Video: At 1,600 gallons and 132 feet the Hardi ‘I’ is smart and big

Decatur, Ill. — Hardi closed the gap between its high-end and mid-level trailed sprayers with the new Navigator I.

Twin Force booms, which create an air curtain to help control drift in non-optimal spray conditions, are only available in the higher end Commander lineup.

But many of the other bells and whistles that used to only come with the Commander now come with the Navigator I.

“It’s a bit of a change from the normal Navigator Classic that we had out for a number of years,” said James Smith, product support manager for Hardi North America.

“This has what we call the I features, or the intelligent features.”

At the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, Hardi displayed the New Navigator I, which comes with an auto-washout feature that was not available in previous models.

“With the push of a button from the cab we can do a four-stage wash. You can wash out either your booms or the entire sprayer and a couple different options in between,” Smith said.

If you need to stop for lunch you can just wash out the boom. If you’re stopping overnight you can go to the next stage, and then obviously if you’re switching from chemical to chemical you can go ahead and do a deep cleansing wash.”

Another new feature is auto fill, that allows operators to type in the amount of fluid they want the sprayer to automatically pull in.

There are also built-in sensors that prevent the tank from overfilling.

The Navigator I comes with a feature called Prime Flow.

“It’s a circulation style boom so you don’t have the sedimentation that you would normally have inside the nozzle tubes,” Smith said.

“It pressurizes from both sides when you’re spraying and then it opens up one side as a relief to keep flushing out the boom when you’re not spraying.”

When using Hardi’s HC 9600 or HC 8600 displays, the sprayer will control individual nozzles when in automatic section control mode.

“This 90-foot boom, for example, will run as if it were a 54-section boom, turning off one nozzle at a time. That is the first time we’ve had that feature in the U.S.,” Smith said.

In auto mode, the sprayer works with 15- or 20-inch sections.

The sprayer is also ISOBUS compatible.

With the AutoSelect feature, operators can easily select which of the nozzles they want to use, and even choose to use two sizes of nozzles at the same time when their ground speed is highly variable.

AutoSelect requires air pressure so an air compressor is available as an option.

Smith said a feature that used to be only available on the Commander sprayer called IntelliTrack, which is a drawbar steering feature, is now available in the Navigator I.

“It allows the tractor and the front of the sprayer to exit the row-in-row crop spraying and it keeps the boom perpendicular to the row,” Smith said.

The Navigator I comes with Hardi’s SmartCom electronics package that helps technicians perform preventive maintenance.

“They can actually plug in the sprayer and help predict when things are going wrong. So if a sensor is pulling more current then it’s spec’d out, then it can give us an indication that we might have a sensor failing. The nice thing about that is it can tell us before it leads to a down situation in the field,” Smith said.

SmartCom is capable of connecting to cloud computing, and enables a faster and more precise fluid regulation system.

The DynamicFluid4 system in the Navigator I uses four sensors in the fluid system and monitors the position of regulation valves to help it calculate the consequences of changing RPM in the tractor and pump.

The Navigator I comes in either the 4500 or 6200 models, with either a 1,200 or 1,600 gallon tank.

The axle width on the 4500 comes in either a 60-inch or 120-inch fixed axel, a 60-inch to 90-inch adjustable axel, or a 60-inch to 120-inch adjustable axle.

The Delta Force boom comes in 90, 120, and 132-foot widths.

Breaks are available for the Navigator I, as is a suspension system that has two polyurethane dampers to absorb movement.

A 130-gallon rinse tank and two rinsing nozzles are standard equipment, as is a wash wand that can reach to the boom ends.

Smith said the Navigator I equipped with a 90-foot boom and all available options retails for approximately US$120,000.

If growers aren’t interested in the intelligent features, the Navigator Classic is still available.

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