Consultants offer services to farmers

Western Canadian farmers must learn to be more than expert growers. With the farm revolution stressing diversification, expansion and marketing, many farmers today seek outside advice to help them keep up with the rapid pace of change. “They (farmers) were coming to us for taxes and financing and now we can provide them with agriculture […] Read more

Must we learn to live with food scares?

The recent outbreak of salmonella poisoning should serve as a wake-up call to governments, the public and the country’s food safety watchdog, Manitoba’s chief health officer said last week. According to Jim Popplow, the outbreak that made more than 600 people sick across Canada has widespread ramifications because of the way food today is mass […] Read more

Brandon’s Maple Leaf plant gets under way

Maple Leaf invited some of Brandon’s top brass and a swarm of media to an April 20 ceremony to officially break ground on its new $112 million pork plant going up here. Organizers hoped the event stopped rumors swirling around the industry that the project might never get off the ground. Describing it as the […] Read more

New ammonia plant set to open this spring

Simplot Canada’s new anhydrous ammonia plant in Brandon, Man., should be up and running for at least part of this spring season, said the company. An existing plant has been operating during the upgrade, and the new facility is expected to be in full operation by the end of April. The two and one-half year […] Read more

Ranchers on alert for TB from Manitoba

Bovine tuberculosis is one export North Dakota cattle ranchers don’t want to see filter in from Canada. But it may be too late. Livestock specialists in North Dakota are on alert after seven cattle from a TB-infested Manitoba herd turned up in the state last month. The seven heifers originated from a herd in Rossburn, […] Read more

Saskatchewan push on potatoes a threat to industry: Manitoba

Saskatchewan’s plan to boost the pro-vince’s potato industry is coming under fire by growers in Manitoba who say government handouts will hurt the industry’s long-term health. “If there’s an increase in production we can understand it if there’s a market for it, but we have the sense they’re increasing on speculative markets,” said Garry Sloik, […] Read more

Departments shun responsibility over wild boars

A herd of wild boars continues to roam the backwoods of one Manitoba municipality, making it harder for provincial government departments to ignore the problem. “People would certainly like to get rid of these animals. They have over-wintered a second year now and the sows are likely pregnant and will be giving birth again soon,” […] Read more

Air cargo improvements may give Manitoba pork a lift

Winnipeg’s new standing as a major Asian trade corridor might not boost the province’s pork exports now, but insiders say both producers and processors will benefit once the initiative takes flight. The initiative, called Winnport, plans to develop an international air cargo transportation and distribution centre based at Winnipeg International Airport. Bill McLean, general manager […] Read more

Equipment altered to avoid accidents

For 17 years Perry Vandenberghe was an experienced maintenance engineer for United Grain Growers and the company says it wants to make sure the accident that killed him won’t occur again. “We did our homework and investigated properly to determine what went wrong and how exactly this happened,” said Glen Black, manager of environment and […] Read more

Garlic farm pungent with smell of success

OAKVILLE, Man. – People rave about garlic for many reasons: the succulent taste it wraps around a dish of steaming hot pasta or the warm aroma wafting off a loaf of garlic bread. But for many people, garlic’s deepest appeal lies in the delicious smells as it cooks in the frying pan. Rory Timmers lives […] Read more