Canola seed prices vary up to $268 per bag across the Prairies, according to a Farmer’s Business Network Canada report | Robin Booker photo

Canola seed prices not equal

Canola seed prices vary wildly by province and region, according to a new report by Farmer’s Business Network Canada. The report is based on 533 seed invoices contributed by 280 farmer members of the network. FBN published price data for the seven most popular varieties. The largest variation in prices was for InVigor L223P, which […] Read more

Industry officials estimate that domestic disappearance will have to be reduced by about 700,000 tonnes in the Week 23 report, which includes data up to Jan. 12. | Robin Booker photo

Canola disappearance error found

Grain commission says incorrect reporting by ‘primary licensees’ is behind the significant increase in domestic disappearance

A major correction in the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Statistics Weekly report may have analysts rethinking the market advice they were issuing to farmers. According to the Week 22 report, there was 4.86 million tonnes of domestic disappearance of canola as of Jan. 5, 2020. That is a staggering 1.04 million tonnes ahead of the […] Read more

Red lentil bids climbed to 22.5 cents per pound at the start of 2020, up from 20 cents a month ago and a post-harvest low of about 17 cents.  | Robin Booker photo

Indian pea restrictions boost red lentil exports

The crop is enjoying increased popularity in the country as the government implements new import hurdles for peas

Red lentil exports and prices are benefiting from India’s crackdown on peas, says an analyst. The Indian government announced on Dec. 18 that it was restricting pea imports to 150,000 tonnes through March 31. It also limited all imports to the Port of Kolkata, resulting in additional transportation costs for many exporters. The new restrictions […] Read more

The falling number test is an internationally standardized method for determining the amount of sprout damage in wheat caused by the enzyme alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase breaks down wheat starch in the kernel into sugars so that the germinating kernel has an energy source. Sound grain has minimal enzyme levels. However, in sprout-damaged wheat enzyme levels rise dramatically in response to hormones triggered by germination. Activity can rise from 10 units to over 50,000 units depending on the stage or severity of the sprout damage. The test uses seven grams of ground wheat (adjusted for moisture) mixed with 25 millilitres of water to form a slurry in a test tube. Once mixed, the test tube is immersed in boiling water and the slurry is agitated for 60 seconds using a plunger system. At 60 seconds, the plunger is drawn to the surface and released.

Falling number dips below threshold

Preliminary sampling found a falling number for No. 3 wheat of 305, but later harvested crop dropped that to 280

Canada has provided its wheat customers with an update on this year’s crop quality. Each year Canada prepares a Canadian Wheat Crop in Review report that is given to millers, bakers and other customers attending New Crop Trade Mission seminars around the world. The report is also available to all other customers on the […] Read more

|  File photo

Error found in CGC’s canola disappearance number

Grain industry analysts will be pulling out the eraser on their supply/demand balance sheets to correct an error published in the Canadian Grain Commission’s weekly statistical report. The CGC reported 4.86 million tonnes of domestic disappearance of canola as of Jan. 5, 2020. That is a staggering 1.04 million tonnes ahead of the same time […] Read more

U.S.-China deal could be ‘game-changer’: analyst

Grain and oilseed markets could blow up if the United States and China sign and implement phase one of a trade deal they agreed to late last year, says an analyst. “This would be a massive game-changer,” said Rich Nelson, chief strategist with Allendale Inc. Few details about the two-year deal have been released other […] Read more

It appears as though all eligible farmers will be receiving full compensation, according to court documents. | Screencap via

Ilta cheques sent to 222 growers

Cheques are in the mail for eligible farmers owed money by the now defunct ILTA Grain Inc. A list of 222 eligible growers will receive full compensation for losses amounting to $11.15 million. Another 49 claims worth $1.5 million were deemed ineligible. It is the biggest security payout in the history of the Canadian Grain […] Read more

Canaryseed has typically been a crop that producers will store until prices improve or cashflow dictates a sale is necessary.  |  File photo

Canaryseed on the rise; more rallies may be to come

This could be the year the canaryseed market fully absorbs the “hidden inventory” that has been weighing down prices for years, say industry officials. Prices have climbed to 30 cents per pound as the inventory dwindles and that appears to be a trigger point for those who have been sitting on the crop. Lucas Sutherland, […] Read more

Phosphate prices are reaching lower levels, making the input more attractive for producers and less so for this phosphate mine in Mdhilla, Tunisia.  |  Reuters/Zoubeir Souissi photo

Phosphate prices become attractive for producers

Prices of the nutrient may be as low as the market can bear for 2020, retailing at $575 to $600 per tonne

Now is a good time to buy phosphate fertilizer, say industry experts. Phosphate prices in New Orleans, Louisiana, (NOLA) in late December 2019 were the lowest they have been since December 2006. The NOLA price is considered the starting price for North American phosphate. It was about US$240 per tonne at the end of 2019, […] Read more

Demand holds steady for 2019-20 wheat crop

The second half of the 2019-20 marketing campaign is shaping up to be a good one for wheat, says an analyst. “The demand for North American wheat will be probably fairly strong here,” said Bruce Burnett, analyst with MarketsFarm. “We’re going to see export shipments pick up.” Shipments are already decent with 6.1 million tonnes […] Read more