Telematics let farmers and dealers peer into the future, fix today

Brady Jack can see what the problem is, or if there is going to be one. From a machinery dealer’s perspective, that will lead to happier farmers and hopefully continued sales. “Provided they want us to, we can be ahead of the alerts and be more efficient with a farmer’s time,” said the Deere specialist […] Read more

X9 combines have wider feeder-houses, dual separatora, and  over 70 square feet of grain processor. Also for 2021 are new headers including drapers up to 50 feet.  |  John Deere photo

Big green machine heads out to harvest

It’s a 10. A big green number 10. Whether the new Deere combine is a Class 10 is a debate for engineers comparing horsepower and thresher size, because it still isn’t a well-defined grouping for combines. But the new machines from Moline have more capacity than most and Deere has branded it the X9. Last […] Read more

A nodding thistle before it blooms getting a visit from nodding thistle gall flies.  |  Mike Raine photo

Weed of the Week: nodding thistle

Unlike some of its cousins, such as Canada thistle, nodding thistle nearly always begins from a seed, which grows to the height of a person — one with an agreeable personality because once it gets its purple hairdo, it starts nodding. Each one of those big purple flowers can contain up to 250 seeds, and […] Read more

Wild buckwheat is an annual pest that is best controlled in spring when it is small.  |  Mike Raine photo

Weed of the Week: wild buckwheat

Wild buckwheat climbs the ladder of crop pest importance as the season passes. Alberta farmers say in polling it is their least favourite weed. It can be tough to kill, degrades grain and oilseed samples, messes up harvests and will trip up the odd field scout. The ropy pest can prompt grain buyers to refuse […] Read more

Kochia's hairy leaf surface has the ability to resist chemical application, requiring more careful nozzle selection and higher water volumes than many post-emergent weeds in the crop.  |  Mike Raine photo

Weed of the Week: kochia

Kochia, despite being identified as one of the most dangerous weeds in the West, remains a growing problem in the region. Droughty conditions have allowed this tough competitor to flourish, even if it is only a few plants making it to maturity at the field corners or on the fence lines, where it often ends […] Read more

This salty dog might look pretty, but it’s no friend of farming.  | Getty Images

Weed of the Week: saltcedar

My great aunt farmed for her whole career. She used to say, “a sharp hoe is as good as a rain any day.” And there are weeds where no registered chemistry is available, or that can be applied in riparian areas so removal is one of the only options. Saltcedar is one of those, and […] Read more

The new AFS Connect Steiger gets an systems upgrade along with some new transmission features. Greater ability for the operator to control more features with a single button, reduces stress and ensures all the work is getting done.  |  CaseIH photo

Big tractors get more precise tools

From the ground, only the sticker on the hood appears different. But those few letters “AFS Connect” stand for a lot of change. The AFS part is what Case IH has called its precision and guidance systems for years. Putting it on the cowling means that producers are getting more tools that aren’t as obvious […] Read more

Redroot pigweed is an annual pest on prairie farms. The seeds of redroot pigweed can remain viable for up to five years.  |  Michael Raine photo

Weed of the week: redroot pigweed

As the weather warms up, redroot pigweed can become a serious problem for some crops that aren’t strong competitors. Worse yet, amaranthus retroflexus, a dicot weed in the Amaranthaceae family, is developing resistance, or appears to at least have become harder to control with Group 2 chemistries. In Ontario it has become resistant to Group […] Read more

Cleavers are considered to be sixth for weed abundance in canola and seventh for all annual crops in Western Canada according to Agriculture Canada.  |  File photo

Weed of the Week: cleavers

Cleavers have become a constant in the northern grain belt of Western Canada and pose significant threats to canola yield and quality. The pest’s ability to operate as either a winter annual, getting up early in the spring as toughened, established competitor or as a spring-germinated weed. First, the good news. If the fall is […] Read more

The COVID-19 crisis left farm machinery companies examining how to protect staff from the virus and remain operational for producers said Jim Wood of Rocky Mountain Equipment. | File photo

Machinery dealerships socially distancing

Farm equipment company keeps its doors open, but finds ways to do it safely while meeting farmers’ demands for service

“When this all started, we were full. Shops were full. Pre-seeding spring work was booked up. And combines were getting ready to go again. We knew we had to keep farmers rolling and that would need a plan,” said Jim Wood, speaking to what Rocky Mountain Equipment did with their 36 farm equipment dealerships in […] Read more