Chloride applications possibly help canaryseed

Canaryseed yields depend on the season, and to a lesser degree on what producers put into the soil along with it. On-going research about chloride applications ahead of canaryseed is showing that if the soil is truly deficient, there is a good chance of a response to smaller amounts of the element, usually delivered as […] Read more

Canaryseed might find a home in rotations left empty by expected reductions in durum acres.  |  File photo

Canaryseed prices likely to stay on low side

Analyst also doesn’t expect a big change in prairie acreage, although a lack of data can make predictions tricky

Canaryseed acres are remaining similar to previous years, including the big production season of 2013, when the weather favoured the crop. However, yields since 2013 haven’t been as abundant, and supplies can tend to be tricky to read because of a lack of hard data about the production side of the crop. Chuck Penner, the […] Read more

A producer speaks out on populism

“I don’t really want (my legislators) to be me, or the same as me. I want them to be better.” That was a comment I was awarded after hosting a talk with a politician during Crop Week in Saskatoon. I had plunked myself down at a table in the audience for a quick cup of […] Read more

Mustard price not expected to go through the roof

Saskatchewan still holds the mustard exporter title, but other producers, largely from Eastern Europe, are stepping into the business. Asia is the largest user of the crop, but Canada’s business is feeding the American market, Chuck Penner from Left Field Commodity Research, told producers attending the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission’s annual meeting in Saskatoon during […] Read more

Energy, farm sectors must work together

I had the opportunity to sit and have a talk with former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall on a stage in Saskatoon during Crop Week, and from the size of the crowd, I was assured producers were interested in his opinions. I mostly kept mine to myself, saving them up for this space and for yelling […] Read more

Canola made small moves to the upside on the ICE futures market today. | File photo

Canola makes small gains

Nudged upward by soybean markets, canola made small moves to the upside on the ICE futures market today. Gains yesterday were retained, but soy narrowed the small gap yesterday’s trading opened up between the two commodities. Both oilseeds benefited by continued dry conditions for the South American crop overall and weather forecasts for Brazil’s Mato […] Read more

It’s next-year country again on the Prairies

While most of us started to think about the growing season ahead as soon as this fall’s harvest was over, or actually we never really stopped thinking about the year ahead, the pressure to make solid choices for spring 2019 is now intensifying. Crazy stuff in world markets — driven in part by even-crazier world […] Read more

Markets improve modestly for the beginning of 2019

Soy prices spent most of the first trading day of the year stronger, until the market seemed to realize that there were no USDA reports to back anything up, and then it seemed to struggle to put a pin in the day. The American shutdown of government has shuttered most of the USDA services that […] Read more

The Lego mini-DOT, built by Luke Silinski of Beiseker, Alta., is an autonomous file-tool model based on the Seedmaster-DOT design. Silinski took his Lego mini-DOT to the Glacier Farm Forum held in Calgary in December.  |  Michael Raine photo

Mini-DOT captures imaginations in a smaller, Lego sort of way

Using the latest in recreational-Lego technology, an Alberta boy builds on cutting-edge autonomous farm technology

CALGARY – The imagination of a farm machinery builder might be surpassed only by that of a kid. Seedmaster founder Norbert Beaujot once dreamed of farm machinery rolling about a field with no one to drive — just working away, efficiently and reliably. The result was the 2017 debut of the DOT, autonomous field platform. […] Read more