actives make for fewer weeds

Three actives with a wider stage of application add more control and flexibility to new cereal product. | File photo

Corteva Agriscience launched a herbicide that uses multiple modes of action to take out broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.

The new herbicide called Exhilarate combines Paradigm, which is a formulation of Arylex, Group 4 and Florasulam, Group 2, and MCPA Ester that is also a Group 4.

“We actually have a combination of a Group 2 active plus two different Group 4 actives, and one of the things that is also becoming better understood is that there’s also different sites of action within modes of action. So the Group 4 actives work at different sites within the plants as well,” said Kelly Bennett of Corteva.

He said the combination of the three actives allows producers to control weeds in a wide growth-stage range.

“For instance (it will kill) cleavers up to the nine whorl stage is what we have data to support, that we submitted for, but we’ve seen it take out much larger weeds,” Bennett said.

“Were generally labelled for most weeds in the eight-leaf stage, but realistically it will take out even bigger ones.”

Exhilarate provides overlapping control on tough-to-kill weeds, including cleavers, hemp-nettle, and dandelion, and helps it postpone the onset of herbicide resistance.

Bennett said it’s a standalone product that can handle all of the common broadleaf weeds farmers have in wheat and barley, and it also works well with other herbicides.

“From a tank mix standpoint for wild oat control, you can mix in a range of group one and Group 2 products,” Bennett said.

“Our Group 2 herbicide Simplicity will augment the broadleaf, as well because Simplicity controls both grasses and broadleaf weeds. You can tank mix it (Exhilarate) with Axial herbicide, which is the leading group one herbicide, also with Everest which is another Group 2.”

Bennett said Exhilarate can be used from the two-leaf crop stage all the way to flag leaf.

If possible, producers should apply the herbicide when the crop is in the three- to four-leaf stage, and when the weeds are in the two- to four-leaf stage, but hitting the perfect stage for both is not always possible.

“If you have 10 fields to spray you don’t have to be constantly checking for staging and wondering if the product is going to work if the weeds get out of stage. You can plan it on your best logistic plan to get all those 10 fields sprayed without having to worry about the staging,” Bennett said.

He said Exhilarate also provides climate flexibility, where fields can be sprayed earlier in the day after a cool night compared to many other products.

Exhilarate replaced Paradigm, which was recently taken out of Corteva’s crop protection lineup.

Paradigm had to be tank mixed and so was a little more work to apply, whereas Exhilarate doesn’t require tank mixing, and one box covers 80 acres.

Bennett said Exhilarate will cost slightly more than $10 per acre, but the cost can drop if producers take part a grower program.

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