Corteva focuses on biologicals

In 2019, Corteva announced a commitment to biologicals, consisting of a three-part plan to reduce dependence on chemical solutions.

The three legs of the plan are bio-stimulants, bio-control and pheromons.

Bio-stimulants deal with nutrient efficiency, stress management and plant metabolism. The recently-announced Utrisha N is first product in this category.

Bio-control products include herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

Corteva has exclusive licence to a biofungicide it calls Bexfond, which provides a disease-inhibiting protective shield around plants. Based on the active ingredient Bacillus velezensis, Bexfond guards potatoes, fruits and vegetables against soil-borne pathogens including Rhizoctonia.

Its Hearken bioinsecticide is based on a naturally occurring insecticidal virus called Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus.

This active ingredient targets larvae of African cotton bollworm, corn earworm and other Helicoverpa species.

It allows efficient and sustainable control of pests harmful to soybeans, cotton, sorghum and corn.

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