What will Alberta’s proposed law mean for ‘local?’

I once interviewed a pair of farmers who described their operation as a “regenerative-agriculture, soil-building, carbon-sequestration, grass-fed meats, pastured poultry, direct-to-consumer farm.” Being in the thick of it, I didn’t think twice about the litany of adjectives that described their farm. From supermarkets to farmers markets, food eaters are inundated with ag buzzwords: organic, non-certified […] Read more

Number of female farmers has risen in Canada since 2011

At Lazy T Farm, a holistic cattle ranch near Halkirk, Alta., and a short drive from my own family farm, the future really is female. Jenna Hauck and her mother, Clara Nibourg, represent the fourth and fifth generations of women in Nibourg’s family to take over the farm. With that kind of history — a […] Read more

Don’t let Hollywood’s poor image of farmers rub off

Judy Hopps is tiny and adorable and has dreamed her entire, short life of being the first ever bunny police officer. As a child and a rabbit in the Disney animated feature Zootopia, she’s told by the local bully (an unintelligent, overall-wearing fox) she’ll never be anything other than a “stupid, carrot-farming, dumb bunny.” Her […] Read more

Passing on the family farm takes nurturing of the family

I’m a millennial. I don’t buy diamonds, or napkins or cereal. I lack manners. I am entitled, and I am impatient and I can’t seem to stay in one place, let alone work one job for long enough to be taken seriously. (Or so the media would have me believe). I am also one of […] Read more