Autosteer now works on older machines

Outback Guidance’s Rebel line uses hydraulics to take over the steering

Growers running older iron might be interested in the autosteer products Outback Guidance launched at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show.

“The oldest vehicle we can install on is 45 years old,” said Mike Bannister, product manager for Outback Guidance.

“Anything that is hydraulically driven.”

Outback Guidance is able to fit older machines with its new line of autosteer, called Rebel, with hydraulic components included in its guidance packages.

“The hydraulic kit is our way to take over the steering of the tractor. So it will come with all of the hoses, fittings and the actual valve that is sending the hydraulic fluid either left or right to steer,” Bannister said.

Three packages are available in the Rebel autosteer lineup, including a broad acre, row crop, and a sub-inch package.

“In our two higher level packages, in the row crop and the sub inch, we’ve got the proportional valve. So we’ve got proportional control of how much oil is going one way or the other. We’ve got a wheel angle sensor so we make sure we understand where the tires are facing, which increase our line acquisition time,” Bannister said.

The three complete packages are offered so customers don’t have to piece an autosteer system together.

“The packages comes with everything you need, from the smart antenna to your GPS terminal that is the interface in the cab, and the steering system with the hydraulic install kit. Everything is included top to bottom,” Bannister said.

The sub inch package comes with a smart antenna that enables real time kinematic (RTK).

“It’s RTK capable with either one of our base stations, or we support network RTK as well,” Bannister said.

The broad acre package offers precision of six to eight inches.

The systems are ISO compatible, but add-ons for application control may be needed above the package purchases.

The packages come with either a seven-inch or 10-inch monitor.

“We’ve got built in wi-fi on our terminal for connectivity. We do over-the-air update so that we don’t have to worry about customers using thumb drives to file transfer and get software off our website,” Bannister said.

Beta customers who tested the products last year used cellphone hotspots to connect the terminals to the internet.

There is camera support for the terminals as well as customizable buttons so customers can choose which features and buttons they use the most and add them to their home screen.

Outback Guidance offers an auto engage feature for headland turns.

In the broad acre package, growers will start the headland turn and the guidance will take over and engage the next line for the operator.

“In the two higher level packages, the row crop and the sub inch package, there is a feature called e-turns, which does all of it for you. So it’s always engaged. You do a one time calibration for your turn radius and it goes on your next pass without you having to do anything,” Bannister said.

Outback Guidance offers an electric steer option to turn the wheel of most farm equipment and can tie into hydraulic autosteering technology built into new equipment.

“We have steer ready kits which are for the newer model tractors that are coming off the production line that already have all the hydraulics and the valve already on it. We can just tie into the cable to take over those components,” Bannister said.

The broad acre package retails for $7,995, the row crop package retails for $11,995, and the Sub inch package sells for $15,995.

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