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The company that revolutionized prairie agriculture with the introduction of RoundUp Ready technology has introduced another game-changing technology that it claims has the potential to change the way crops are grown in Western Canada.

Climate Corp., a subsidiary of Monsanto, announced last week its official western Canadian launch of Climate FieldView, a new digital platform that collects and analyzes farm data and helps growers with management decisions.

The Climate FieldView platform, said Climate Corp., will help farmers manage their fields and their crops more accurately and efficiently for greater productivity and increased profitability.

Climate Corp. launched the platform in Eastern Canada last September and a similar system has been available to growers in the United States since 2015.

With its western Canadian launch, growers in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan will now have access to the new platform.

“The Climate FieldView platform is a one-stop shop for simple field data management, helping Canadian farmers get the most out of every acre,” said Denise Hockaday, Canada business lead for Climate Corp.

“Through the delivery of the platform’s powerful data analytics and customized field insights, farmers across Canada have the power to tailor their agronomic practices more precisely than ever before, fine tuning their action plans for the best outcome at the end of the season.”

The Climate FieldView platform is Monsanto’s entry into what many consider the next major frontier in global agricultural production.

The FieldView system collects data from any number of connected farm devices and uploads the data to computers, iPads or smartphones where it can be viewed, analyzed and customized.

Ultimately, the system will allow growers to identify and manage variability in their fields and make important crop input decisions that lead to greater crop productivity.

Climate FieldView has data sharing agreements with major farm machinery manufacturers including John Deere and Agco.

Climate Corp is also building partnerships with other companies that are already involved in the precision ag sector or have products that could be incorporated into the FieldView platform.

The goal, says Hockaday, is to build the most comprehensive data stream possible, allowing growers to observe and analyze all types of farm data and make in-formed management decisions on a range of issues ranging from variable rate fertilizer and chemical applications, seeding and harvesting speeds, harvest timing, field scouting and grain storage.

ClimateCorp says the FieldView product is already being used by hundreds of North American farmers on nearly one million acres of farmland.

The platform’s interface allows growers to manage the data according to their own needs and gather personalized insights.

The Climate FieldView platform has been tested in Western Canada over the past year to ensure compatibility with all types of farm equipment and crops, including canola and wheat.

Field data is collected through FieldView Drive, a device that streams field data directly into the Climate FieldView platform.

FieldView Drive works with many types of tractors and combines, as well as anhydrous applicators and air-seeders.

Data can also be collected through Precision Planting monitors, through cloud-to-cloud connection with other agricultural software systems and through manual file upload.

D’Arcy Hilgartner, a grower from Camrose, Alta., participated in testing the Climate FieldView platform on his farm this year.

He said the system was particularly useful at harvest time, when yield data can be analyzed and correlated

“Part of the challenge with data is managing all of the numbers and having an adequate cloud system to store and effectively analyze the information,” Hilgartner said.

“The Climate FieldView platform instantly transfers the field data gathered from my farm equipment into my Climate FieldView account ….”

“I’ve really enjoyed (using) this digital platform … and I’m excited to see the positive impacts on my business this coming year.”

Climate FieldView will be available to western Canadian farmers beginning Jan. 1, 2018 for use during the 2018 production season.

Pricing is structured on a per acre basis, starting at $1,000 for 1,000 acres and increasing to $3,000 for larger farms.

Additional information about platform, its capabilities and pricing can be acquired by contacting Climate Support at 1-888-924-7475 or by visiting

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