Among the changes announced today is the Canola Council's decision to stop administering canola performance trials. | Screenshot via

VIDEO: Canola council to reduce extension agronomy

The Canola Council of Canada announced sweeping changes to the organization today at the Canola Industry Meeting in Saskatoon. The main changes are that it is reducing its role in extension agronomy, will no longer be doing market promotion and is restructuring its funding model. Council president Jim Everson told delegates attending the meeting that […] Read more

Canada exported 1.8 million tonnes of soybeans through week 16 of the crop year, which is 200,000 tonnes more than the same time last year.  |  File photo

Soybean market shifts from normal patterns

The trade war may be sending more Canadian beans to China, but industry worries U.S. beans are also moving north

It appears that Canadian soybeans are gaining market share and attracting higher prices in China but are getting hammered in other markets, including at home, by cheap American product. That conclusion is based mainly on rumours, logic and circumstantial evidence. Ron Davidson, executive director of Soy Canada, will be looking for more concrete evidence as […] Read more

Most of the attention in pulse markets has been focused on India’s import tariffs and quotas, but AGT says the devaluation of the Turkish lira has hurt sales into what has traditionally been Canada’s second largest market for lentils.  |  File photo

Sluggish pulse exports hit major processor

AGT Food and Ingredients blames a nine-month, $38.3 million net loss on an oversupply of pulses in global markets

Lacklustre demand continues to have a profound impact on one of the world’s top pulse processing firms. AGT Food and Ingredients posted a $38.3 million net loss for the nine months ended Sept. 30, 2018. Company president Murad Al-Katib recently told investment analysts during a conference call that an oversupply of pulses in global markets […] Read more

India could be back in the red lentil market in the new year because of shrinking government supplies and poor rabi crop prospects, says a Canadian exporter of the crop.  |  Sean Pratt photo

India may resume buying pulses

An analyst believes there could be 300,000 to 600,000 tonnes of red lentil demand out of India this crop year

India will be back in the market for Canadian pulses in the new year, according to an exporter and a commodity broker. Farhan Adam, chief executive officer of Marina Commodities Inc., a pulse exporter in Mississauga, Ont., said western Canadian farmers “should be prepared for a good ride” by February. The main reason for his […] Read more

China corn stock revisions have little impact on markets

Arlan Suderman remains “friendly” on corn despite a startling revision to China’s government stockpile of the commodity. In its latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture bumped up China’s ending stocks by a staggering 149 million tonnes. The USDA revised Chinese corn production upward over the past decade based […] Read more

Shutting down small hog operations in China and moving production to large corporate farms could result in a herd reduction that is the equivalent of almost the entire herd in the United States, This would drastically affect supply in the Asian country and in markets such as this one in Beijing.  | REUTERS/Jason Lee photo

Hog disease may change everything

Analysts think African swine fever could decimate China’s hog herd, forcing it to significantly increase meat imports

African swine fever is about to unleash the most profound changes in meat and feedgrain markets that farmers will see in their lifetime, says a market analyst. Shawn Hackett, president of Hackett Financial Advisors, said a “pandemic of infection” in China is going to lead to surging demand and prices for North American meat products. […] Read more

Decline in U.S. soybean acres expected to continue for years

Like many analysts, those at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are predicting a steep drop in U.S. soybean acres next spring. Unlike many analysts, they are not forecasting a rebound in those acres in the years that follow. In its base line projections used for budgeting purposes, the USDA is forecasting 82.5 million acres of […] Read more

Call options are one strategy farmers could use to reduce the risk of storing crops in hopes of price improvements.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Storing grain considered a risky plan

A broker advises farmers to buy call options as a way to protect themselves in a downward trending market

Now is a good time to consider buying call options, says a commodity broker. “Right now I’m pushing the option side because to me they’re a bargain,” said Errol Anderson, broker and author of the ProMarket Wire newsletter. Call options that typically cost about $15 to $18 per tonne are going for about $10 per […] Read more

Crush margins have been languishing in the low end of the range because canola seed is pricey relative to oil and meal.  |  File photo

Pricey canola squeezes crush margins, lowers production

Slow crushing pace could jeopardize Agriculture Canada’s crush forecast of 9.49 million tonnes this year

Canola crush margins have been in the doldrums, but they are starting to improve, says a futures trader. Ken Ball, futures adviser with PI Financial Corp., has his own version of a crush margin index, which compares the value of canola seed to that of oil and meal. The index was in the $100 to […] Read more

A large carryout of green lentils is expected heading into next spring, and farmers will need to get rid of it before the crop starts discolouring.  |  File photo

Green lentil potential seen a long way off

India’s import tax hasn’t helped price outlook, but a 28 percent increase in North American supplies is the real problem

No matter how hard Chuck Penner shakes his Magic 8 Ball, the answer is the same — outlook not so good. His question? What is the prognosis for green lentils? “I’d love to be optimistic but I can’t find any grounds for it,” said the LeftField Commodity Research analyst. Large green lentils are selling for […] Read more