Disease data merged for optimal spray trigger point

One key to top farm production is identifying disease risk areas and then figuring out the best time to address them with the application of an appropriate fungicide.

That’s what the Xarvio Field Manager platform does for farmers, according to the company’s June 22 presentation at Ag in Motion 2021.

By drawing data from a variety of sources, Field Manger automates and streamlines the decision-making process about if, when and where to apply fungicide.

Field Manager is a mobile web-based platform. It offers live radar, hour-by-hour weather, a 10-day forecast and the amount of sunlight hours per day.

The Xarvio video emphasized that every field has its own history and therefore each should be treated as a separate entity. Lumping a field together with other fields flies in the face of the variable rate concept. To compound the VR challenge, field conditions change from year to year.

To address these challenges, Xarvio developed Spray Timer, a component of Field Manager. It merges the calculated growth stage with weather data and proven disease models.

It follows the progress of each field and keeps the agronomist up-to-date on risk factors.

Spray Timer also sends push notifications to your phone so you can be ready when it’s time to pull the trigger.

Once your fields are mapped and risk areas defined, Zone Spray creates zone-specific fungicide prescriptions for every zone on your farm. In-season satellite imagery depicts the biomass in your fields, giving Zone Spray the data it needs to make timely recommendations. It defines the zones with the highest yield potential and pencils in the return on investment for protecting those zones.

These on-off prescription maps are loaded to your sprayer and the controller takes over from there.

In the course of documenting the history of a field, Field Manager collects weather information going back 10 years and uses this aggregated data as a background for current recommendations and three different types of maps: Field Boundary maps, Biomass maps and Power Zone maps.

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