In the modern era there has never been more than 3.8 million acres of corn that couldn’t get in the ground. This could be the year that sets a new record. | File photo

U.S. prevented planting program pulls corn

One factor that could ignite grain markets is coming closer to a reality, say analysts. The amount of “prevented planting” corn acres is on the rise in the United States. Prevented planting is a crop insurance program available to U.S. farmers who can’t plant their crops due to flooding, drought or other natural disasters. In […] Read more

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says the new Advance Payments rules might take a few months to implement.   |   Reuters photo

Payment program not finalized

Western politicians and farm leaders were not happy to hear that changes to the Advance Payments Program could be months in the making. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau was asked during a recent conference call organized by the Canola Council of Canada when new regulations changing the APP limit to $1 million and the interest-free […] Read more

Projected soy feed glut absorbed by poultry

Analysts are starting to think the decline in China’s soybean meal consumption may not be as drastic as originally thought. Soymeal has become so cheap in China due to the rapid spread of African swine fever that feed manufacturers are starting to increase the rate of inclusion of the ingredient in a variety of feeds. […] Read more

Attempting to appease the country’s hundreds of millions of farmers by propping up crop prices had been front-of-mind for Indian politicians leading up to the national election, but now that the election is over, some market observers feel the government may start easing import duties on crops such as lentils, peas and chickpeas.  |  REUTERS/Babu photo

India pulse duties expected to ease

Observers feel the country may begin lowering lentil, pea and chickpea import duties once a new government is elected

Pulse industry pundits believe there could be a softening of India’s import restrictions in the wake of the national election. Votes for India’s 2019 general election were scheduled to be tallied May 23, which is past The Western Producer’s production deadlines for this issue. Greg Simpson, chief executive officer of Simpson Seeds, expects there will […] Read more

Increased soybean demand is expected to occur particularly in North America, Brazil and Europe.  |  File photo

Grain companies expect rising demand for soybeans

Archer Daniels Midland and Bunge feel other countries will need soybeans to fill the pork gap caused by African swine fever in China

Two of the world’s largest grain companies say the outbreak of African swine fever in China will eventually be good for their bottom lines, but they differ on when that will happen. Juan Ricardo Luciano, president of Archer Daniels Midland, told investment analysts during a conference call on the company’s first quarter results for the […] Read more

Some analysts say there is a core demand for Canadian canola in China that is locked in.   |  File photo

Chinese canola import forecast questioned

The USDA estimates the country will buy 4.1 million tonnes, mostly from Canada, but the recent blockade is a wild card

China is still going to import a heck of a lot of canola in 2019-20, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. In a May 3 report, the USDA’s agricultural attaché to China estimates 4.1 million tonnes of imports, up from four million tonnes this year but down from the 4.7 million tonnes imported […] Read more

North Dakota wheat growers have a variety of grievances with the National Association of Wheat Growers. This spring wheat field was photographed last July in eastern North Dakota.  |   REUTERS/Julie Ingwersen photo

North Dakota wheat growers leave NAWG

The state organization is one of the National Association of Wheat Growers’ highest dues payers, along with Kansas

The U.S. National Association of Wheat Growers has lost one of its top dues-paying states. The North Dakota Grain Growers Association (NDGGA) has decided to leave the organization, ending a more than four-decade relationship. The contract between the state and national associations expires on June 30 and will not be renewed. “It seems like North […] Read more

Gord Bacon, chief executive officer of Pulse Canada, said companies like Beyond Meat don’t care about size, colour and shape because they are grinding pulses into flour rather than selling them whole or split.
 He said the pulse sector must develop new quality parameters that meet the needs of these alternative-use customers.
 | File photo

Rise of plant-based protein forces pulse quality rethink

The sector says it must develop new quality parameters to meet the needs of customers using pulses for alternative uses

It is time to develop new quality parameters and grading systems for pulses as demand for plant-based proteins takes off, says the head of Pulse Canada. In the past, quality has been defined by three attributes — size, shape and colour. Those are the key traits in traditional markets like India. Buyers want to know […] Read more

One of the problems in trying to determine the extent of Russian wheat exports is that the margin of error in the country’s official statistics tends to be quite large. This wheat field was being harvested last September in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region.  |  REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin photo

No let-up for Russian wheat exports

The country was expected to run out of wheat for export last year, but it didn’t happen; now another bumper crop looms

Russian wheat exports finally appear to be waning many months after analysts thought the country would be relinquishing its grip on the market. Grain industry gurus had forecast that Russia would run out of wheat by the end of 2018. Some said the government would take steps to curb exports once shipments reached 25 million […] Read more

Durum acres are expected to be down this year.  |  File photo

Durum price recovery seen on the horizon

Demand for the crop has been picking up lately through both Vancouver and Thunder Bay; North Africa is particularly strong

Durum demand is picking up big-time. The crop set weekly export records in weeks 39 and 40 of the 2018-19 crop year, according to Canadian Grain Commission statistics. Grain companies shipped 247,800 tonnes in the week ending April 28, followed by 268,000 tonnes the week ending May 5. “It just demonstrates that there is durum […] Read more