DOT Technologies Corp. has brought in Rob Saik as chief executive officer of DOT Ready Retail, a new sales and marketing side of the business. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: Agri-Trend founder joins DOT

MARICOPA, Arizona — DOT Technologies Corp. has brought in Rob Saik as chief executive officer of DOT Ready Retail, a new sales and marketing side of the business. DOT is a Saskatchewan-built robotic platform designed to bring autonomous farming to broad acre grain production. “DOT Ready Retail will run in parallel to the DOT manufacturing […] Read more

Rogo Ag’s new autonomous soil sampler creates a hands-off approach to georeferenced soil sampling. The auger-based machine can sample more than 80 acres on a 2.5 acre grid every hour.  |  Rogo Ag photo

Robotic soil sampler eases workload

Rogo Ag hopes to have the autonomous soil sampler working in Canadian fields in the 2020 growing season

A Bobcat-mounted robotic soil sampler offers users consistent core samples and appears likely to drive down prices for sampling services. “It’s a completely autonomous robot. We developed all the technology in house, except the Bobcat platform that it rides on. We just drive it to a field, you unload it from the trailer, hit go […] Read more

Does the Canadian agriculture industry treat its data security seriously enough? Some experts say no. | WP graphic

The wild west of agricultural data

Canadian agriculture is in the midst of a sea change that stems from the digitization of farm production data. The sector was a little tardy in showing up for the digital revolution, but most growers now use techniques powered by complex algorithms and massive datasets. Telematics, cloud storage and processing, internet of things (IOT), sensors, […] Read more

Winnipeg’s JCA Electronics envisions an augmented reality farm.  |  JCA Electronics photo

Holograms leap from video games to fields

Augmented reality technology developed to help farmers compare crop conditions and review spray applications

Augmented reality (AR) will soon be used on Canadian farms to help producers make sense and manage their data. AR is the overlaying of digital information over the real world, and is already widely used in with video games such as Pokemon. Farmers will soon be able to look through a pair of AR capable […] Read more

Intercropping with peas and barley has been shown to yield well and provides support of the pea crop.  |  Bill Biligetu photo

Intercropping research explores benefits, downsides

More and more prairie producers are showing an interest in intercropping, the practice of growing two or more crops together in the same field. What crops grow well together and under which circumstances are still being determined by a growing number of research projects across the Prairies. In 2015, Saskatchewan Agriculture planted a pea-cereal intercrop […] Read more

There is no established technique for CBD harvest on a broad-acre scale. One harvest option for large-scale production includes full plant use where the entire plant is harvested, possibly by being cut and baled. Another harvest method could have the top of the hemp plant cut off and taken by conveyors to a cart and later dried. More research is needed.  |  Getty image

The hazards of harvesting hemp


Legalization of cannabis for recreational use has made way for a cannabidiol (CBD) industry to take root in Canada. There is currently more demand for this cannabis extract than supply, which means it could be lucrative for at least a few growing seasons before supply catches up. The problem is that little is known about […] Read more

The Pillar Disc Hoe Drill offers robust ground engagement along with precision seed placement and higher operating speeds. The 18-inch disc cuts through heavy trash, while the hoe delivers consistent placement and capacity for the double-shoot system.  |  Michael Raine photo

Hybrid, 18-inch, disc-hoe opener offers speed with precision

LANGHAM, Sask. — Pillar recently released a cast-steel-constructed opener that’s more rigid and has better trash clearance compared to its previous offering. The Mark 3 is a double-shoot opener that’s a hybrid between a disc and hoe opener. “We have a disc that runs up front cutting a deep trench and moving the soil. Then […] Read more

The machines are custom built, but this one is set up as a 60-foot-wide single tool bar that sits on tracks and has been fitted with a commodity and liquid tank on the planter’s main frame. The tank holds about 100 bushels of on-frame storage of seed, which is usually enough for corn or canola.“You can get 200 acres of corn in, no problem, and canola you can go for days. But when it comes to soybeans that works out to be about an 80-acre fill. But in Western Canada, a lot of our fields are much, much bigger than that,” Frank Prince said.  |  Robin Booker photo

Customized planter handles the really big jobs

Broad-acre, seed-singulating seed unit combines the productivity of an air drill and the accuracy of a planter

Growers have been vexed by a difficult choice for decades. The tradeoff between the productivity of an air drill and the accuracy of a planter. For broad-acre growers in Western Canada, a large one-pass system capable of applying a massive amount of fertilizer and seed between fills seems an obvious choice. But the in-the-row spacing, […] Read more

For Prairies commodities to be competitive on the world market, rail and port capacity in Western Canada has to be enhanced. | File photo

To tidewater or bust

Western Canada is suffering from inadequate infrastructure to get commodities to tidewater, but the path to address the shortcoming is unclear. In 2012, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper moved to fast track the approval process for large infrastructure projects in Canada by giving cabinet ministers discretion on the scope of environmental assessments needed for developments. […] Read more