Agco launches Ideal combine across three brands

U.S. machinery giant Agco has just launched a new combine that will be marketed across three brands: Challenger, Fendt and Massey Ferguson.

It is a new-generation rotary combine range that Agco says promises a major step forward in performance and productivity for business-orientated farmers.

In the United Kingdom the combine will primarily be offered by Massey Ferguson, although the machines will remain identical through the three brands.

The combines are said to have the biggest grain tank in the world, and although the official price will not be released until Agritechnica in November, Agco has already said it will be expensive.

New features on this combine include single and dual rotary threshing systems and include the 451 horsepower MF Ideal 7, 538 h.p. MF Ideal 8 and 647 h.p. MF Ideal 9, plus ParaLevel versions.


“The Ideal from Massey Ferguson range signals a radical new direction for our combine development,” said Adam Sherriff, market development manager with Massey Ferguson Harvesting.

“It included production of 45 prototypes and six years of continuous lab and global field tests. Everything about the machines is new: new design, new engineering, new features, new styling, even a brand-new livery in stunning graphite.

“Added to this, the 647 h.p MF Ideal 9 represents a totally new market segment for Massey Ferguson.”

The 4.84 metre Dual Helix rotor fitted to the MF Ideal 8 and MF Ideal 9 is the longest in the industry. It provides the largest threshing area in the business.

At the same time, it benefits from very low power requirements and insensitivity to varying crop conditions, leading to fuel efficiency, low grain losses and gentle handling of grain and straw.

The combines feature 354 and 485 bushel grain tanks. Reducing the frequency of unloading for improved efficiency, the 485 bu. option is the largest currently available with approximately 18 percent more capacity than the largest available today.

Featuring 406 bu. per minute unloading rates, the combine’s Streamer 210 option, at 210 litres per second, is the fastest available.

As for transport width, even the largest MF Ideal 9 with 800 millimetre tires or new 660 mm in-house designed track option can meet a 3.3 metre overall width requirement.

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