Making the Case for the new large square bale accumulator

The new AC5150 large square baler  accumulator from Case is designed to carry five uniformly packaged bales for improved field efficiency.  |  Case IH photo

Fewer trips across the field saves time and protects the field, letting producers put up hay more efficiently

“Set a GPS zone on your phone’s app and it will automatically drop the bales there when you pass over it.”

Case’s Brian Spencer was describing something new to large square bale production, organizing drop zones on a phone.

Case’s lineup of large square bale accumulators includes three-bale and five-bale horizontal models plus a three-bale vertical model.

The new accumulators are fully automatic, or manual, allowing operators to concentrate on baling.

With the operator concentrating on the baling process and not bales on deck, the accumulator creates neatly placed groups of bales ready for pickup, says Spencer about the new Case-branded, PhiBer Manufacturing bale-handling line that starts out life in Crystal City, Man.

“Farmers can really reduce their footprint on the field by accumulating the bales on the go and dropping them in pre-selected locations, grouping them together and reducing that field traffic,” he said.

“Even if you don’t use the app, that ability to drop bales in an organized manner is critical to efficiency of labour,” he said.

“It can also reduce the amount of time bales are on the field, and that is especially important for commercial hay growers that are looking to get out there with their irrigation and get that next cut going,” Spenser said in an interview from Indiana.

The new accumulator requires no daily maintenance and is compatible with closed-centre, open-centre, and closed-centre load-sensing hydraulic systems.

When the accumulator reaches capacity, the bales are automatically ejected off the deck and ready for handling.

An in-cab monitor allows the operator to see how many bales are on deck and to manually eject bales at any time should the need arise.

“We think this can reduce bale-handling (time) by about 50 percent,” he said.

For horizontal stacking, a standard three-bale accumulator is available in two models.

The AC3108 is for three-by-three bales. The AC4108 is for four-by-three bales. The AC5150 is a five-bale accumulator. For vertical stacking, the VS1208 stacks three four-foot-wide bales for easy loading.

Prices for the systems start in the high $20,000 area.

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