Compacted concrete makes for an improved feedlot experience.  |  Barb Glen photo

Cattle health, pen flooring a great combination

Some companies are installing roller compacted concrete (RCC) in feedlot pens, silage pits and other working areas in the agricultural sector. The cost is substantially less than concrete. The groundwork can be done by the producer if they wish. The better the preparations, the better the end result. I have first-hand experience with the product […] Read more

What to look for in a veterinary professional

Veterinarians, animal nutritionists, hoof trimmers, food-safety specialists and regulatory experts all play roles in looking after livestock herds. Within each of these areas, several characteristics will show themselves to be more valuable. For starters, producers should look for professionals with whom they share a similar mindset. Those with a perceived vested interest in the operation […] Read more

Move to early sales may force producers to recheck bulls

Move to early sales may force producers to recheck bulls

Purebred bull sales in all breeds appear to be getting earlier and earlier, some even happening in December. This is months before many cattle producers are going to use them in their breeding programs. It sometimes creates difficulty for veterinarians to get the bulls’ semen evaluated ahead of time. Sellers and buyers of these bulls […] Read more

Here are management tips that can help prevent scours

Scours is the leading killer of calves younger than two months. It can be caused by many factors, and many different management strategies are necessary to prevent it. These points will help prevent the buildup of infectious organisms and increase resistance in your calves. By increasing resistance and decreasing exposure to scours-causing organisms, the chances […] Read more

Redundancies still exist in health protocols, treatments

As time goes on, more vaccines, treatments and preventive options are available for our cattle. As well, nutritional needs of cattle are coming under more study, and we use post-mortems and laboratory assistance to diagnose and advise. Recommendations based on an accurate diagnosis generally yield favourable outcomes. But there are times when we need to […] Read more

How to reduce antimicrobial use on cow-calf operations

Every cow-calf producer probably has situations where they use antibiotics unnecessarily, or use the wrong ones for the problems at hand, or use the wrong ones in situations where a lower class antibiotic would get the job done. Recently, I have been changing the advice I give as the beef industry makes adjustments for how […] Read more

The outcome of the surgery depends on whether it was carried out at clinics, the facilities available, the expertise of the surgeon and in many cases how quickly the procedure was carried out. | File photo

Lots to think about when considering surgery on a calf

In my career, there have been many instances when surgery has saved a calf and the animal went on to live a productive life. When considering surgery to a calf, one must also consider that if cows are not raising a calf, they are often culled, which is another loss to the producer. The outcome […] Read more

Producers must be on top of cattle treatment advances

One has only to think back a few years and realize the major changes that have happened in the production of beef in our country. Some are pharmaceutical in nature, while others are advances in equipment or services. Still others are reduced stress in cattle handling. It is promising to see advances that will improve […] Read more

These tips can help improve vaccination programs

Cattle producers pay good money for vaccines and spend a lot of effort developing a sound vaccination program for their farms. As a result, they don’t want it failing because of poor storage or administration technique. Using a cooler to protect product from freezing or thawing is one really good idea. I used the Cross […] Read more

What to consider when choosing animal health products

In today’s society, the consumer has lots of choices when making purchases. From the brand of cereal to the type of beer, different choices are around every corner. The same thing is becoming true in the animal health and pharmaceutical industry. At the end of the day, the most important decision is whether to use […] Read more