Grasslands director Scott Parter and NFB producer David Christensen en route during the Grasslands Project premiere near Eastend, Sask., in May 2016. | National Film Board photo

Southern stories told on film

It began as a conversation over breakfast and ended in 10 short films encompassing the richness of rural communities across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. David Christenson, executive producer of the National Film Board Northwest Centre, was exploring options to capture stories of the remote grassland area. Scott Parker offered his services, and in February 2015, […] Read more

Steeped in prairie heritage

CEYLON, Sask. — Farmer Ken Catherwood’s wife died of cancer 17 years ago, leaving him to raise Kristin, 10, Janelle, 8, and Shawn, 2. The family was recently featured in Generations, a short film included in The Grasslands Project, a story that captures the transfer of the 110-year-old family farm from father to son. “It […] Read more

 Robin and Brad Hazelwanter of Lots Berry Farm say older customers often pick for those who can no longer come to pick. | Tennessa Wild photo

Saskatoon berries not trendy among youth

Berry pickers like the Michalycias often come to relive memories of childhood, says owner of Lots Berry Farm

Wally and Darlene Michalycia have been picking berries together for nearly a decade. The retired couple drive out to Lots Berry Farm near Saskatoon every year and pick for those in need. “We picked 15 pails last year and shared them around with seniors,” said Darlene. Darlene’s small stature and Wally’s worn knees don’t deter […] Read more

Saskatoons and other fruit, such as cherries, raspberries and strawberries, were ripe two to three weeks ahead of their usual time. | File photo

Couple say berry farm a satisfying experience

Berry-picking season came early this year in much of the Prairies. Saskatoons and other fruit, such as cherries, raspberries and strawberries, were ripe two to three weeks ahead of their usual time. It meant a good year for Lots Berry Farm of Saskatoon. “This is probably one of the most amazing years,” said Brad Hazelwanter, […] Read more

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is looking for information about this photo, which was taken at the Manitoba Agricultural College in the early 20th century.  |  Manitoba Agricultural Museum photo

Easing transition from steam to gasoline

The demand for mechanics was well known and essential as tractors emerged during the late 19th century in Western Canada. The Manitoba Agricultural College was established in 1905 and opened in 1906 as the shift from steam tractors to gasoline tractors was gaining momentum. Some of the students who trained at the college are believed […] Read more

How to reduce food waste

Western Canadian grain farmers probably don’t think of themselves as culprits when they hear about food waste. Huseyin Arslan, president of the Global Pulse Confederation, told the recent 2016 Global Pulse Convention in Cesme, Turkey, that 1.3 billion pounds of food are lost annually around the world. “We have to be very careful and we […] Read more

Ellis Clayton, technical product manager of DuPont Pioneer Canada, stands in front of corn trials conducted at the company’s research centre near Saskatoon.  |  Tennessa Wild Photo

DuPont Pioneer studies corn, soybean varieties in Sask.

DuPont Pioneer’s research centre near Saskatoon is broadening its crop diversification. The centre has been in operation for more than 25 years but has historically worked only with canola. However, this year it has planted ultra-early maturity hybrid corn and T-series soybean varieties. Dave Charne, research director of DuPont Pioneer Canada, said the breeding program […] Read more

Andrea Zangl reopened the theatre in Roblin, Manitoba in January.  |  Karen Morrison photo

Teen reopens community theatre

ROBLIN, Man. — It’s summertime and movies are playing once again in Roblin after a long hiatus for the theatre. Andrea Zangl, an unlikely owner at age 19, invested in the business and re-opened it in mid-January. “Its been closed now for years due to the fact that the previous owners didn’t have the finances […] Read more

Bryce Eger, business director and president of DuPont Pioneer Canada, spoke at an open house July 15 on the critical need for agriculture innovation in today's world. | Tennessa Wild photo

DuPont Pioneer expands Saskatoon research centre

The old DuPont Pioneer Saskatoon Research Centre has received new life as it expands to focus more intently on research and development efforts surrounding an emerging market. The centre has been in operation for over 25 years, but has traditionally looked only at canola. This year, ultra-maturity hybrid corn and T-series soybean varieties have been […] Read more

Flea beetles are released on leafy spurge before they lay eggs. The larvae attack the weeds’ roots.  |  William DeKay photo

Release the bugs: biocontrol in action

The beetles sounded like popcorn popping as they jumped around in their holding bags. The more than 20,000 leafy spurge flea beetles were part of a recent effort to use biocontrol options rather than herbicides to stop the spread of a devastating weed. The Meewasin Valley Authority, which manages the South Saskatchewan River Valley in […] Read more