It’s important for Alberta farmers to ensure they are in compliance with new labour laws.  |  File photo

Pay attention to new farm labour laws in Alberta

For Alberta farmers and ranchers, there are no off hours. Every season brings its challenges and some seasons require extra hands to get all the work done. It’s a way of life that’s never going to change, but changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards mean farmers and ranchers are going to have to take steps to […] Read more

Farm labour: strategies for reducing staffing headaches

With spring around the corner, farmers are facing one of the biggest challenges of running a successful operation: finding and retaining labour. Having full- and part-time staff is becoming a necessity as the size of farms increases because of consolidation, but many producers find it increasingly difficult to fill positions. Fortunately, there are strategies that […] Read more

Will land prices continue to rise?

We have seen a significant surge in the value of prairie farmland over the past 10 years. In fact, land values have tripled in many areas from 2005-15. Several key factors have played a role in this and will no doubt affect any future movements in the price. Low interest rates have made it easier […] Read more

Factors to consider in reaching reasonable land rental rate

Grain farmers in many parts of the Prairies have seen lucrative harvests over the past five years. This has improved cash flow, balance sheet strength and overall optimism in the industry. It has also pushed land rents to levels we have not previously seen. This seems to have upset a lot of producers, and in […] Read more

When to sell grain depends if price tops production cost

Here is the million dollar question: when should you sell your grain? Get it just right and you are a genius and the envy of your friends and neighbours. Get it wrong and you beat yourself up with coulda, shoulda ,woulda: if only you would have known that this or that was going to happen. […] Read more

Shared goals critical to success for multi-owner farm operations

Multi-owner farms are nothing new. For years we have seen two and sometimes three generations of a family farm together. Grandpa and Grandma often still “farm” a few acres or have a few cows, Mom and Dad will often have the lion’s share of the operation and a son or daughter will be just starting […] Read more

What to know when deciding whether to lease or buy

Farmers often struggle when deciding whether to lease or buy. There is no right or wrong answer, and in the end there is often little difference. Here are some things to consider that may help decide the best way to go. When leasing an asset, 100 percent of the payments are considered tax deductible when […] Read more

Farmers should target a cost per acre of $40 to $60 on amortization of equipment.  |  File photo

Machinery cost per acre key to deciding on purchases

I get this question all the time as an agriculture business adviser with MNP: “Can I afford to buy …?” Sometimes before I can answer, I will get a 10-point explanation as to why a new combine, tractor, drill or sprayer is needed. The producer seems to be looking for reassurance or approval that the […] Read more

What does lack of rain mean for your farm?

We have gone from some of the wettest years in history to a drought situation in some areas of the Prairies this year. Weather risk is something producers face every year and have very little control over. So what does it mean if you are one of the producers affected by this year’s challenges? A […] Read more