New fungicide uses triple to fight threats

A new BASF fungicide employs three modes of action to combat disease in cereal crops, and it’s also registered for blackleg in canola. “It gives you excellent control of all the major leaf diseases in Western Canada, for your wheat, your barley, and your oats,” said Glen Forster of BASF. Nexicor has a group 3, […] Read more

Get to know your weight and then do something with it

Since coming to market with Libra Cart at the Farm Progress show in Regina in 2013, Agrimatics has steadily increased its market share with more than 4,000 units sold across Canada, United States and Australia. Libra Cart is a grain cart weighing and data management system that uses hardware installed on the cart to connect […] Read more

The BeeSecure Asset Tracker recently won the Rural Crime Innovation Challenge organized by the Saskatchewan justice ministry.  |  Rivercity Technology photo

New technology protects property by tracking it

A new product designed to combat rural crime could upset any advantage thieves have over property owners in remote areas. Rivercity Technology developed an asset tracking system that uses a combination of GPS and cell network technology. It is capable of notifying users when an object is moved and track it. The BeeSecure Asset Tracker […] Read more

Self-defence or the defence of property is not a right in the same way that many of us think.  |  File photo

Rural landowners walk fine line when defending their property

Citizens do not have a duty to retreat when being victimized by property crime or violence, but they should avoid the confrontation if they can, according to defence lawyer Don Smith. “You are not going to be dealing with the best and the brightest of people,” Smith said during a presentation at Agri-Visions in Lloydminster. […] Read more

Manitoba, Saskatchewan see increase in crime

Crime in the prairie provinces has risen since the crime severity index (CSI) was established in 2006, even though Canada as a whole has seen a significant reduction in crime during the same period. The CSI was developed to address the limitation of the police-reported crime rate that is largely driven by high-volume but less […] Read more

Glen Jacques, senior crown prosecutor in North Battleford, Sask., said police generally prefer that property owners wait for officers to deal with the situation. | Robin Booker photo

Crown prosecutor highlights perils of citizen’s arrest

When RCMP respond to a complaint of crime in a rural area, the suspects are usually long gone by the time the police arrive. So if property owners happen across a robbery in progress in a rural area, what should they do while waiting for police to arrive? Glen Jacques, senior crown prosecutor in North […] Read more

When it comes to the micronutrients of interest for Saskatchewan, copper, zinc, boron, manganese, iron, and chlorine are the ones growers should be concerned about. | File photo

Micronutrient deficiencies can be a mystery

Variabilities in the soil and environment and the changing behaviour of micronutrients can make research challenging

A few grams per acre of some micronutrients are enough for most crops, yet they are just as important to plant health as macronutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. But many growers are unsure how to apply micronutrients to achieve a yield response, said Jeff Schoenau, professor of soil fertility at the University of Saskatchewan. He […] Read more

Proper methods vital to field research

On-farm research trials are considered one of the best ways to test new products and ideas, but they must be done right

To keep up with the massive efficiency gains in Canadian crop production over the last few decades, modern growers often experiment with new growing techniques, products and varieties. Adam Gurr of Agritruth Research near Brandon said growers who want to set up trials should take the time to ensure they are using proper experiment techniques. […] Read more

Firm finds way to make digital farming pay off

Farmers can help simplify their decision making process by bringing all farm information into one program

Decisive Farming is a business built at the intersection of product traceability and precision farming. “This is really a way for a farmer to get ahead of the curve on having really good digital records on the farm, and being able to share them efficiently across that supply chain so that they’re able to capture […] Read more

Wild oats are a tough problem in wet years, when they can show their true populations and break from the soil in large numbers, also creating resistance opportunities.  | Michael Raine photo

Half of producers watch herbicide rotations

That means 51 percent do not, and farmers are urged to pay more attention to their crop protection management

Only half of western Canadian growers vary their herbicide use on a year-to-year or field-to-field basis, according to a recent survey. Bramm Research, on behalf of magazine Top Crop Manager, performed a survey last fall that received 346 responses from the prairie provinces from people who farm just less than 4,000 seeded acres on average. […] Read more