Don’t bother lifting it up with the auger, take it over the top

Fargo, North Dakota’s Amity Technology is selling a high-lift, side-dump cart that can be used with silage, grain and specialty crops like sugar beets.

There are two models in the Crop Chaser lineup: the CC1000 single-tank and CC2000 double-tank.

The 1000 single-tank model has independent front and rear live wall chains and four hydraulic remotes for the tank-lift cylinders and chains that control the unloading process.

The 2000 double-tank model has two separate tanks that are dumped separately, which provides additional stability.

The 1000 Series single tank has a capacity of 2,150 cu. feet, about 1,730 bushels, and 36,287 kilograms. The 2000 Series double tank can handle 2,060 cu. feet of product, about 1,650 bu., and 29,937 kg.

Both models have valves that will hold the load up if there is a hydraulic failure when unloading.

Ben Sander, marketing manager at Amity, said the company initially developed the cart to get silage off muddy fields.

With the 36-inch-wide and 136-inch-long Camso tracks, it can keep up to the forage harvesters in wet conditions and then fill the trucks waiting at the side of the field in one motion.

This prevents rutting up the field, getting the trucks stuck and keeps mud off the roads.

Crop Chaser dump carts are rated for speeds up to 32 km/h.

When fully loaded, the 1000 Series applies 16 pounds per sq. inch of ground pressure, while the 2000 Series exerts 14.5 p.s.i., with eight percent of the load on the tractor’s drawbar.

Sander said one cart load equals one truck load in most cases, providing a better flow of trucks running to the storage yard.

“There isn’t anybody out there that has the tracks that we do in combination with the high-lift dump and the shear capacity, whether it be weight or volume,” he said.

The Crop Chaser can also be used with multiple crops.

“With the way that these are constructed, not only does it work great for silage, but it can be multi-purpose. You can use this for small grains, you know for your corn, soybeans or for guys who do edible beans,” Sander said.

When the crop is dumped directly into trucks, it avoids auger flights when compared to traditional grain carts, which is important for fragile crops like edible beans.

Sander said the ability to use the cart to handle silage as well as grain and oilseeds will enable growers to get more out of their investment.

“It’s almost limitless on what you want to use it for,” he said.

A load scale is standard equipment, with a sensor installed on the hitch and on each track.

Both Crop Chaser models can be ordered with a left or right-hand dump, and operators can change which way it dumps after they purchase it if they want to.

The system comes with plenty of lights for night work, and there is an optional camera to help operators line up the unloads.

Sander said both models are sold out for 2021 but there will be more available in 2022.

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