Industry wants Trudeau to talk pulses in India

Canada’s pulse industry hopes tariff and non-tariff trade barriers are on the agenda when the prime minister visits India next month. Justin Trudeau plans to lead the Canadian delegation on a state visit from Feb. 17- 23 at the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As part of the visit, Trudeau is expected to […] Read more

Grain handlers pressured

Grain companies are struggling to keep product flowing through their facilities and that is hurting the bottom line, says an oilseed trader. “Everybody is just getting killed now,” said Glen Pownall, managing director of Peter Cremer Canada. “The margin structure is just getting hammered because there’s just so much excess capacity in the system without […] Read more

Maybe hold off on selling that wheat

Reduced supply and lower exports for the 2017-18 crop year

A 42 percent reduction in Australia’s crop and drought fears in the United States might increase Canada’s exports

Growers might want to consider holding off on selling their wheat until the tail end of the crop year, says an analyst. “A large part of the FarmLink strategy right now is to hold a block of wheat back into that time frame,” said Neil Townsend, senior market analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions. “We think […] Read more

American industry lays plan to increase canola acres

U.S. growers receive subsidies for adopting conservation stewardship practices

The proposal is to offer a federal subsidy for growing canola and sunflowers as a way to expand the habitat for bees

The U.S. Canola Association wants farmers to receive a federal subsidy for growing the crop. It has created a proposal in conjunction with the National Sunflower Association and the American Honey Producers Association to increase the acres planted to canola and sunflowers to provide more suitable habitat for honey bees and wild pollinators. U.S. growers […] Read more

Farmer launches campaign to nix PST on insurance

A couple of resolutions made the rounds at most of the annual general meetings held at CropSphere 2018. One tabled by Dave Sefton, a farmer from Broadview, Sask., and director of SaskFlax, called on the provincial government to remove the provincial sales tax (PST) from insurance products. He told growers attending a variety of AGM’s […] Read more

Richardson unhappy with agronomic duplication

Grain company pulled out of the canola council

Canada’s largest agribusiness has pulled its funding from three of the country’s national oilseed organizations. Richardson International is no longer funding the Canola Council of Canada, the Flax Council of Canada and Soy Canada. “We don’t think we got the value out of it,” said Jean-Marc Ruest, Richardson’s senior vice-president of corporate affairs. The company […] Read more

Spring wheat price advantage slipping

Spring wheat has an artificially high price premium over winter wheat, and farmers would be wise to take advantage of that before it shrinks, says a market analyst. “If there was a way to capture it, either on futures or cash sales, they should probably do so,” said Marlene Boersch, managing partner with Mercantile Consulting […] Read more

Major funders pull plug on flax council contributions

cropshere Funding halted to Flax Council of Canada when canola council merger talks failed

The SaskFlax annual general meeting was full of mixed messages. There was plenty of talk about the glorious opportunities awaiting the crop in the food sector. There was also talk about the serious financial struggles facing provincial and federal flax organizations. The biggest bombshell came when Brian Johnson, chair of the Flax Council of Canada, […] Read more

Pulse group’s finances shrink with Indian demand

India’s import tariffs on peas and lentils are having a profound impact on the finances of Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. The association was already budgeting for a $2.8 million deficit for 2017-18 based on revenues of $18.7 million and expenses of $21.5 million. However, since the budget was approved in June, India decided to slap a […] Read more

Over-estimation of canola crop may boost carryout

Analyst thinks production was 19.7 million tonnes, which is below Statistics Canada’s 21 million tonne number

Statistics Canada’s canola production number is too high, and that means tighter carryout and decent prices, says a markets analyst. Marlene Boersch, managing partner with Mercantile Consulting Venture, believes growers produced 19.7 million tonnes of the oilseed, which is below Statistics Canada’s 21.3 million tonne estimate. She believes that will result in 1.5 million tonnes […] Read more