High chance of La Nina will affect world crops

La Ninas have historically been tough on Argentina, but the impact isn’t expected to be as bad this time

Weather watchers are leaning toward predictions for a La Nina developing this winter and that has ramifications for crop production around the world. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said there is a 70 percent chance or triple the normal likelihood of La Nina occurring. The Climate Prediction Center in the United States predicts a 65 to […] Read more

CN tackles grain delays

Grain shippers are getting nervous about Canadian National Railway’s faltering performance this fall, but the carrier says it has implemented changes that are already having an impact on service. CN’s performance measures have been plunging since Week 11 of the 2017-18 crop year. Its hopper car order fulfilment rate was 75 percent through Week 16 […] Read more

Falling pea, lentil prices likely to take toll on acreage: analysts

Pulse acres are expected to plunge next year, losing ground to competing crops like canola and wheat, say analysts. Brian Clancey, editor of Stat Publishing, forecasts that peas will be down about one million acres in the wake of India slapping a 50 percent import duty on the crop. He said with India unlikely to […] Read more

Cold winter forecast, plentiful snow may offer needed moisture

Farmers can expect a “wild ride” this winter, according to The Weather Network’s 2017 winter forecast. “It is potentially a very harsh winter ahead with widespread below seasonal temperatures and lots of shots of Arctic air,” said meteorologist Michael Carter. The Prairies will experience the worst winter weather in the country with below normal temperatures […] Read more

China snapping up barley exports

Bulk barley exports are more than double last year’s pace de-spite a smaller overall crop. Canadian exporters shipped out 542,000 tonnes of the crop through Week 15 of the 2017-18 crop year, compared to 240,000 tonnes the same time last year. That is a 126 percent increase despite a drop in total supply of the […] Read more

Mycotoxin testing urged despite dry year on Prairies

Farmers should be testing their grains and forages for mycotoxins before feeding them to livestock, says an animal nutrition company. Canadian harvest samples submitted for Alltech’s 2017 analysis show that grains and forages contained mixtures of mycotoxins such as deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone (ZEA) and T-2/HT-2. “On average there was higher levels of DON than previous […] Read more

World’s farmland total bigger than expected

Farmers around the world are growing more crops than previously thought, according to a new high-resolution satellite map. Researchers at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have pieced together a map using Landsat satellite imagery with 30-metre resolution that identifies every plot of land under cultivation around the globe. The map shows that 4.62 billion […] Read more

Minister slammed on Indian pea duty

Ottawa has been far too silent about India suddenly slapping a 50 percent duty on pea imports, says a pulse crop analyst. Marlene Boersch, managing partner with Mercantile Consulting Venture, said federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has been conspicuously quiet about Canada being blocked out of its top yellow pea market. “Where the hell is […] Read more

Wheat protein spreads widen

Protein spreads for spring wheat are raising eyebrows. “They’re awfully wide,” said Brian Voth, president of IntelliFARM Inc. “They’re wider than what we’ve ever seen as long as I can remember, even under the (Canadian) Wheat Board days.” The discount for 12 percent protein is about $1 per bushel below the price paid for 13.5 […] Read more

Industry to export fertilizer protocol

Fertilizer Canada is hoping to take its Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol abroad to five developing countries. “We want to make sure that our products are being used sustain-ably around the globe so we can have a social license to sell the fertilizer around the world,” said senior vice-president Clyde Graham. “We also want farmers […] Read more