Benchmarking can be broken down into three main areas: profit, trend and focus.  |  Getty images

Farmers should not shy away from benchmarking

Whenever I bring up benchmarking with grain-farming clients, I generally get two reactions. The first is from producers who immediately buy into the idea and want to know how they compare to other farms. The other group either think they are already equal to their neighbours or they don’t want to find out. Most farmers […] Read more

Perfection isn’t the name of the game when handing over tasks to the next generation.  |  File photo

Avoid fixating on transition details that don’t matter

When transferring a business, especially a farm business, management transition is often the most challenging part between incoming and outgoing generations. Families often struggle with the change in roles and responsibilities and the giving up of control. The claim that tasks are often “not done the right way” is a common cry from those with […] Read more

Have your kids ride along to learn farm management

On most farms it is common for children to ride along with Mom or Dad in the combine or tractor. I have fond memories of riding the tractor sitting on a stool beside my dad. Intended or not, this is the beginning of the training program that will turn your children into farmers, and it’s […] Read more