GPS for steering wheel

DURHAM, N.C. — TeeJet Technologies, known best for its spraying systems and nozzles, has come up with a steering wheel motor drive.

While the concept dates back to the first GPS guidance system, the refinements to the units and their accuracy have improved over the years.

Tim Stuenkel of TeeJet said the company saw the opportunity to provide an additional guidance product to its existing hydraulic valve.

“We have offered Field Pilot, the hydraulic system, for years. But we heard there was a need for a steering wheel mounted unit, so we built one,” he said.

“It has a relatively inexpensive bracket that can be mounted into a variety of machines and then the UniPilot can be quickly moved from machine to machine,” said Stuenkel.

“It gets the line very quickly and holds it accurately.”

The $4,600 UniPilot works exclusively with the $2,000 TeeJet Matrix Pro guidance system so it isn’t an add-on to other guidance brands.

With the Matrix Pro, it is WAAS, Omni-STAR or RTK driven, the latter being fed by TeeJet’s RX510 or RX610 GNSS receivers.

“It’s compatible with 350 different machinery platforms: sprayers, tractors, combines and swathers … spray trucks and other rigs, almost anything with a wheel,” he said.

For more information, visit or call 630-665-5000.

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