Third generation continues legacy on Alta. farm

LACOMBE, Alta. — Zuidhof Feeders sprawls over the rise of a hill in the rolling parkland of central Alberta. Its towering feed mill can be seen for miles. Pens of feeder cattle are squared off over the hillside. Hundreds of bales are stacked in rows nearby. Adjacent to the farm site, cattle dot the landscape. […] Read more

Alberta farm loses 300 goats in barn fire

CLIVE, Alta. — Meindert and Johanna Dijkstra were nearing home around 10:30 p.m. Feb. 4 after being out for the evening. As the couple got closer to their farm, set in the hills a few kilometres southeast of Clive, they wondered at the orange glow in the night sky. Upon turning south at their range […] Read more

College students treated to local fare

CAMROSE, Alta. — It’s lunch time at the cafeteria at the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus in Camrose. Students are lining up, chatting and laughing, awaiting their turn. The main course menu items today are spicy sausages, tender baby potatoes, and creamy dilled carrots, all locally sourced. A homemade bun rounds out the main course. […] Read more

Benalto’s ‘mini-mall’ provides gathering place

This Alta. general store comprises a convenience store, post office, ATB branch, hair salon and courier depot

BENALTO, Alta. — Some things about the traditions of a community general store never change. “We’re a meeting place, a gathering place,” says Karen Turner-Padley, referring to the Benalto General Store. She adds that some people jokingly refer to it as the mini-mall of Benalto, and for good reason. All together under one roof in […] Read more

Couple finds ways to remain on the farm

The Warwaruks raise chickens and gather eggs 
for sale and market their hand-woven items at farmers markets and trade shows

NEVIS, Alta. — Corwyn and Nancy Warwaruk may have one of the smaller farms in central Alberta but they are finding unique ways to make a living and raise their two young children. The Warwaruks’ hilly three-acre farm houses several dozen goats, 100 chickens, an alpaca, a horse, and Rosa, the dog. Corwyn and Nancy […] Read more

Boots made for walkin’ are worth fixin’

PONOKA, Alta. — Vance La Bine was determined to earn a respectable living at a business many might consider to be gasping its dying breaths. He decided this central Alberta community was the perfect place to accomplish it. With a plethora of cheap, easily replaceable shoes on the market, shoe repair isn’t often what comes […] Read more

Family uses free-range thinking to diversify

DELBURNE, Alta. — Klein Farm, situated in the rolling parkland of central Alberta, keeps its eggs in several baskets. The farm includes a free-range poultry operation numbering 300 turkeys and 2,000 chickens, a 20-acre orchard planted with rows of black currants, saskatoons and chokecherries, and 900-plus acres of commercial grain: wheat, malting barley and canola. […] Read more

Alberta foodies satisfied with being small and local

GULL LAKE, Alta. — The conversation is easy and relaxed like friends catching up. Laura Siebenga chats with a longtime customer who stops for eggs at Small Circle Foods and Retail, the store located on her and husband Cal’s 17-acre Brown Eggs and Lamb farm. “That’s a huge part of what this store is,” says […] Read more

Town transforms cinema into performing arts centre

DRAYTON VALLEY, Alta. — Recitals, choral productions, dance festivals and plays used to be held in local churches, schools and community halls in Drayton Valley, Alta. Today, the Eleanor Pickup Arts Centre provides a home for these local performing arts and brings the community together. “And this is where it starts, in the little theatres,” […] Read more

Health issue forcing switch to niche crops reaps rewards

LACOMBE, Alta. — A diagnosis of severe gluten intolerance in 2003 forced central Alberta grain farmers to make some radical changes in their farming operation. Kevin Lundie and his wife, June, and son, Kole, 21, no longer grow gluten based crops on their 500 acre farm. “My family physician said I shouldn’t even be exposed […] Read more