Dry conditions across the central and western Prairies and the dust these produce are creating a potential inoculation hazard with clubroot. This producer near Insinger, Sask., kicks up dust while seeding this spring. | Robin Booker photo

Clubroot spread becomes risk in dry years

Dirt clumps on equipment are a concern in wet conditions, but spores can also move in blowing dust when soil is dry

Clubroot prefers moist soil and propagates rapidly in wet years, but in dry years spores can travel long distances in blowing soil dust. “When you are seeding in a really dry spring like we are having, the spores are going to be moving in that dust cloud,” said Justine Cornelsen of the Canola Council of […] Read more

Producers must monitor grain bins as temperature warms

A large temperature difference between stored grain and the ambient temperature can cause problems for stored grain, but growers need to be careful how they equalize it. When the temperature warms in the spring and summer, growers with temperature cables in their bins should be monitoring them weekly or biweekly. When temperature differences along the […] Read more

Keeping the lid on grain drying temperatures is critical

Growers should play it safe and not surpass recommended drying temperatures because it can be difficult to tell if grain has been damaged from overheating. “If you have too high a temperature and the grain is exposed to it for too long you will not necessarily see it. The only way you will pick that […] Read more

The Danuser MegaMixer handles grain and a lot more, including gravel and bedding.  |  Danuser photo

Feeding with a bucket takes on a new meaning

Adding a hydraulic auger to a front end loader bucket design was a start, adding variable rates and gates finished it

Small cattle operators and growers who need to mix soil for smaller vegetable beds may be interested in the some of the updates Danuser made to its material handling bucket. The Mega Mixer was designed to scoop, mix and dispense material from livestock feed grain to concrete. Mike Willis of Danuser said the company sells […] Read more

GSI’s Flexwave uses a pair of polyester bladders to move the last of the bin out.  |  GSI photo

Thinking about your bladder in the bin changes

GSI’s Z Series grain storage bins use inflatable bladders that make cleanout a breeze. “It eliminates the need for any kind of sweep augers or paddle sweeps or any kind of sweeping mechanism inside of a flat bottom bin system,” said Jarod Wendt of GSI. “During the typical unload, you can still open up the […] Read more

Forsberg’s natural frequency conveyor uses a repetitive shaking motion to gently move grain along to the discharge end. Optional screens can be used to scalp off straw and material larger than the grain. | Can-Seed photo

Specialty grain gear makes clean routine

Many seed- and grain-processing plants recently built in Western Canada, including pea fractionation facilities, use equipment from Saskatoon-based Can-Seed Equipment. Several of the company’s offerings wouldn’t suit the grain-handling needs of the typical prairie grain farm. However, some of the equipment can fill important roles on grain farms. For instance, Forsberg’s natural frequency conveyors offer […] Read more

The addition of a fifth-wheel hitch to Tom Schuurmans’ sprayer-tender trailer provides a rapid loading, all-in-one solution to moving from field to field.  | Tom Schuurmans photo

Farmer develops new, fast connection with his sprayer

An Ontario farmer welded a fifth-wheel pin to the bottom of his sprayer and installed a receiver on the trailer to make his spraying system more efficient. Tom Schuurmans said the hitch shaves at least five minutes off each load and unload of his sprayer. He said his family’s dairy farm near Elmira Ont., needs […] Read more

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency spreadsheet recently obtained by The Western Producer listed 889 food products imported from China since 2017 in which the agency conducted follow-up activities to verify compliance and take actions as appropriate. However, extracting useful information from this spreadsheet is nearly impossible.  |  Robin Booker photo

Cracks revealed in contaminated food database

The agency keeps a list of imports flagged by inspectors for more investigation, but the database isn’t searchable

The computer system used to log investigations at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is old and does not have a reporting function capable of basic searches or performing trend analysis on the agency’s investigation database. The Western Producer filed an access to information request with the CFIA for issues or food safety concerns related to […] Read more

Mervin Traverse provides full-time elder support to Agriculture Canada. | Supplied photo

Ag Canada enlists First Nations elder

Agriculture Canada is the first federal department to employ a departmental elder to help the institution navigate relationships with indigenous peoples. In 2017, Ag Canada created the indigenous support and awareness office to increase the department’s capacity to work with indigenous people, and hired elder Mervin Traverse to provide full-time elder support to the agency. […] Read more

David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to the United States, says he has asked the U.S. government for help in Canada’s dispute with China, but to no avail.  |  Robin Booker photo

U.S. failing Canada in China dispute: diplomat

Canada suffers Chinese wrath after detaining Huawei executive at U.S. request, including a refusal to buy canola

The Canadian ambassador to the United States says he has asked the U.S. for help with the diplomatic spat between China and Canada, but it appears the U.S. doesn’t want to get involved. “We’ve heard so many times, ‘thank you very much for what you’re doing, is there anything we can do to help?’ and […] Read more