The European market is significant because it has traditionally been a major destination for Canadian flax, lentils and other organic commodities. | File photo

Glyphosate residues snare organics

BRANDON — Canadians are struggling to sell organic food and grains into Europe, even though it’s the world’s second largest market. That’s because Europeans are finding trace amounts of glyphosate in organic shipments from Canada. “Many of the containers of grains that arrive in Europe are being rejected because of glyphosate contamination,” said Laura Telford, […] Read more

The company that makes Cheerios is setting its sights on regenerative agriculture.  |  File photo

General Mills promotes focus on soil health

The food company asks farmers to emphasize diverse crop rotations, minimal tillage and keeping soil covered in plants

People who eat Honey Nut Cheerios probably aren’t thinking about the health of agricultural soils as they stare at the cheerful bee on the cereal box. And moms who put granola bars in their daughters’ lunches probably haven’t heard of regenerative agriculture. The public may not care about such things, but healthy soil and regenerative […] Read more

Man. ag minister proposes manure pipeline

The idea is to move manure from where it’s plentiful to where it’s needed, but some say tanker trucks would be better

BRANDON — Manitoba’s agriculture minister is floating the idea of building a pipeline in the province — to transport manure. “As we see (an) increase in hog barns being built (and) an increase in dairy barns, managing manure … is critical to our soil conditions,” Ralph Eichler said last week during a media scrum at […] Read more

Despite the chilly temperatures this January, Roquette hopes to open its pea processing facility in Portage la Prairie in about 22 months. | Winnipeg Free Press photo

Man. pea processor on track for 2020: Roquette

BRANDON — Building a $400 million factory takes time. And when the temperature drops to -37 C, construction can grind to a halt. Despite the chilly temperatures this January, Roquette hopes to open its pea processing facility in Portage la Prairie in about 22 months. “Our current projection … is Q4 (quarter four) of 2020,” […] Read more

Joe Dickenson, who farms near Oil Springs, Ont., is a former president of the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario. Now in his late 30s, he is a proud alumni and continues to support the association  | Sharon Grose photo

Junior Farmers develops leaders in Ontario

Alumni say the youth organization taught them self-confidence and helped form a lifelong network of friends

Canadian parents who have teenagers or 20 somethings at home worry about the same things: how do I pry my kids away from the X-Box, how do I get them involved in the community, will they ever get out of the basement? In rural Ontario, there is a four-letter answer to all of those worries: […] Read more

Researchers have succeeded in genetically optimizing canola plants to make them capable of producing unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids can lower the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.  |  File photo

The rise of specialty canola oil

Keep the canola coming. In 2014 the Canola Council of Canada unveiled its plans to produce 26 million tonnes of canola annually and achieve an average yield of 52 bushels per acre by 2025. The yield figure and tonnage grabbed most of the attention, but the council also has lofty plans for specialty canola oil. […] Read more

Some research shows that omega-3s can assist horses suffering from heaves (equine asthma) and have anti-inflammatory properties that treat arthritis.  |  Getty photo

This company isn’t horsing around with camelina

For many horse owners, their animals are like family. And in some cases, they’re more important than family. That’s why horse owners, like pet lovers, will spend almost any amount on their animals, including $60 for 3.8 litres of camelina oil — as a feed supplement. “Our sales are continuing to grow every month from […] Read more

Health Canada confirms glyphosate safety

Health Canada is sticking by its decision that glyphosate is unlikely to pose a cancer risk and isn’t a concern to human health. In 2017, Health Canada released a re-evaluation decision on glyphosate, a weed killer commonly known by its trade name Roundup. At the time federal scientists concluded that “products containing glyphosate do not […] Read more

Funding worries deepen for prairie veterinary college

Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet is mad at the government of Manitoba. Keri Hudson-Reykdal, a vet in Ashern, Man. and reality television star on the Animal Planet network, is angry that Manitoba may cut its funding to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Manitoba now funds 15 new students a year, or 60 for the four […] Read more

In the last few years Manitoba farmers have seeded about 64,000 acres of spuds. In P.E.I., acreage is around 85,000. That means the addition of 16,000 acres will put Manitoba over the top. | File photo

Manitoba: spud capital of Canada

BRANDON — The reign of Prince Edward Island is over. Very soon, Manitoba will be the new potato king of Canada. Simplot is spending $400 million to expand its french fry processing plant in Portage la Prairie. The larger factory, double the size of the existing plant, will be operational in early 2020. Simplot will […] Read more