Input Capital wins appeal

Canola-streaming contracts are not as “unconscionable” as a judge thought last year, according to other judges who have reviewed a recent case. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals sent a case between a farmer and Input Capital Corp. back to a lower court last week. Macoun, Sask., area farmer Terry Gustafson’s dispute with farm finance provider […] Read more

American farmers are being hurt, at least in part, for supporting a political leader who believes in trade wins rather than agreements. But U.S. President Donald Trump also believes in using the public treasury to defend sectors injured by his actions.
 | Screencap via Youtube/Donald J. Trump

Farmers face tilted market

Looking across the southern border has always created a sense of frustration for farmers on the Canadian Prairies. American farmers have long had it better. Americans’ provide more financial support for their producers. Average farm acreage in Canada has always been larger than in the U.S. neighbouring states because margins were smaller north of the […] Read more

Now with 24 inches of moisture this season, the Woolliams farm in the foothills near Calgary has a few ruts to fix. But running a single sprayer on a 9,000 acre operation appears to work.  |  Michael Raine photo

New sprayer technology and size helps address application challenges

A cold dry season turns wetter, and wetter, and wetter, slowing application processes, eventually requiring aerial

“Spraying? It was long. It was drawn-out,” said Larry Woolliams. The Airdrie, Alta., farmer started the year with late and cold conditions, a bit short of moisture and staring down 9,000 acres of land to crop to seed this spring. With a new sprayer this year, he was hoping for the best, “but you always […] Read more

Sino-American fight hurts

The American government has offered its farmers about the same amount in commodities grain assistance, due to trade issues with China, as is the size of Canada’s grains and oilseeds sector. So far the United States federal administration has put in place US$28 billion, and paid out $8.6 to compensate its farmers. The American business […] Read more

Regional crop tour — global attention

Whether in the newspaper or on, it would have been hard to miss our coverage of the crop tour held by FarmLink Solutions this past week. At The Western Producer, we believe strongly in the value of knowing. Just as we are big believers in remote sensing, ground truthing proves what we believe to […] Read more

Elevators like this one  in Dniprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine will be busy as harvest is underway there, with average to better than average crops expected.  |  Karen Briere photo

Canola feels weather and trade heat

Canola felt the heat of mild weather and trade news in the United States as it fell on the ICE futures market. For a third day in row agricultural commodities on North American markets dropped. Canola was not as badly injured as it soybean cousin, but was still off, pulled down by soybeans. An announcement […] Read more

Credible ag info sources often lacking

Who are the credible sources in agriculture? Last Sunday’s Cross Country Checkup, CBC Radio’s national phone-in program, brought together a variety of sources to discuss the subject of “should we eat meat?” In part, the show’s subject was sparked by an editorial piece presented on The Weather Network that decried beef production for its carbon […] Read more

Feeder cattle were the only green spot in a sea of red ink in commodities for July 30.  |  Michael Raine photo

Trump tweets China mixed with fair weather cuts prices

With the exceptions of feeder cattle and crude oil all of the home-grown, traded-agriculture-commodities in North America went into red figures as the market gave up some of its recent gains. Weather news, suggesting mild and dry conditions for the American corn belt and improving crop-condition reports from the United States Department of Agriculture, mixed […] Read more

Canola crops are suspected to be highly variable across Western Canada on the eve of two-day crop tour that might shed some light on the potential of 2019/20.  |  Barb Glen photo

Canola down, U.S. crops up

Canola was flat to off slightly across the contracts today, despite stronger American soybean futures contracts. Wheat, corn and soy were up on Chicago, responding to heat in the corn belt, potentially improved negotiations with China, which might aid soybeans and the effects of heat and drought in Europe and Russia on the wheat yields. […] Read more

Trade, it’s more in the news than the things we normally think of as news. 
 |  Michael Raine photo

Trade talks – not just for negotiators

Trade, it’s more in the news than the things we normally think of as news. That said, we have been trying to balance it with everything else we cover for you at The Western Producer on a daily and weekly basis. Technology, seed royalties, ministerial meetings and premiers’ get-togethers, and the condition of the crops […] Read more