New interswitching rules scare pulse shippers

REGINA — Pulse Canada and the Canadian Special Crops Association are seeking member feedback about how Bill C-49 should be implemented. “This legislation was really the end of a long process but in reality, it’s the beginning of another long process,” said Greg Northey, director of industry relations with Pulse Canada. He said the Transportation […] Read more

Turkey is now Canada's largest lentil customer with India largely out of the market and the purchasing power of the lira has been severely compromised. | Sean Pratt photo

Analyst fears far-reaching effects of lira crash

The collapse of the Turkish lira could be the beginning of another global economic meltdown that drives down commodity prices, says a commodity broker. “The Turkish situation is as serious as the Lehman Brothers of 2008,” said Errol Anderson, analyst with ProMarket Wire. “Anything that ginormous is going to affect trade.” The lira has lost […] Read more

Hot, dry conditions are knocking back canola yield estimates on the Prairies, which are likely to boost prices.  |  Robin Booker photo

Canola exports to take off

Canola demand prospects should be good in 2018-19, say market analysts. Neil Townsend, senior market analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions, said the escalating trade spat between the United States and China will lead to record Canadian canola shipments to China. “We’re projecting them to go up by 600,000 to 700,000 tonnes above their biggest previous […] Read more

Lentil exports to Turkey appear to be making a comeback in 2018 with 108,443 tonnes shipped through the first five months of the year.  |  File photo

Kazakhstan threatens Canadian lentil sales to Turkey

Shipments to Canada’s second largest customer dropped to 190,286 tonnes in 2017 from 419,528 tonnes in 2015

In addition to losing their largest customer, Canada’s lentil growers are losing market share in their second largest market. Black Sea lentils are taking an increasing piece of the pie in Turkey, a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. Kazakhstan shipped a record 110,600 tonnes of lentils through the first 11 months […] Read more

Under the new arrangement, market development and market access efforts for flax will be restricted to three key regions — China, the European Union and Japan.  |  Michael Raine photo

Canola council takes over flax marketing duties

The Flax Council of Canada is hiring the Canola Council of Canada to work on its behalf in foreign markets. The flax council closed its Winnipeg office in January due to funding cuts but it wasn’t ready to completely exit the agriculture industry. “We were certainly in the position of needing some way forward,” said […] Read more

Investor firm rejects AGT purchase offer

The largest shareholder of AGT Food and Ingredients is offended by management’s buyout offer. “They’re going to have to raise the price quite a lot to make it interesting,” said Peter Letko, partner with Letko, Brosseau & Associates, a Montreal-based investment management firm. Members of AGT’s management team led by company president Murad Al-Katib want […] Read more

Argentina is the only other canaryseed exporter of significance, and growers in that country have cut their acres in half.  |  File photo

Canaryseed bids edge higher as supply tightens

Brown mustard prices are likely dropping, yellow may have modest upside and oriental values are expected to be flat 

REGINA — Price forecasts are all over the map for Canada’s special crops. Chuck Penner, an analyst with LeftField Commodity Research, provided outlooks for canaryseed, mustard, sunflowers and flax at the 2018 Pulse and Special Crops Convention. He was bullish canaryseed, partly because of reduced export competition. Penner thinks farmers planted more than the 223,000 […] Read more

The supply of speckled beans, which includes pintos, from exporting nations is 569,000 tonnes. This is well below the three-year average of 700,000 tonnes.  |  File photo

Bean trade war unlikely to boost prairie acres

The European Union slaps a tariff on dry edible beans in response to American tariffs on steel and aluminum

REGINA — Dry edible bean markets have been rocked by a trade war between the United States and the European Union. The EU has applied tariffs on a variety of U.S. beans and about 200 other goods worth US$3.2 billion in response to U.S. tariffs on EU steel and aluminum. Cindy Brown, president of Chippewa […] Read more

Target markets for Pulse Canada’s new marketing strategy include Asia, Western Europe, Canada and the United States.  |  File photo

Pulse sector focuses on new uses

The industry’s strategy for increasing demand will target whole, split pulses as well as flour and fractionation

REGINA — Pulse Canada has put some meat on the bones of its strategic objective to find new sources of demand for 25 percent of pulse production by 2025. The importance of that strategy has been highlighted by the loss of India as Canada’s top pulse customer. “It’s more than just focusing on another geographic […] Read more

Analysts are expecting farmers to grow 330,000 to 350,000 tonnes of kabuli chickpeas this year.  |  file photo

Chickpea producers might triple harvest from last year

The kabuli carryout could be large next year, partially because the United States has moved from big buyer to big grower

REGINA — Canada’s kabuli chickpea growers can expect to be storing product in their bins for a while, according to a market analyst. Marlene Boersch, managing partner of Mercantile Consulting Venture, is forecasting 328,393 tonnes of production, which is nearly triple the previous year’s output. “That’s a very, very significant change in fortunes,” she told […] Read more