PepsiCo began cutting funding to breeding programs in Canada in the middle of last year, including Agriculture Canada’s breeding program at Brandon, which helps support programs across Western Canada. Funding was also pulled from Agriculture Canada’s oat-breeding program in Ottawa. 
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Funding loss a blow to oat research

Public oat breeding has taken a major blow with PepsiCo pulling funding support from all oat breeding research in Canada. “In total it’s nearly $600,000 per year that they’ve eliminated, so now PepsiCo/Quaker is not helping to fund any oat breeding programs in Canada as far as we know,” said Shawna Mathieson, executive director of […] Read more

FarmTRX enables growers to create yield maps and offers a cloud storage option that provides a catalogue of all of their mapped fields sorted by year. | Robin Booker photo

Older combines with enhanced data collection

A yield monitor retrofit by FarmTRX enables growers to fit their older combines with yield-mapping technology similar to late model combines. “I’m an old hardware guy so I designed a task-specific processor box that records the data. We use your smartphone for a real-time display and to configure what you’re doing, what crop you’re in […] Read more

The CropScan 3000H captures clean grain coming up the combine’s clean grain elevator, scans it with near infrared technology, analyzes the readings, and then sends the information to a touch screen PC in the combine’s cab. | Robin Booker photo

Up Next: get more data from the combine

Growers are able to create data-rich yield maps by installing a grain analyzer in their combine. “We are measuring protein, moisture, oil, fibre, starch as you are harvesting,” Victoria Clancy of Next Instruments said at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. Next Instruments from Australia recently released its CropScan 3000H in Canada, which is the […] Read more

Using drones to assess crop damage can provide a return on the investment.  |  File photo

Drones fly higher in three ag applications

Regina — Unmanned aerial vehicle applications in agriculture have been over-promised and under-delivered, says Kelsey Martin of Martin Remote Sensing. He said the perspectives of hardware and software manufacturers, academics and service providers that use drone technologies have been given too much weight in media coverage. “There has been a bias because what’s happened is […] Read more

The new Morris Quantum drill has a stronger frame and more row-spacing options. It will be demonstrated at Ag In Motion in July. The drill has one of the narrowest folding widths on the market at 17 feet 10 inches. | Robin Booker photo

New method gives Morris strength

The company used a tube laser when building its new Quantum drill, which produced stronger joints in the frame

REGINA — Morris Industries toolbars entered a new era with the launch of the Quantum drill at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. “We used to build things using two tubes, weld them together and use fish-plates and gussets. That was the premise of how we would build frames,” said Ben Voss of Morris during […] Read more

The Connect spray attachment built for the DOT autonomous agricultural robot has a 120-foot aluminum boom, a 1,600 U.S. gallon stainless steel tank, and a continuous flow boom. | Photo supplied by Connect

Sprayer built for autonomous ag platform

REGINA — Slightly less than a year after the DOT autonomous agricultural platform was shown to the public at the Ag In Motion Farm show, the first DOT compatible implement built by a “platform partner” is being tested. A newly formed company called Connect, which is closely affiliated with Pattison Liquid Systems, has produced a […] Read more

Dakota Odgers, left, and his father Jeff Odgers examine the fall rye cover crop that was emerging in the spring. In the background is the irrigation system the farm recently installed. | Robin Booker photo

Multiple generations work the Spy Hill farm

The intergenerational knowledge within a family farm is the bedrock upon which the farm is built. It’s also what makes each farm unique. This knowledge includes historical perspectives on the land, specialized know-how with specific equipment or livestock breeds, and on the Odgers farm near Spy Hill, Sask., hockey is a big part of the […] Read more

The S600 from Ukraine based SKOKAgro is a digital penetrometer eqqiped with GPS, which enables users to know exactly where a soil compaction reading was taken. | My Agro photo

How to tell if you have a soil compaction issue

A Regina-based company uses a digital penetrometer to help growers identify areas in their fields where crop growth is limited by soil compaction. Yevgen Mykhaylichenko of My Agro said the company’s soil compaction field readings can be used to create prescription maps that allow growers know both where and how deep compaction layers are. “We […] Read more

New fungicide uses triple to fight threats

A new BASF fungicide employs three modes of action to combat disease in cereal crops, and it’s also registered for blackleg in canola. “It gives you excellent control of all the major leaf diseases in Western Canada, for your wheat, your barley, and your oats,” said Glen Forster of BASF. Nexicor has a group 3, […] Read more

Get to know your weight and then do something with it

Since coming to market with Libra Cart at the Farm Progress show in Regina in 2013, Agrimatics has steadily increased its market share with more than 4,000 units sold across Canada, United States and Australia. Libra Cart is a grain cart weighing and data management system that uses hardware installed on the cart to connect […] Read more