Big green machine heads out to harvest

It’s a 10. A big green number 10.

Whether the new Deere combine is a Class 10 is a debate for engineers comparing horsepower and thresher size, because it still isn’t a well-defined grouping for combines. But the new machines from Moline have more capacity than most and Deere has branded it the X9.

Last week, the company rolled out its new combine line in North America, which previewed at Germany’s Agritechnica farm show last fall.

“It is a good fit for producers that are looking to cover more acres in a day and need increased capacity in potentially tough conditions,” said Matt Daniels of Deere.

The release involves a pair of machines that farmers can order later this season. Dubbed the 1000 and 1100, they are nearly the same, except for a horsepower bump in the X9 1100.

“You can get through 30 acres of high-yielding wheat in an hour with the X9. That is a step up from the (S790),” he said.

The new machines come with a bigger feeder-house, needing a new line of headers, but the company has released those at the same time. Receiving a bigger flow of grain or oilseed crop required more control ahead of the processor, so a new divider splits the incoming material to a pair of 24 inch separators, 11.5 feet long.

Daniels says these, combined with a much larger shoe design, results in the largest threshing area in the industry.

At about 75 square feet the system is one third larger than the company’s previously largest model, the S790. Keeping all that material running is a relatively modest 690 peak-horsepower 13.6 litre engine, however in a departure from previous designs, belts flow the power.

“It is more efficient, in fact, it is a more efficient combine design overall,” said Daniels, “if you are measuring it in fuel used per bushel (harvested).”

That wider feeder-house takes advantage of headers with wider throats, so new models of these are also being shipped for 2021.

A new 50-foot rigid draper header, along with smaller models has been introduced, but the largest one can add more than 30 acres to a harvest day, said Daniels.

The new 50-foot HydraFlex draper is also available and has a two-speed centre section. A new grooved-belt design is also available, aimed at controlling high volume crops such as canola.

To match the X9’s wider feeder-houses a new belt pickup is being offered and on the corn side, new rigid and folding corn headers. A new 18-row folding corn unit will also be compatible with S-Series machines.

Grain tanks are 420 and 460 bushels respectively.

A new cab was also designed for the machine, with an available massage feature in the seat, active seat suspension and greater swiveling movement.

Tracks are also an option for the X-series.

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