Union still worried about food safety staffing levels

New technology is playing a key role in changing how food is inspected and how investigations are carried out at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Unlike two years ago, this time there have been few of the commonly heard union complaints that the changes are really a roundabout way to reduce the staff. “We’re not […] Read more

Consumers play important role in recalls

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is urging Canadian consumers to consider their own role in the process of a food recall. Aline Dimitri, Canada’s deputy chief food safety officer, said inspector findings trigger most recalls, but the agency relies on other ways as well. Those include companies coming forward with concerns, public health agencies identifying […] Read more

New facility may change beef research

The fate of the beef research program at one of Ontario’s research stations remains in doubt as development begins on a new facility near Guelph. Much of the New Liskeard cow-calf herd could be consolidated with the herd already at the re-search station in Elora, about 20 kilometres north of Guelph, once a new facility […] Read more

Data gathering boosts swine efficiency

Daniel Roelands had little confidence in the accuracy of the numbers on his metered feed mill when it came to measuring swine feed volumes. So last year he and his family — he farms with his wife and parents near London, Ont. — replaced the mill with a new computerized one that works on weight […] Read more

Swine nutrition experiences decade of advances

Changes in swine nutrition over the past two decades have been sweeping, and the namesake for the London Swine Conference’s new CFM de Lange Lecture in Pig Nutrition played a pivotal role. “Kees (de Lange) was certainly a pillar in the swine nutrition community,” Mike Tokach, a Kansas State University animal sciences and industry professor, […] Read more

Canada-U.S. group studies phosphorus run-off issues

A new phosphorus-loss program in Ontario hopes to focus attention on heading off phosphorus runoff before it gets to waterways. Charles Lalonde, co-ordinator for the Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative, said the biggest problem is trying to sort out the various groups and phosphorus reduction projects already underway. “They all have the same thing at […] Read more

Vegetable growers face changes

A proposed restructuring plan for the troubled Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers marketing board leaves little room for ousted former board members to contribute to governance in the first years of its relaunch. And if the regulations released for public feedback in June by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission are passed without changes, processing vegetable […] Read more

Cattle ad pulled after complaints

A Toronto airport is sending a new advertising campaign out to pasture after receiving pressure from animal activists. Jen Brailsford, spokesperson for PortsToronto and owner and operator of Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island, said the airport removed a poster from its passenger lounge after receiving 25 telephone complaints in five hours, as well as […] Read more

Why coyote trap-and-release programs don’t reduce predator concerns

Why coyote trap-and-release programs don’t reduce predator concerns

The operators of Agriculture Canada’s Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa have discovered that if you’ve got a coyote problem in the middle of the city, live trapping won’t earn any brownie points with environmentalists — and it won’t get rid of the problem, either. Earlier this spring, staff at the farm hired a company “to […] Read more

Keep watch for rabies

An Ontario government veterinarian is warning those who are moving livestock, inside the province and out, to monitor rabies outbreaks. The outbreaks in Hamilton and western Ontario might be far from provincial borders, but “there’s always a risk of translocation, and it can be within livestock,” said Maureen Anderson, lead veterinarian in the health and […] Read more