Xarvio scouting app helps producers identify crop problems

LANGHAM, Sask. — A free app that helps growers identify weeds, disease and leaf damage is now available at Google Play or the App Store. The Xarvio Scouting app is part of Bayer’s digital farming company, Xarvio, which was launched in 2017. Warren Bills of Bayer CropScience Xarvio Digital Farming said the app was designed […] Read more

CropPro Consulting uses this truck to pull its SWAT BOX, enabling it to gather soil electrical conductivity reading when fields are soft or in snowy conditions. The SWAT BOX can also be mounted on farm implements. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: VR mapping services win national award

LANGHAM, Sask. — CropPro Consulting won an Equipment Manufacturers of Canada award for top new product in the agribusiness services category for its SWAT MAPS service. SWAT MAPS is the company name for its variable rate process. It stands for soil, water and topography maps and it details changes across fields and enables creation of […] Read more

The Schulte Soilstar DHX-600 has two rows of coulters on 7.2 inch spacing and a traditional five bar heavy harrow. | Robin Booker photo

When a field requires more than a harrow

The new Schulte Soilstar DHX0600 uses a disk and harrows to work up the top two inches and create a solid seed bed

REGINA — A post-harvest heavy harrow pass is standard practice for many prairie producers. It helps spread crop residue to prevent it from clogging seeders in the spring, and it can promote germination of weed seeds just in time to be terminated by freezing temperatures. There are years, though, when a fall pass with heavy […] Read more

The drive system on Kramble Industries’ remote-controlled electric drive system retrofit for straight grain augers has a motor mounted on each drive wheel. | Robin Booker photo

Grain auger mover eases pain-in-the-back chore

LANGHAM, Sask. — A remote-controlled, electric drive system retrofit for straight grain augers promises to make moving them around the yard much easier. “It’s very handy and a lot better than trying to push them around by hand and getting into chiropractor bills,” said Doug Kramble of Kramble Industries at his vendor booth at the […] Read more

Degelman is developing a Scorpion Hitch attachment for its Pro-Till offering. It will enable operators to attach a commodity cart and apply fertilizer and seed with a Pro-Till. | Robin Booker photo

Scorpion hitch allowsmultiple uses for Pro-Till

REGINA — Degelman Industries displayed a 40-foot Pro-Till with a commodity cart hitched to the back with the company’s new Scorpion hitch during Canada’s Farm Progress Show. Paul Degelman said the company designed the Scorpion hitch because customers are looking for more ways to use their Pro-Till. The Pro-Till is outfitted with two air runs […] Read more

Producers collect petals and send them to the lab for quick results.  |  File photo

Quick turn test for disease popular

Rapid disease testing aids spraying and timing decisions, giving producers real-time control information

LANGHAM, Sask. — Lab technicians at Quantum Genetix are working around the clock testing crop tissue samples to help farms make informed decisions in their fungicide program. “It’s a busy time of the year for us. We up our staff and we run 24 hours to make sure our machines are working,” Heather Deobald of […] Read more

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is planning to build an educational facility at the Ag In Motion property near Langham, Sask.. | STARS Air Ambulance photo

New ag school to focus on applied learning

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic program will eventually be run at the Ag in Motion farm site outside of Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is developing a new program that will focus on agriculture and food production. Dean Jamie Hilts said the school is waiting for the final stamp of approval from the provincial advanced education ministry, and he hopes to deliver the program to 24 students beginning in the fall of 2019. The plan includes building […] Read more

PepsiCo began cutting funding to breeding programs in Canada in the middle of last year, including Agriculture Canada’s breeding program at Brandon, which helps support programs across Western Canada. Funding was also pulled from Agriculture Canada’s oat-breeding program in Ottawa. 
| Screencap via poga.ca

Funding loss a blow to oat research

Public oat breeding has taken a major blow with PepsiCo pulling funding support from all oat breeding research in Canada. “In total it’s nearly $600,000 per year that they’ve eliminated, so now PepsiCo/Quaker is not helping to fund any oat breeding programs in Canada as far as we know,” said Shawna Mathieson, executive director of […] Read more

FarmTRX enables growers to create yield maps and offers a cloud storage option that provides a catalogue of all of their mapped fields sorted by year. | Robin Booker photo

Older combines with enhanced data collection

A yield monitor retrofit by FarmTRX enables growers to fit their older combines with yield-mapping technology similar to late model combines. “I’m an old hardware guy so I designed a task-specific processor box that records the data. We use your smartphone for a real-time display and to configure what you’re doing, what crop you’re in […] Read more

The CropScan 3000H captures clean grain coming up the combine’s clean grain elevator, scans it with near infrared technology, analyzes the readings, and then sends the information to a touch screen PC in the combine’s cab. | Robin Booker photo

Up Next: get more data from the combine

Growers are able to create data-rich yield maps by installing a grain analyzer in their combine. “We are measuring protein, moisture, oil, fibre, starch as you are harvesting,” Victoria Clancy of Next Instruments said at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. Next Instruments from Australia recently released its CropScan 3000H in Canada, which is the […] Read more