Fendt launches its own monster combine

Not to be outdone by John Deere’s recent release of the X9, Fendt has released two models of its new 790-horsepower class 10 combine platform, the Ideal 10 and Ideal 10T (tracked), which now hold the title as the largest combines in the world.

The Ideal 10 and 10T join the line-up of Fendt’s Ideal 7, 8 and 9 models introduced to North America in 2018.

“Powered by a MAN Tier 4 Final, 16.2 litre engine, it’s the same engine that will be featured in the top models of the new 1100 Vario MT (tractor) series,” said Zach Stejskal, combine marketing specialist for Fendt, during a product release event held online Aug. 14.

“This is still 100 horsepower larger than what John Deere is touting as their new class 11 machine, which is rated at 690 horsepower.”

Fendt also says the Ideal 10 has the largest separation capacity in North America.

The Ideal 10 has 48.4 sq. feet of separation area, 12 percent larger than the Ideal 9 model, which enables the Ideal 10 to have 20 percent more harvest capacity even though it uses the same 11.5-foot-wide chassis as the Ideal 9.

“When comparing separation areas, the Ideal 10 is 10 sq. feet larger than the new John Deere X9 series,” Stejskal said.

The Ideal 10 uses the same 24 inch, 16 foot long rotors as the other Ideal combines, which are just under two feet longer than competitor combines.

The increased threshing capacity comes from tweaking the return pans to distribute more material in the cleaning system.

Grain now drops down to the top sieve from the stratification pan through new cascades. This WavePan design adds curved double-drop steps that rely on stratification as well as gravity to separate the grain, according to Fendt.

This helps the cleaning fan suspend light material in the pan area before it reaches the cleaning shoe, pre-cleaning the crop before it reaches the top sieve.

“Ideal balance is a very simple catch pan design that features two pans that evenly distribute material over the cleaning shoe without adding complex active systems,” Stejskal said.

“The new pans are mounted in the stratification area, which allows for higher air volume to be applied to help separate MOG (material other than grain) and improve the grain sample.”

The IDEAL 10T tracked versions can be equipped with the IDEALdrive joystick steering system, which is the only joystick steering available by the major combine manufacturers. | Fendt/Andreas Mohr photo

The combines have a 485 bushel grain tank and come with the Ideal Streamer 6.0 auger, which can unload six bushels per second, while the John Deere X9 has a peak unload rate of 5.3 bushels per second.

There are 26, 30 and 36-inch-wide rubber tracks available, and tracked versions can be equipped with the Idealdrive joystick steering system.

Along with the new combine, the 9300 DynaFlex draper heads are now available in 50-foot widths. There is a 15-foot 4300 pickup header and the CommandTMSeries 16-row corn head in chopping and non-chopping versions.

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