Bags of Canadian green lentils sit at AGT Food and Ingredient’s processing plant in Mersin, Turkey. It’s expected that only 50 to 60 percent of this year’s crop will make the top grade.  |  File photo

Quality worries may hike lentil prices

Growers advised to wait until markets are past harvest lows and expect ‘modest gains’ of about 0.5 cents per pound

Farmers lucky enough to harvest good quality green peas and green lentils might want to lock the bins and wait for prices to climb, says a market analyst. “Don’t get too worried about selling right now thinking that it’s only going to get worse throughout the year,” said Chuck Penner, analyst with LeftField Commodity Research. […] Read more

Agriculture Canada is forecasting a bloated 4.5 million tonnes of carryout at the end of 2019-20. A senior executive with Viterra believes it could be closer to eight million tonnes.
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China’s canola ban results in tough crushing decisions

The curtailment of canola exports to China is creating a golden opportunity to add crush capacity in Canada but at the same time preventing it from happening, says an industry official. “Blocked seed access to China makes it much more attractive to have processing in Canada,” said Brian Innes, vice-president of public affairs with the […] Read more

Australia is facing a second drought-ravaged crop in two years, which would likely spark another spring wheat rally.  |  REUTERS/Jason Reed photo

Spring wheat rally unlikely to be short-lived

Harvest conditions have been terrible on the Prairies and northern U.S. Plains, and Australia’s crop is in trouble again

Poor harvest conditions in Western Canada and the northern Plains of the United States have led to a spring wheat price rally and there is likely more to come, says an analyst. The December futures spread between Minneapolis and Kansas wheat was about $1.25 per bushel as of late last week. That is well above […] Read more

U.S. input company moves to Canada

There is a new player in the crop input and farm market advisory business in Western Canada. Farmers Business Network has bought Great Northern Growers, a Canadian manufacturer of off-patent agricultural chemicals. GNG produces its own branded in-house products: a glyphosate product called Smoke; a wild oats herbicide called Foax; and Clever for controlling cleavers. […] Read more

Wheat exports to U.S. fall by half

Canada had a thriving wheat export program last year with the notable exception of one key market. Grain elevators shipped out 18.25 million tonnes of the crop in 2018-19, the biggest program in the last 15 years, according to Canadian Grain Commission statistics. However, sales to the United States plummeted to 752,200 tonnes, a 53 […] Read more

Some analysts believe China and the United States are close to resolving their trade dispute.  |  REUTERS/Aly Song photo

U.S.-China trade war resolution would change markets

Arlan Suderman believes there is a narrow window of opportunity for the United States and China to sign a trade deal that would transform the prevailing bearish sentiment in commodity markets. Funds have been sour on commodities since March 23, 2018, when U.S. President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The trade […] Read more

It’s hoped that India’s excess moisture could be the catalyst for a Canadian pulse crop rally.  |  REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas photo

India’s wet summer may create Canadian sales

There are reports of flooding and quality damage in some important pulse-growing regions as the monsoon tap stays on

Indian farmers began the year praying for more rain and now they’re wishing the taps would shut off. The summer crop that started off parched is drowning in water in some regions of the country. Monsoon rains that were 18 percent deficit shortly after planting started are 10 percent surplus country-wide as harvest approaches. There […] Read more

A pulse-based pet food manufacturer says the Food and Drug Administration investigation is slashing demand for its products.  |  Getty Images

FDA investigates concerns over pulse-based pet food

There are reports in the United States of heart problems in dogs that eat food containing high levels of peas, lentils and chickpeas

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has raised concerns about pulse-based pet foods and that is devastating sales into that high-growth market. The FDA is investigating reports of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating grain-free pet foods, which contain high levels of peas, lentils and chickpeas. DCM results in an enlarged heart that decreases […] Read more

Grain stocks are getting low but some new crop is trickling into the system, so handlers are not in danger of completely running out of supplies. However, the problem is a limited window of time where the companies will have sufficient rail capacity to move large volumes of the 2019-20 crop.  |  File photo

Grain backlog becomes worry

Grain deliveries are well behind last year’s pace and that could create a backlog next spring, says a grain industry executive. A late crop combined with poor harvest conditions is leading to a dearth of grain trucks at local elevators. Producer deliveries are 650,000 tonnes behind last year’s pace, according to Canadian Grain Commission statistics. […] Read more

Harry Brook, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture, said until 2016 many growers had dryers from the 1970s and 1980s that they weren’t using. But that year more than one million acres went unharvested on the Prairies, piquing farmer interest in modern grain dryers. A few wet falls since then have exacerbated that interest.
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Grain drying piques farmers’ interest

Grain dryer sales have been red hot but growers tend to be as late as their crops in placing orders for the machines, say a couple of retailers. Jim Kelley, vice-president of sales with Flaman, said the company didn’t sell dryers until two years ago when it started handling Neco dryers. Sales increased 10-fold between […] Read more