GSI looks upward to solve problems

GSI Quiet Dryer technology uses a mixed-flow blower with fewer blades, less open design and heavier duty construction that offer reduced noise from previous models.  |  GSI photo

The heat reclaim system at the top of the tower sucks out more moisture, improving grain drying efficiency

There’s no disputing the fact that grain dryers burn a lot of fuel and make a lot of noise.

Grain Systems Incorporated (GSI) says its latest dryers address both issues.

The new line of GSI tower dryers employ a heat reclamation system to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30 percent. As well, its new Quiet Dryer reduces noise levels by 50 percent in portable dryers.

The new tower technology captures hot, dry air and channels it back into the drying process. The technical breakthrough is their ability to capture this hot, dry air nearer the top of the tower. Because it is already very dry, this air is able to suck more moisture out of the grain. At the same time, the new system captures cold, wet air and crop debris and shoots it out through the open bottom. This eliminates the need to stop operations for cleaning during the drying season.

In a recent release, GSI says three years of testing at three sites indicated the heat reclaimer reduced operating costs by nine to 30 percent, depending on the grain type and ambient temperature. The trials used identical side-by-side GSI towers in Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin.

The GSI system differs from other heat reclaimer technologies, which create a buildup of crop debris in the dryer and in the heat reclaim shroud. The new system improves drying efficiency and requires minimal cleaning under the reclaim area. It does not reduce drying capacity, nor does it change how the dryer is operated or grain temperature when it’s discharged from the dryer.

The heat reclaimer is available as an option on 12-foot, 18-foot, 24-foot and 30-foot diameter tower dryers. It was available on a limited basis this season and will be fully introduced in the spring of 2017 in Canada. It can be retrofitted to older GSI tower dryers built since 2001. The heat reclaimer development was partially funded by the Propane Education & Research Council.

While tower dryers are becoming more fuel efficient, the irritating wailing sound of the portable dryer may be growing somewhat softer, with the introduction of GSI’s new Quiet Dryer.

GSI says the Quiet Dryer puts out half the noise of a standard portable dryer equipped with vane-axial fans. It’s also quieter than centrifugal fan models. Quiet Dryer uses a mixed-flow blower with fewer blades, a more restrictive design and heavier construction.

Using GSI’s start fire burner, the new dryer maintains grain quality, dryer capacity, flame quality and proper air/heat mix, according to GSI.

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