Slice up a tasty Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Strawberries and rhubarb a tasty traditional treat

We can never have too many ways to enjoy strawberries. And pairing them with rhubarb is a traditional match. Did you know that there are an average of 200 seeds on every strawberry. The seeds can grow into a new plant but mostly they propagate by runners. Strawberries are considered members of the rose family. […] Read more

Rice: the ideal food both for energy and fine dining

Rice: the ideal food both for energy and fine dining

Most rice production is in Asia and Africa, but it is also grown in California, Central American and many countries in Europe including Italy, Spain and Portugal. There are two categories of rice: short grain and long grain. Short grain rice is starchier and better suited to pudding, risotto, sushi and paella. Long grain rice […] Read more

A variety of ingredients can be used to put together a sandwich buffet.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Sandwich buffet great way to use up leftover food

Seeding and farm work are in full swing on the Prairies so it may be necessary to speed up lunch preparations. A sandwich buffet uses bits and pieces of food that alone are not enough to feed a crew. It is an excellent way to use a single pork tenderloin, a couple of chicken breasts […] Read more

Good quality knives essential in the kitchen

The knife is among the oldest of kitchen tools and as relevant today as ever. A simple chef’s knife can re-place a myriad of new fangled kitchen gadgets. The perfect knife should fit your hand, feel substantial but not heavy and be evenly balanced. The chef’s knife or French knife is the most often used. […] Read more

Carrots add colour to couscous topped with chicken tagine. | Sarah Galvin photo

January time to tuck into stored meat and vegetables

Growing areas in Canada are dormant in January. Most farm and hunt butchering is complete so eating locally requires us to dig into the freezer, cold room or root cellar. It is time to enjoy the fruits of summer’s labour. Local fresh food in January includes apples, winter squash and root vegetables. Other produce is […] Read more

So you want to be a farmers market vendor?

Wherever I travel, I seek out farmers markets and arrive early to avoid missing the best produce, baking, meats and crafts. Last summer, I visited Salt Spring Island off British Columbia’s coast. Hundreds arrive by ferry each Saturday to enjoy the open air market with more than 140 stalls, free entertainment and island culture. Being […] Read more

Using a pressure cooker offers two benefits. Less expensive food can be used to make healthy meals and cooking time is reduced. I regularly cook dried chickpeas without presoaking in 15 minutes or a turkey stock in 30 minutes of active cooking time. You must allow the cooker to cool to room temperature for an […] Read more

Vegetarian recipe ideas for Christmas entertaining

Keeping everyone happy at Christmas can be stressful, especially if they eat differently than you. For vegetarian guests like my sister, milk and eggs are usually OK but meat and seafood need to be avoided. Rather than roll your eyes when presented with a vegetarian guest at your table, make something special that everyone will […] Read more

Women celebrate eight decades as ‘persons’ in Canada

“We are not here to beg for a favour, but to obtain simple justice. Have we not the brains to think? Hands to work? Hearts to feel? And lives to live?” — Nellie McClung I was in university in in the 1960s during the Burn the Bra era. Later, the Status of Women Action Committee […] Read more

Layered salad in a jar can be made using a variety of vegetables, fruit, cheese and nuts. |  Sarah Galvin photo

Putting some green into school lunches

This morning I was watching a television show discussing green bagged lunches. By this I mean using reusable rather than throwaway packaging, including prepackaged food. Not only are they better for your health and Mother Earth, but the show claimed you could save about $500 per child per year. By coincidence, I was also in […] Read more