How should we define modern trade?

With all the talk of trade wars and the uncertainty it creates in commodity markets, Canada mostly remains in a special spot, an agricultural exporter with a reputation for high quality products and reputable trading practices. The trouble is that changing trade patterns, contracts and markets takes time, so despite opportunities in the marketplace, Canadian […] Read more

Rain comes too late, but markets still fall

Weather sent the markets tumbling earlier this week, but down on the farms it came too late for real change. Dry conditions persisted throughout most of the growing season in Argentina, setting in motion a cascade of events that some late-growing season showers wouldn’t fix. Winter wheat acres in the American Plains also saw some […] Read more

Consider canola pricing, with all that is going on

Opportunities to price this fall’s canola crop will come and go all year, but locking in larger portions at a reasonable margin might be a little tougher find later than they are today. The two-month increase in canola that took November futures from the $495 per tonne mark to the $520 range last week, and […] Read more

Few surprises in supply-demand report

Canola fell on news that American soybeans are in ample supply and Brazil’s crop looms large. The United States Department of Agriculture World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates for March held few surprises for the market. Corn was the winner for the day, with nearby futures prices on Chicago rising to match last July’s high […] Read more

Let’s alltry to make some luck

In this week’s edition of The Western Producer you will find a story about anhydrous ammonia tank regulations and a federal government that has been acting too slowly to meet the realities we face down on the farm. You will also read about what our editorial board feels is the government’s too-slow response to rail […] Read more

Canadian track maker gives new life to old tracks

Farmers are used to having retreaded truck tires, but for farm equipment off the road that hasn’t been a common choice. Canadian track maker Camso is putting new life into old tracks. After a pilot program last year, the Quebec company is making track replenishment an option for producers looking to get more years out […] Read more

USDA forecasts mostly fall, but market doesn’t rise much

Canola fell on news that American soybeans are in ample supply and Brazil’s crop still looms large. The USDA supply and demand report for March told a tale the market was mostly ready for. Corn was the winner for the day, with nearby futures prices on Chicago rising to match the high-point for the year, […] Read more

New duty not hard hit

An increase in India’s chickpea levies made big news last week, but the bulk of Canadian acres weren’t affected. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. The levy went to 30 percent without notice in December, 40 percent in February and now 60 percent. It appears to affect only desi chickpeas. “As we understand […] Read more

Manufacturers plan to offer farmers more information

Farm equipment dealers and manufacturers are swerving to avoid a large pothole in their technology sales road, offering farmers more information about what keeps their machinery ticking. The growing right to repair movement has been a global phenomenon. From cellular phones to the latest automobiles, people have been hacking their way through the technology to […] Read more

Cold with a chance of damp later: forecasters

An end to very dry or very wet conditions won’t necessarily put Canadian farmers into the pink this spring, unless they get it from wind-chill. Prairie producers can look for relatively normal precipitation this spring and early summer, while the situation will remain damp in Eastern Canada, with slow drying. Long-time agricultural weather forecasters Jim […] Read more