Krone said the design allows the machine to have three different densities for a single bale. | Screencap via

Round crown gets belted build

Chains and slats were standard in round balers decades ago, but most manufacturers shifted to continuous belts. Germany’s Krone held out against that move, citing the reliability of chain systems to form a bale under nearly any forage harvesting conditions and the reliability of the all-metal design. The company will continue to offer its chain […] Read more

Boom options on the new Hagie sprayers range from up to 132 foot widths for the biggest machines and available pulse width modulation, indvidual nozzle control.  |  John Deere photo

Keeping farmer’s machine, making it green

Hagie application tools get more Deere, but keep the layout and feel of the original machine designs

In a little more than a month, Canadian farmers will be able to order the latest in Hagie sprayers. For those producers who have owned or followed the history of the Hagie, the 2022 model year will offer some substantial changes, but appear to be keeping the elements that have made the Hagie machines uniquely […] Read more

With 36 cameras and up to a 120 foot steel boom, the new See and Spray option on Deere's latest sprayers can reduce burn-off spray use by more than 75 percent. The machines are limited to 12 miles per hour for application accuracy. From the time a camera sees a weed it is 200 milliseconds until spray is applied to it.  |  John Deere photo

See and Spray springs from river of technical invention

New release is a downstream effect of Deere’s investment in Blue River application-technology company four years ago

Find a weed and kill it. Ignore the crop and don’t waste any resources on non-pests. It’s easy to do strolling through a field with a hoe or spray nozzle in hand. Doing it over five- or 10-thousand acres in a tight time window is a bigger job. Blue River Technology sprang from an idea […] Read more

Deere has a new integrated tractor and planter unit, pairing 1,000 gallons of on-board liquid with 600 installed on the planter. A new 130 bushel seed tank can mean up to 80 acres between filling, applying 20 gallons of fertilizer.  |  John Deere photo

Deere upgrades its seeding and power offerings

More power with heavier frames and additional ballast and new features for seeding are available in 2022 machines

Model year 2022 will see key improvements to the John Deere lineup of farm machinery. Air seeding rigs are getting better blockage monitoring, more cab adjustments and faster changing tools in soil. John Deere announced last week that all of its air seeding units would get the RelativeFlow blockage monitoring. The system reports variations in […] Read more

Simulation of planting puts technology journalists into the soil, so they can experience farming close up. And gives them seeds to plant, to better understand what it takes to produce a crop.  |  Jenny Ose/Deere photo

Ag turns heads in virtual Vegas

There might not be too many farmers interested in the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but John Deere is. It was the third year the company has attended the event in an effort to highlight the technology used in farming. The tools the company builds that allow producers to plant, fertilize, protect and […] Read more

Your Western Producer journalists have produced some very interesting stories about living through this pandemic and how it has affected us and those around us.
 | WP illustration

Navigating our uncertain path through the pandemic

Each year, we produce one special edition of your Western Producer. Our editorial staff starts planning for this project months in advance. Like the agriculture we are a part of, we expect it will be innovative, necessary and inspiring. This year, I wasn’t so sure it would be the case. This year, we decided to […] Read more

Michelle Houlden heads up the design and production team at the WP and I am proud to say that she swept the overall design award category this year, with a first, second and third place. Her second place award was for the WP’s last edition of the year, what we at the paper call Issue 52. | Screencap via

WP editorial recognitions

The American Agricultural Editors’ Association usually holds its annual conference in the middle of summer. This also coincides with the time when farmers typically have the least amount of time to spend with the publications. The Western Producer is an exception to that rule because producers seem to spend a lot of time with every […] Read more

Agco head retires at the end of 2020

Martin Richenhagen has decided to hand over the reins to one of the largest farm technology companies in the world. After 16 years of running Agco, the often controversial Richenhagen told journalists and the industry gathered for a meeting in Germany last month that his replacement would, “all bullshit aside, (Eric Hansotia) will do a […] Read more

A couple of weeks ago one of our stories told the tale of a young farmer who is using innovative approaches to his farm’s operations. And we left something out.
 | Nathan Jones photo

More apparent than real

A couple of weeks ago one of our stories told the tale of a young farmer who is using innovative approaches to his farm’s operations. And we left something out. Few stories in The Western Producer run as they are written. The silent hands of editors are at work between you and the writers. The […] Read more

At 125 years old, New Holland remains a full line farm equipment company. It's strong heritage in forage production is augmented with high-horsepower tractors, combines and seeding gear, with the Flexicoil history in Western Canada.  |  New Holland/Emmanuel Bourgois photo

New Holland, the company doesn’t look a day over …

Agriculture can be a tough game so there’s a special spot for the few select machinery makers that last beyond a century. For New Holland, the century mark was passed some time ago as the company this year reaches 125. Saskatoon remains one of New Holland’s important hubs where it develops the latest in seeding […] Read more