Sheet pan dinners are versatile with no limit except your imagination.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Prepare fast and fresh meals, just in time for spring

May long weekend marks the unofficial beginning of cottage season. We are moving from spring into summer. It’s OK to plant the garden, put out our bedding plants and open the pool. The May long weekend is recognized as a celebration of the Queen’s birthday. Although our reigning queen’s birthday is in June, it is […] Read more

Serve lemon ricotta pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup. A mimosa is a special touch. The drink is called mimosa because the bright colour resembles the blooming mimosa tree, the symbol of the Mediterranean spring.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Mother’s Day celebration can be either small or large

Finding just the right way to honour your mom on Mother’s Day can be challenging. One can never go wrong with flowers and chocolates. A family brunch brings the whole clan together and can be planned as a potluck so that not all the work falls on one person. Or the celebration can be a […] Read more

One can never have too many ideas for meatballs. Try these sweet and sour Syrian meatballs at your next potluck.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Food plays important role in passover celebration

Passover celebrates the journey of Jews from slavery in Egypt. It is a celebration of spring, birth and rebirth. Passover is observed for seven days. This year it will be celebrated from April 19-27. Jewish people live throughout the world so don’t confuse Israeli food with Jewish food. King Solomon’s Table, written by Joan Nathan, […] Read more

Au gratin peas and potatoes can be breakfast or breakfast for supper.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Everyone should have a house meal in their back pocket

The idea of a house meal is nothing short of brilliant. Having one or two recipes in your back pocket that you can prepare on a moment’s notice or if you are feeling less than inspired to be creative is what every home cook needs. A house meal is simple enough that there are only […] Read more

Citrus fruits can be juiced, zested and peeled.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Incorporating citrus helps bring winter dishes to life

The tart flavour of citrus brightens winter dishes as much as it refreshes in the hot summer. Winter is when citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest. It is the time to squeeze fresh juice for breakfast or make a variety of recipes using oranges, grapefruit, limes and lemons. Before squeezing for juice, wash […] Read more

Heat up the kitchen with soups and warm spices

As I sit at the table in my cozy kitchen and my cat stretches out on the hardwood floor in front of the dishwasher and heat vent, we are locked in a polar vortex of frigid Arctic weather. I’m in the mood for comfort food. Slow cooking. Braising. Making a pot of soup. Filling the […] Read more

Serve Thai shrimp dumplings with steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Dumplings help make Lunar New Year a special time

Feb. 5 marks Chinese New Year’s Eve, the year of the Pig. It is also called the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival. Although it’s still cold, the coldest days are over. Celebrations carry on for 15 days with festive foods and family visits. Children receive lucky money in gold-embellished red envelopes. Family kitchens […] Read more

Remove the wishbone before carving the turkey. It will be easier to make nice cuts off the breast.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

These tips can help make Christmas dinner a success

The countdown is on. Although Christmas dinner is usually a set menu, it is nice to change things up from time to time. If it is your first time hosting, then here are some tried and true tips for success. The best mashed potatoes Starchy potatoes such as Yukon gold or russets are the best […] Read more

These firecracker shrimp are more interesting than a grocery store shrimp ring and take only minutes to make.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Christmas season foods for entertaining

The Christmas season sneaks up on us every year, and every year we search for new recipe ideas. Simple is best. And if it can be made in advance, even better. There tends to be no end of sweets, but interesting savoury foods are sometimes lacking. Firecracker shrimp Skip the usual shrimp ring this year […] Read more