Wheat exports to China are up, at least partly due to politics.  | File photo

Chinese demand boosting Canadian wheat, barley exports

China is making major moves to import more Canadian wheat and barley this year.   Data released by the Canadian Grain Commission show China more than tripled its wheat imports, taking in 979,100 tonnes as of May, which compares to 295,300 tonnes in the same period of 2016-17, an increase of 231.6 percent.   Cam […] Read more

Durum wheat markets are turning out to have better potential than many thought.  |  photo by Michael Raine

Durum market looks promising

For farmers able to nurse their durum across the finish line this harvest, prices in the winter could make it worth their while. Withering heat and dry conditions have taken a toll on durum yields, especially in southern regions of the Prairies, but analysts like John Duvenaud of the Wild Oats Grain Market Advisory, have […] Read more