Trade- friendly environment is in tatters

It wasn’t so long ago that the previous Canadian government was telling us it wouldn’t be needing as many staff around the world to market our agricultural products as freer international trade was maturing. Grain companies said it, too. At the same time producers felt they didn’t need to rely on one another — think […] Read more

We must say more than ‘just trust me’

We hear plenty about how we have to put our farming messages and our actions on display for the world. That is, if we want to renew the social licences to continue our lives in agriculture. Depending on how the number is sliced and diced, we have about three percent of the population of Canada […] Read more

Rather than lifting the belt or inside systems of the cart, the whole cart is raised for emptying. Optional soil removal can take tonnes of dirt from a single load of potatoes or beets, improving storability and reducing handling prior to barn storage. | STP Manufacturing photo

Vegetable harvest gets gathering capacity

A North Dakota company’s big carts make it possible for producers to keep the crop flowing when they need it most

Keeping the crop flowing was the impetus for a big cart solution for softer crops. Big carts for grains and oilseeds took a page from the American Midwest a decade ago, where softer soils, heavier grain and a need for field efficiencies that kept combines rolling no matter how big the crop dominated the scene. […] Read more

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This column is labelled GM-free

You’re walking through your local co-op grocery store in that browsing mode you sometimes fall into when you are waiting for the soil temperature to rise enough to go seeding. A smart-looking, brightly coloured label catches your eye on a bottle of orange juice. “This product does not contain strychnine,” it says, below a stylized […] Read more

China about to change global meat sector

I have a great life — and it’s all about food. I get to grow some food, mostly for other folks. I get to write about, and direct editorial traffic around, agriculture and food at one of the best farming publications on the planet. And I get the opportunity to help other farmers grow more […] Read more

A house at Yorkton, Sask., defeats winter with very low heating costs. The Canadian Dome Industries building has comparable construction expenses to other types of structures, but will out-perform other buildings when it comes to heating, cooling and maintenance.  |  Canadian Dome Industries photo

Dome on the range: oblate ellipses efficient

Buildings in the round can deliver lower operating costs and reduce risk to perils from weather and fire

Domes are all backward. The insulation is on the outside, the concrete is inside. The forms stay in place forever. Dome buildings are an example where form is functional. “The look of the dome is different. But so are the benefits,” said Andrew Trapp of Canadian Dome Industries in Saskatoon. Virtually fire and weather proof, […] Read more

Last weekend, Canada offered China a

Technical trade trip to China planned on canola cuts

Canada is working with China to arrange a technical, trade-diplomacy trip to deal with what latter claims is a quality issue with Canadian canola. Last weekend, Canada offered China a “high-level” team that could deal with technical considerations that might exist related to the quality of Canadian canola exports. The move comes after China suspended […] Read more

New NAFTA attempts to avoid U.S. politics

Whether it’s called NAFTA, as the president of the United States did this week, or USMCA, the North American trade deal needs to move fast if it is going to avoid going slow. “No one can, with a straight face, tell us that Canadian steel and aluminum pose a threat to American national security,” said […] Read more

The official story behind the ban of Canadian canola is that China claims to have found some potentially dangerous elements in Canadian canola exports and they are working with that nation to solve the problem. | File photo

Canada toes the official line on China

China’s pain has been inflicted mainly upon the plain, or the Plains to be specific. The official story behind the ban of Canadian canola, and one cannot blame Canadian officials for sticking to their talking points, is that China claims to have found some potentially dangerous elements in Canadian canola exports and they are working […] Read more