Adam Fullerton, creator of Tractor Fitness, started out doing goofy videos in the tractor. It has grown to include a FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram page and a clothing line.  Hats and shirts sport “How’s your bin?” and “Look good, Feel good, Farm good.” 
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Farmer driven by fun, fitness

Adam Fullerton always liked making goofy videos while farming, but he never thought they would become a social media hit. Fullerton, the creator of Tractor Fitness from Lacadena, Sask., started making videos during seeding last year after getting the “seeding crazies.” “Everyone gets the same feeling in the tractor eventually, the feeling of ‘you want […] Read more

Bryn Rawlyk loads locally grown pumpkins into the oven that will be used for pies at the Night Oven Bakery.  |  Taryn Riemer photo

Bakers proud of local sourcing

Milling Saskatchewan grain | Couple enjoys personal contact with suppliers of wheat, rye and spelt

Fresh from the field takes on a whole new meaning at this Saskatoon bakery. Bryn Rawlyk and his wife, Beth Côté, have been milling their own flour and producing artisan breads and pastries at the Night Oven Bakery since it opened in March. The couple learned their skills by baking and working in kitchens and […] Read more

Local residents have concerns following toxic train derailment

CLAIR, Sask. — Eastern Saskatchewan residents who were caught up in a train derailment last week are asking questions about whether their animals, cropland and water have been contaminated. The Oct. 7 derailment near Clair, east of Saskatoon, forced people from their homes because of safety concerns related to a fire in some of the […] Read more

CN derailment forces evacuation of Sask. village

CLAIR, Sask., — The community of Clair was turned upside down yesterday. A Canadian National Railway train derailed there around 10:40 a.m. while carrying numerous cars. Some of them exploded during the derailment. The community was evacuated due to safety concerns and because of concerns about the air quality from the smoke that was coming […] Read more

Bigger farms eye custom combining

Comeback predicted | The industry has shrunk in recent decades, but new demand is developing

Custom harvesting may make a comeback as prairie farms become bigger and need more machinery to get off the crop. Lee Petersen, president of the Association of Canadian Custom Harvesters, said there are not as many custom harvesters in Western Canada as there were 20 years ago, but the demand is high. In particular, larger […] Read more

Man killed in trailer collision

RCMP continue to investigate the cause of a fatal crash near Balgonie, Sask., involving a GMC Yukon and a semi-trailer hauling horses. The driver of the Yukon, an 85-year-old man from Hubbard, Sask., was pronounced dead at the scene. His name has not been released. The semi-trailer driver was not injured. The semi-trailer was carrying […] Read more

Horses complicate fatal crash in southern Saskatchewan

A fatal crash occurred yesterday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. between a GMC Yukon and a semi-trailer hauling horses near Balgonie, Sask. The driver of the Yukon, an 85-year-old male from Hubbard, Sask., was pronounce dead on the scene. His name has not been released. The semi-trailer driver was not injured. The semi-trailer was carrying 27 […] Read more

Built in 1921 by Benedictine monks and offering high school classes until the 1970s, St. Peter's has been affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan since 1926. | Taryn Riemer photo

Small-town college offers big city education

MUENSTER, Sask. — St. Peter’s College has been open for almost 100 years and its rural feel is still attracting students making the transition to city life. The college, barely visible from the highway that passes the small village of Muenster, is set amidst 500 acres of mixed forest and organic farmland. Built in 1921 […] Read more

Micro-Bac was designed to save room in feed mills by combining two products into one.  |  File photo

New product to take on swine, poultry gases

Targets odour-causing bacteria | Micro-Bac combines probiotic and yucca extract to reduce ammonia

A new product from Canadian Bio Systems is designed to reduce gaseous emissions from swine and poultry. The product, called Micro-Bac, uses a yucca extract and a live bacteria, pediococcus acidilactici, to reduce ammonia by stabilizing the digestive systems of animals. Odour from animal manure occurs when bacteria ferments, producing gas that is eventually released […] Read more

Pigs’ canola meal rations reviewed

Long-standing swine feeding practices could be ripe for radical change based on new findings from a University of Manitoba study. Weaned pig diets could safely in-clude up to 25 percent canola meal, according to the study. “We realize that these results are quite radical in the sense that they go against everything that we’ve be-lieved […] Read more