Kristjan Hebert, who farms near Moosomin, Sask., and three other farmers are putting up their own funds to hire an employee tasked with setting up a journeyman training program for farm labourers.
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Journeyman farmer idea is worthwhile to explore

The efforts of four farmers collaborating to set up a journeyman training program for farm labourers are welcome. Given the vacancies in farm labour jobs, they should receive good support. Kristjan Hebert, who farms near Moosomin, Sask., and three other farmers are putting up their own funds to hire an employee tasked with setting up […] Read more

Food Freedom Day reflects on ag goals, achievements

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s proclamation of Feb. 8 as this year’s Food Freedom Day — the day in which Canadians, on average, have earned enough disposable income to pay their annual food bill — came and went as it usually does, with a statement, and relative silence. Yet there is much to be said […] Read more

Reduce glyphosate use before it is taken away

Confirmation last week by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that glyphosate is not carcinogenic is welcome, but such declarations are not likely to have an effect on legal judgments. That glyphosate is known to be non-carcinogenic doesn’t matter to juries. Health Canada said in 2017 that the herbicide does not pose a risk to humans […] Read more

Elected directors vital, but farmers must step up

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers did agricultural trade associations a favour by reviewing the composition of its board of directors in a public forum, which allowed for fruitful discussion. At the annual general meeting, members voted to expand its board by two directors, who will be elected by the membership. The SPG had proposed a plan to […] Read more

Beef industry’s challenges require co-ordinated effort

A new report on the competitiveness of the Alberta beef cattle industry contains few surprises, but it outlines significant challenges the industry faces if it is to remain healthy. The report says the Alberta beef cattle industry has been “generally competitive over the past decade” with three comparative cattle-producing states in the United States — […] Read more

It is too soon to write off glyphosate access just yet

Is there an inexorable drive to ban glyphosate? Is it inevitable? There is certainly a drive by some opponents to eliminate the world’s most commonly used herbicide, but whether it’s unstoppable is to be determined. Weed scientist Hugh Beckie, formerly of Agriculture Canada and now director of Australia’s herbicide resistance initiative at the University of […] Read more

Cattle producers’ needs key in provincial pasture plan

Pastures now owned by the federal government are going to change ownership. That much seems obvious. What remains to be seen is the how the next generation of community pastures develops. Many options exist: provincial government ownership, ownership or leasing by local cattle producer groups, ownership or leasing by individuals and conservation group control with […] Read more

Crop diversity remains key to future sustainability

Western Canadian producers are among the most diversified crop growers in the world, successfully taking important market positions in pulses, canola, wheat, mustard and other crops. This is no time to back off on that distinction. If anything, further diversification will be crucial in the years ahead to fight everything from bad weather to sclerotinia. […] Read more

Brazil’s BSE case reminder of earlier Canadian crisis

It’s like a rude flashback: a major beef exporting country discovers one case of BSE. Other countries close their borders to beef imports from that country. The world animal health organization gets involved. Diplomatic missions are launched to defend the country’s animal health and food integrity. Canada in 2003? Nope. The above refers to Brazil […] Read more

Farmers received mixed bag of presents in 2012

There is always great anticipation as Christmas approaches. What’s in those brighty wrapped boxes? Will they contain the presents we always wanted or will we be in line at the return counter post-Christmas, waiting to exchange the gifts for something else? There is even a chance the dreaded lump of coal will lurk under the […] Read more