MacDon adds 300 production jobs, including third shift

High global demand coupled with low equipment inventories prompted MacDon to hire more than 300 new workers at their Winnipeg plant.  |  MacDon photo

The company could not stand still listening to opportunity knock, looking for new and more precise farm equipment

MacDon is adding more than 300 new jobs to its main manufacturing plant in Winnipeg.

The increase will facilitate the addition of a third shift at the farm equipment factory.

“This means good paycheques going into 300 Winnipeg households,” said business development vice-president Gene Fraser in a phone interview. “The jobs will be in fabrication, machine shop, welding, painting and assembly.”

Fraser pointed to a number of factors prompting the expansion. In general, the global market for new agricultural machinery is good. He said there’s a lot of pent-up demand because there was not an abundance of used equipment available last fall. As a result, dealers are placing orders now to fill the pipeline.

“Another factor that’s carrying more weight each year is the growing demand for implements in all categories capable of precision farming. There’s no point in developing a new machine if it doesn’t have that capability,” said Fraser, adding that higher productivity also motivates many farmers to upgrade.

MacDon introduced a 25-foot size Flexdraper header that opens new markets for smaller combines. They introduced a line of corn headers that offer chopping and folding in six to 18 row sizes in various row spacings.

Fraser said global demand is good and the company feels optimistic for the balance of 2021 and on into 2022.

COVID-based stimulus support programs from all corners of the globe have put cash into the hands of many cash-strapped farmers.

MacDon has also launched a European marketing initiative based on the assumption that the best of Canadian equipment can compete heads up with the best of European equipment.

The one worrisome factor is the upward pressure on steel prices, which tend to be reflected in higher implement prices.

“As an overview, it’s all very positive for MacDon and the families who depend on these paycheques. We couldn’t be happier for the new families joining our workforce. It’s good to see some good news with all the COVID bad news we see every day.”

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