Report pegs Aussie canola output lower

Canadian farmers can expect less competition in canola and pulse markets from their Australian counterparts in 2018-19, according to a new Rabobank report. Dry conditions and falling pulse prices are forcing farmers to switch acres out of those crops and into barley and wheat. “A dry 2017, especially in eastern Australia, followed by a hot, […] Read more

Black Sea states didn’t pass on the peas

Farmers around the world didn’t back away from planting peas despite losing the top market for the crop. APK Inform is anticipating another big harvest and export program from the Black Sea region in 2018-19. It estimates that farmers in Russia will plant 3.27 million acres of the crop, which is identical to last year. […] Read more

GM wheat appearance in Alberta remains a mystery

GM wheat has arrived in Canada, but unfortunately it was in the form of an unapproved trait found in an unknown variety of the crop. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that Monsanto’s Roundup Ready trait has been discovered in wheat growing along an access road leading to an oil rig in a field […] Read more

Milligan Biofuels is back

Milligan Biofuels wasn’t out of business long. The Foam Lake, Sask., biodiesel manufacturer that was forced into receivership on February 1 has been purchased by a small group lead by a local farmer. “We’re going to put those assets back to use and hopefully create employment,” said Glenn Helgason, who operates a 14,000 acre grain […] Read more

Monsanto company name disappears into history

Opponents of genetic modification won’t have Monsanto to kick around any more, but will they set their sights on a bigger company? Groups opposed to genetic modification and corporate control of seeds need to find a new target for their vitriol. Bayer announced that Monsanto will cease to exist as a company name now that […] Read more

AGT rebuffs bankruptcy rumours

Financial analyst says AGT has ‘shockingly large’ debt while company president says company is financially stable

The president of AGT Food and Ingredients is literally laughing off a report that his company is teetering on bankruptcy. “I’m sitting here on a Friday afternoon and it’s raining and I’m not feeling like I’m flirting with financial ruin,” said Murad Al-Katib. “In fact, I feel the opposite.” The report was written by Auger […] Read more

Durum demand lackluster

Durum demand could be as soggy as a wet spaghetti noodle this year based on good crop conditions in key growing regions. “We needed a year where there was a pretty good downturn in North Africa,” said Jim Peterson, policy and marketing director with the North Dakota Wheat Commission. “And at least the early projections […] Read more

China yanks down corn reserves, pulls up U.S. corn

China is rapidly depleting its corn reserves, but it is costing the government a small fortune. The government sold 48.8 million tonnes of corn at auctions held between May and September of 2017, according to a recent blog on the Dim Sums web site, which used information gathered from a Chinese web site Those […] Read more

India’s pulse duties could be permanent

One of the world’s largest pulse processing firms believes India’s duties on pea, lentil and chickpea imports are here to stay in one form or another. Murad Al-Katib, president of AGT Food and Ingredients, said India’s tariffs will remain in place and will be adjusted up or down as the government sees fit. “I think […] Read more

Steel prices hit bin makers and farmers hard

Grain bin manufacturers are getting crushed under the weight of rising steel prices and a recent development will only make matters worse.  Curtis Epp, operations manager with Darmani, a bin manufacturer in Fiske, Sask., said costs are up 25 to 50 percent year-over-year, depending on the type of steel.  That represents a significant escalation in […] Read more