Determine cause of swelling to dictate treatment required

Cattle can become afflicted with large swellings both as individual animals or on a herd basis. Diagnosing, treatment and prevention are key factors producers and veterinarians must consider. Before proceeding, causes other than abscesses must be ruled out. Abscesses take time to develop so a sudden swelling may indicate another cause. When that happens, a […] Read more

The facts and fallacies of clostridial disease

In spite of good protection contained in vaccines for most clostridial diseases such as blackleg, tetanus and redwater, incidences are on the rise. Whether we raise cattle, sheep, goats or other livestock such as bison or elk, all are susceptible to various disease forms of the clostridial organism. As a quick review, clostridial organisms are […] Read more

Calf hutches, creep areas help prevent disease

Many producers use calf hutches during calving season and for very good reason. They are especially important if calving early in inclement weather. As well, the increasing size of our herds means young calves need to get away from the crowded stress. Even producers who calve their herds in the summer will find it beneficial […] Read more

Disease reporting key in reducing spread

New challenges in beef production systems have made it more important than ever that everybody in the supply chain, including veterinarians, producers, feedlot operators, truckers and slaughter plant operators, do all they can to improve communication and help identify possible weak spots. Threats of emerging diseases and antimicrobial resistance are being heightened as cattle are […] Read more

Realizing the hidden benefits of pregnancy diagnosis

Pregnancy checking is a necessary run through the chute and can be used to perform many other procedures at the same time and obtain valuable information. Be prepared for the day’s procedures and have all ear tags, vaccines, warble lice and worm control treatments and any other required supplies handy. Farmers’ labour and the use […] Read more

Remember warbles? They’re still around

Cattle grubs have been largely forgotten by Canadian cattle producers over the last 20 years. Young producers may not know what I am talking about but those in their 50s will remember the amount of hide and internal damage caused by larvae migrating close to the spine or the esophagus, and the breathing holes created […] Read more

Video cameras, drones improve monitoring cattle health

Cattle monitoring technology is making great advancements with high resolution video and drones. I’ve been able to observe the use of advanced cameras in the last year at two operations I deal with during the calving season. I have also witnessed demonstrations and heard a few presentations on drones for checking and monitoring cattle. Video […] Read more

Veterinary guide helps ensure the best product for the job

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and several partners have come up with a therapeutic decision cascade for animal and public safety. This is a great tool for reminding veterinarians and producers how to properly select drugs for any species we are treating. The guide is invaluable as a reminder of which medications are approved for […] Read more

Performance technologies help make beef sustainable

Sustainability is one of the buzz words in our industry these days, and I suppose everyone has a different definition of what it means. To me, sustainable means the industry will carry on and be profitable into the future, that it will be environmentally friendly and improve the land on which cattle are raised and […] Read more

Ways to improve breeding efficiency, save money

There are many ways producers can improve breeding efficiencies and lower their costs. Sharing bulls with like-minded producers is one cost-saving option. Another is using synchronization programs with artificial insemination. Dairy producers already use sexed semen, which may become more available in the beef industry down the road. In the past dairy operators needed to […] Read more