The Canadian government is encouraged to reinvest in agricultural development in the developing world.  |  File photo

Canada able to boost Third World ag

Within the span of six years, farmers in the village of Mbuvo in southern Kenya moved from food aid dependency to economic independence. Their company, called Mbuvo Commercial Village, is growing with one successful enterprise after another. Their innovation and hard work is a pivotal part of the success, but they couldn’t have done it […] Read more

How ag research can reduce poverty

  On the dusty back roads of Kenya, farmers with one or two acres of land talked about some of the difficulties they face — a disease in cassava, inadequate fodder for their animals, degraded soils and moulds in maize. And in two world-class research centres nearby, scientists from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural […] Read more

Food vs fuel

The Grain Farmers of Ontario would like us to believe that the food versus fuel debate is over, but that is far from true. Their report, which was covered in your Aug. 18 articleBiofuel not source of hunger: reportsays that biofuels have boosted crop prices for Canadian farmers, but had no impact on world hunger. […] Read more

Small farmers need jobs, not just food

Paul Hagerman, director of public policy for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, says small-scale farmers need techniques appropriate to their circumstances. The challenge of feeding the world is not only a problem of food supply, but also of jobs and livelihoods. We often hear that world hunger could be ended if developing countries simply adopted the […] Read more