Poor farmer ‘myth’ targeted

OTTAWA — Most people have a favourite actor or a favourite hockey player. It’s more unusual to have a favourite agricultural economist, but Barry Goodwin has one that he especially likes. “My favourite Canadian agricultural economist — Neil Young of Farm Aid. Save the family farm,” said Barry Goodwin, a professor of agricultural economics at […] Read more

Canola subsidies lucrative in N.D.

Canola growers in North Dakota don’t have to worry much about price. Since 2014, a U.S. Department of Agriculture program has guaranteed them a price of US$10.075 per bushel. That equates to C$12.60 per bu., assuming the loonie is valued at US80 cents. The price of canola in North Dakota was below $10.075 per bu. […] Read more

Creep feeding not just useful in dry years

With dry soil conditions the norm right now in Western Canada, creep-feeding calves might be a necessity for many ranchers this spring and summer. Beef producers use creep feeders to supplement the diet of nursing calves when cows’ milk production is slowing down and the growing calves need additional nutrients in their diet. Inadequate or […] Read more

U.S. not budging on ‘old guard’ trade stance

If nothing else, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer gets high marks for consistency. Since August, when re-negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement began, Lighthizer has said the U.S. wants to rebalance trade with Canada and Mexico. Some economists and trade experts have dismissed Lighthizer’s comments as posturing and a tactic to put pressure […] Read more

Non-GM canola causes stir among farmers

Supporting modern agriculture while also selling into the market for non-genetically modified food seems like a contradiction. But an American firm is hoping to pull off that high-wire act with its herbicide-tolerant canola, now for sale in Canada. “Because it’s a non-GM product, we’re looking at this being aligned with production contracts (for non-GM canola),” […] Read more

‘Yes and yes’: Cargill successfully embraces both science and non-science

About 13 months ago Cargill sent out a tweet that unintentionally offended, and profoundly offended, thousands of North American farmers. “We work closely with the #NonGMO Project & hope to have even more Cargill ingredients verified in the near future.” The tweet, released March 2017, quickly became a public relations debacle. Hundreds of farmers hammered […] Read more

Glyphosate resistant weed suspected in Man.

Manitoba may have another glyphosate-resistant weed. Last year, a grower in eastern Manitoba discovered a specimen of giant ragweed that seemed to have immunity to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. The giant ragweed, found in a field of soybeans, is now being tested in a lab. “It will take several months before the results […] Read more

Man. to repeat 2017 big grain corn acres

Grain corn acres will likely be flat in Manitoba this spring, which isn’t necessarily bad news because 2017 was a record year for acreage. Most growers are feeling positive about corn because yields were better than expected last year. “They’ve had pretty good corn crops the last number of years,” Ron Rabe, an agronomist in […] Read more

Japan key in new TPP deal

OTTAWA — Canadian farmers should be doing a Snoopy-like dance of joy over the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, says an agricultural trade expert who served Canada for three decades. That’s because the deal opens up the Japanese market, a feat that would have been nearly impossible in a Canada-Japan free […] Read more

U.S. could be big loser if NAFTA dies

OTTAWA — Late January isn’t the best time for a trip to Canada, but a group of U.S. farmers, including one from southern Texas, travelled to Montreal Jan. 26 to defend the North American Free Trade Agreement. The farmers and most U.S. agricultural groups are terrified that President Donald Trump will rip up the trade […] Read more