Dear Mr. President

Yes, Mr. President, you won. Just like you said you would. America is a better place, again, now that you have wiped out the North American Free Trade Agreement. Good, hard-working American dairy farmers are saved from those evil, socialist Canadian farmers, their communist masters and international globalism in trade is thwarted with the new […] Read more

Barb Glen won an award for her photo of Cal Wellman who lost his barn, corral, tractor and winter feed in the fire that devastated parts of southwestern Alberta last fall. | Barb Glen photo

Your Producer journalists served you well

Most of you might not be aware that in this craft of agricultural journalism, a subset of the larger media industry, we have professional associations. One of the highlights of being a member of these groups is the annual competitions that allow us to see what the current standards in our business look like. As […] Read more

At 3,200 gallons, the Dammann DT3200S4 is the biggest self-propelled sprayer in North America. With six-wheel drive and four-wheel steering it is also one of the most unique. | Michael Raine photo

That’s a big sprayer, even by Prairie standards

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Kitted-out as a Canada Special, the new Dammann 3500 HS4 Profi-Class is the largest self-propelled sprayer in the North American marketplace. While not quite the widest, at 125 feet, it takes the prize for the most capacity, at 3,170 gallons. The machine’s ability to remain in the field longer between refills makes […] Read more

Manure vacuums like the Mensch can free producers from tying their barns to their manure processing. A roots-type blower pulls in large volumes of material that is gathered by giant squeegees that ride on the barn floor.  |  Michael Raine photo

The Mensch vacuum really sucks

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Since the days of the pitchfork and wheelbarrow, farmers’ approaches to cleaning up the barn have been to automate the process as much as possible. That has driven producers to underfloor systems, various gutter designs, pumps and augers, which often keep manure handling processes fixed on single bedding protocols and materials and […] Read more

A Groweil 5040 with a New Holland 450 baler set up for silage. The wrapper works on the go and is available as a factory option from the company.  |  Michael Raine photo

New Holland adds single-bale wrapping

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Bale silage can be a time consuming and time-critical business. The wet bales need to be under plastic in a matter of hours. New Holland has added the single-bale, wrap on the go feature to its 450 model balers for 2018. Neil Martin of New Holland in Elmira, Ont., said that while […] Read more

A harvest of sensations

I wish I could record this darkness. Coyotes singing, dozens of them; all off to the southwest tonight. The Milky Way above so clear it’s three dimensional; rolling waves of stars as though quilted. And the Soo Line train horn blowing, along with the clatter of steel on steel, about a mile away. The whine […] Read more

What exactly is a special interest?

Decisions in the public interest are often hard to make. Whose interest is it anyway? No matter how we cut it, farmers would be considered a special interest group. And among farmers, western Canadian farmers would be even more so. How about cattle producers? Then there is dairy. And hog growers. Poultry producers are few […] Read more

Canola finishes flat, below $500

Western Canadian farmers were sitting on their hands and their canola. Buyers might have been interested, but producers weren’t with harvest about to start in earnest, beyond pulses and a bit of wheat. Futures positions were also slow to trade, as highly variable yields are being reported and the next Canadian acreage report will be […] Read more

‘Fake news’ tag harms useful info

I have, for the first time in my 25 years at The Western Producer, heard from farmer-readers that the professional press, including us, is “fake.” Lately, the term is being thrown around a lot. I was sitting in the sprayer, not so very long ago, going back and forth, as these things do when everything […] Read more